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Enclave walkthrough Light Campaign (100%) Chapter 1 Imprisoned

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Enclave walkthrough Light Campaign (100%) Chapter 1 Imprisoned

Enclave Light Campaign (gold run) Chapter 1 Imprisoned walkthrough gameplay.

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Scripted within an ancient tome which lies beneath centuries of dust in the guarded library of Mechelen is the story of how the rift was formed though most cannot recall a time when the rift did not divide the enclaves and the Outlands they were at one time unified at that time there were lands where the very essence of magic was believed to dwell for they were lush and prosperous all who did not hold the secrets of the soil which were protected by the pact of g4o coveted these lands fiercely the great demon Fatah was among these envious creatures for he believed that with the magic of these lands in his grasp he would surely become invincible and so he. Led his army to attack the dwellers of the land and lay claim to it for himself the battle raged on and on until at last the mighty Wizards air stood alone against Vitaly to protect the lands when all hope seemed lost and vittatus victory eminent Zayas struck the final fatal blow with a roar of anger and anguish the wizard slammed his staff into the ground the world trembled and then parted beneath but her sweet a scream of outrage erupted from the demon's throat as he to his defeat however victory did not. Become without a price the chasm that grew from this powerful blast of magic was too vast to be traversed and the people were separated as much as the lands those who had come to aid their brothers in fighting against the demons army returned to their home called McCallum with stunned minds and heavy hearts the pact of g4o had been broken and they had become separated from their brothers the denizens of the Outlands a dark and selfish people became known as the Greg attire and the enclaves of magic land which had been divided from the rest formed a peaceful City called sellin high in time all wounds are healed for. In the lengthy span since it was torn asunder it seems that the magic inherent within the world has begun to knit the land back together the rift grows smaller and can even be crossed in certain locations though it should be a time of celebration and rejoicing such as not the case or despite the passage of time the greedy drag art are still lust after the lands of magic raid after raid has been sent into the enclaves in hopes of weakening it for the major attack the drej ATAR intend to age as soon as they are able crops burned and possessions stolen selling hime has been thrown into a state of extreme unrest heavy taxes are levied upon the people to help pay for the city's defense this has led to uprisings within the enclaves and some of its inhabitants have landed in jail along with the true enemy and it is here that our story begins a few rebellious grains of sand within the ever turning hourglass of life.

So they imprison their own - I see.

Is the sound of your death the Rolling Thunder of my fellow Outlanders the sound of the Dragutin slaughter you are kind and scaling the walls of this pewter fortress they are coming to set me free and if they don't get to you first I will personally rip you apart.


They're attacking us.

Ah another brave warrior we should join.


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