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Sonic Generations (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~

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Sonic Generations (HD) playthrough ~Longplay~

I may be five years late to the party here, but SEGA decided to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary with style, with classic and modern Sonic meeting in Sonic Generations!

I thought it might be an idea to put this up as a longplay just to see if there's any interest for this kind of thing, and it's not an overly long game so there's no harm in giving it a shot. This is a no-damage run where I get an S-Rank in every act, because... well, I might as well try to make it presentable.

This is the Xbox 360 version, for the record. Enjoy!

Classic Era:

0:01:30 Green Hill Classic

0:05:41 Green Hill Modern

0:10:03 Chemical Plant Classic

0:12:23 Chemical Plant Modern

0:16:31 Sky Sanctuary Classic

0:19:55 Sky Sanctuary Modern

0:24:16 Green Hill Modern Mission - "Way Past Fast"

0:26:30 Chemical Plant Classic Mission - "Invincibility Challenge"

0:28:15 Sky Sanctuary Modern Mission - "Knuckles: Buried Treasure"

0:32:03 Rival Battle: Metal Sonic

0:36:17 Boss Battle: Death Egg Robot

Dreamcast Era:

0:41:18 Speed Highway Classic

0:44:35 Speed Highway Modern

0:47:58 City Escape Classic

0:51:02 City Escape Modern

0:55:04 Seaside Hill Classic

0:58:38 Seaside Hill Modern

1:03:49 Speed Highway Modern Mission - "Drill Baby Drill"

1:06:03 City Escape Modern Mission - "Cream: Helping Hand"

1:08:39 Seaside Hill Modern Mission - "Rouge: The Temptress"

1:11:41 Rival Battle: Shadow the Hedgehog

1:14:28 Boss Battle: Perfect Chaos

Modern Era:

1:19:34 Crisis City Classic

1:24:15 Crisis City Modern

1:28:21 Rooftop Run Classic

1:33:19 Rooftop Run Modern

1:37:10 Planet Wisp Classic

1:43:56 Planet Wisp Modern

1:51:46 Crisis City Classic Mission - "Flame Shield Challenge"

1:53:40 Rooftop Run Modern Mission - "Rooftop Rail Grind"

1:56:00 Planet Wisp Modern Mission - "Action Master"

1:58:08 Rival Battle: Silver the Hedgehog

2:01:47 Boss Battle: Egg Dragoon


2:10:34 Time Eater Intro

2:14:31 Final Battle: Time Eater


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