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Saints Row 2 | Ava [Part 1]

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Saints Row 2 | Ava [Part 1]

Say hello to Ava. This playthrough is focused on the story missions. I probably should've recorded strongholds too but oh well. I'm not sure if there's supposed to be a certain order the gang stories go in but the order I do it in makes the most sense to me. Especially in terms of plot flow and intensity.

I hope you enjoy the quality. Hopefully the weird cutscene glitches aren't a bother. That's something I can't fix. Also, the cutscenes are SUPER loud sometimes. The game is just like that.

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You'll never guess it was away you shouldn't me come see for yourself I want is it been years I stopped keeping track a while ago I believe it's been that long time flies when you're watching someone breathe through a tube how's the family my wife's cheating on me with an altar exec and my daughter sits in a room listening to Aisha albums all day Damon she sure this is a lot of Records yeah no shit God I was out here alderman Hughes mayor Winslow why he's shit chief Monroe all murdered by that asshole who's been sitting in intensive care on taxpayers money didn't pull the plug lord knows why anyone call the chief couldn't get through the press has been mob and with phone calls how about the yep I forgot that was today you should pay more attention fuck off how's the patient seeing as they're still breathing after being caught in a massive explosion I'd say pretty good coming through what happened shanking put him over there sorry about that at least say had anything yet not yet but I'm about to take the bandages off.

Yes that looks like it healed nicely be careful doctor your patients dangerous you got anything you want to say to the judge you better start thinking of it now you're wasting your time let's get a hold of Troy hey is it.

Really you do I know you my brother was in the Saints and he told me all about you listen we got to get you out of here well I'm sure if we ask nicely I know a way out yeah then why are you still here I heard you were in here and I wanted to bust you out getting out of use of two men job and no one else will give it a try you really expect me to trust some guy I don't even know come on I just got myself shank so I could get a chance to talk to you doesn't that show I'm loyal it shows that you're dumb enough to let yourself get stabbed I'm trying to help you you know what I got the last time I trusted someone blown the fuck up you need me the hell I do I got the Saints I'm sure you do what's that supposed to mean how long do you think you've been out hey I don't know man two three weeks look I know you think you're a badass but do you even know where you're at without me you'll be wandering around the prison for hours even if you manage to hide from the guards that long and if you actually figure out how to make it outside these walls you're just gonna find out that you're sitting on a goddamn Island and I'm pretty sure you cannot swim the coastguard you got a boat stashed here no but I know where we're gonna steal one all right let's get out of here.

I wonder if I turn off the AC in the patient's rooms maybe my office will get cool.

Ah you picked the wrong crew to pop we can either try to sneak out through the roof or charge out the front your call.

Let's get to the dock first I could drive us out of here what I can't believe I'm breaking out of jail with you I think we might pull this off Carlos.

So do you remember my brother he was the one in purple right so what are you.

Gonna do when you get out of here not get blown up.

Looks like I'm seeing the second.

Oh I think we might pull this off we're not out of here yet I told you I'd get you out of here I gotta tell you fellows I'm impressed you weren't too smart.

I'm driving let's take them man the gun I'm gonna get us out of here.

Don't you know how to use that thing there's more.

Got this damnit.

You that's the road it is now Jesus when did this happen when altar got involved the clothing company after Hughes was killed in the bombing of yours Oh to pick up the pieces now they're everywhere on TV and billboards in stores hell if you ever forget me Walter is just look toward st. wrong you'll see that fucking eyesore. We are where can I find you at the same huh what are their scenes what you're talking about without anyone to lead him the Saints fell apart once the Brotherhood Ronin and Sam D showed up the few that were left dropped their flags before they got killed well that's fucking great look I know you didn't ask for it but my advice is to just keep your head down the cops are looking for you and a lots changed I say you just go buy a beer and soak up as much information as you can thanks Carlos anytime.


This is the best meal I've eaten all my.

Don't make this about you I'm right my congressman similarly.


Hey thanks for stopping in I don't care how hot a kid fantastic as Rockefeller don't take oh you sure you can face the.


Not shave her legs you bet and now a special message from friendly fire hello friends

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