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HARDEST BOSS IN STICK FIGHT! Today we are back with a brand new gaming video, Stick Fight!. If you enjoyed this video then don't forget to subscribe! Also make sure to drop a like for more amazing videos. Stick Fight is all about having fun with friends!

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New games stick fight guys ready for good okay to continue only one person can survive Oh get over you hit me like a man like a mad come on.

You pussy all right I think that's a good idea that's kill Geordie no no no no damn it okay did you just did you just kill me.

Okay just go just kill each other now let's go in who's got away in the first round come on don't lie about your colored areas so green jelly I'm sorry.

Jelly start it there is that your there we go okay so let's get started in this game okay and I'm just gonna we're in a forest what does that mean there's height and there's good night oh is this it's just shotgun careful there's a lot of recoil just really shoot himself off.

A little slow it down a little bit.

What are you doing a bush you cannot see me doing something to yourself this is just a butcher with a crown are you sure this below you some know of sensation.

Through here hi chili I'm Trey get it make it through all right how dare you.

Well you have this sword oh this is so.

Good guys I love this alright get outta here this is my spot that's your leg or.

Some other body parts thinking hey hey.

That's my sword Julie come on thanks alright let's wait for a weapon boys I'm just chilling here looking at the beautiful view Wow hey that wasn't me that wasn't me burning each other wasn't me there was definitely no me guys oh boy oh it's a gun beating my black baby.

Mojo just let me test this out to you hey what's that whoa.

It's like perfect oh no no no damn it.

I'm stuck album July this don't worry about it.

Oh I killed Josh all right it's me please finish me jelly boxes let me help.

You great karma let me help me Karma Josh don't push any boxes on a pistol it's a very powerful so what's the ground for the person whose first place when the person I just wanted that just won like a little bridge they formed in the middle I know right okay so let's say no no no yes.

Okay so this one's very balanced on them oh yeah oh yeah it's gonna move okay.

Dilli calm down dilly dilly dilly hey hey did I I'm cool Can I grab that.

Okay oh my god I shot myself off because I had a shotgun guys 1 lesson 1 lesson for this game don't pick up the shotgun.

Come on there's a gun there's a gun who's gonna win this match - nice throw.

Doing more damage to yourself dirty.

Shotgun as well alright another shot get.

Incoming Josh the one that yeah jelly.

Jelly jelly we're in the same team move move move move.

Okay just gonna take a break anybody yoga you you you take a break juice I'm doing yoga you know I love.

Jelly how would I do that job and that's how I made your money okay we want to do yoga guys where the weapons that though so this thing's just gonna.

Spin and it's bends faster and faster and faster yes does it though I don't know I'm just gonna stay on top let's just stay on here guys come on all right let's all say safest place for me come on everybody stay on here all right all right well someone probably fools around is the weapons in the middle jelly sorry guys doctor stay.

On this side I'm dead come on finish him.

Finish him jelly Oh dilly come on you gotta hit him with.

The platform's very strong are you sure.

About that Josh mm-hmm another one.

Guys come on none of my body boys only six bullets guys like to bullet maybe six there you go darn it - we got me so no no all right it's me versus gently.

How are you doing yoga dirty no good.

Gonna try he's gonna be all right you're doing some strange yoga okay.

I have no idea character Jordy me has.

Magnets honest were here know what character is like going oh okay well.

We're in honey Kenny what are you doing.

Okay gorgeous this is a nice it nice for sorry Josh I just really like you want to stay a little bit far away from you guys Iran huh I'm guard I'm guard it's a sword fight oh yes.

There was enough up to what what's going on over here wide are sorted over here why are there's one over here there's no source for me hey jelly picked up a sword.

Okay guys we're gonna play a little game just don't die because of the cute guy third hit so but how does if you send underneath it what it's a sticky guy fine oh wait the cube stop moving that.

Thing is so loud the cube is very still can we move it don't do it.

Sniper sniper sniper okay nope alright who's gonna survive that don't come over to my side what why here's a sniper it's out of ammo oh wow missed.

Wait a minute climb up what you shot off.

Too dammit that's terrible oh no come on I need this snake month lake join me snake I'm the snake whisperer.

Black for about it was thing up no. Glitch guys Teddy there's a snake on you you know that right it's not there's no early access beta on.

My security taking damage Chile you need to finish him all right Josh somewhere I got I'm like flying through the air I got to Josh I got you need to finish up the snakes into my dad Josh come over here oh and I was thinkin now there's gonna be more snake oh oh now you got some snakes I grabbed.

The Uzi there you go finish him yeah.

Oh why this was bent already Jordy. Because I can move down anything Bend if you hold down come on you got it you got.

It guys I want three in a row here no no.

That's mine I'm hiding here okay I'm right here just kidding okay guys guys.

This about jump down jump down joshing.

Okay out conveyor belt does that.

Okay it's all good oh okay thanks for.

That info yep I lost it alright what.

What why punch sorry.

Get over here push me off from the.

Beginning that's that's something yeah I think you walked off tell you just right this way anchor each other a lot of.

Exhilarating bad thing that's a good shield I mean gosh it's there you wanna. Get on I bring Canada yeah hang out with me guys can I join - I'm really fat. Geordie just walked off that's good it's a piss - careful careful say hello to pop - come say hello to pop.

Oh no no who's gonna get the a cake um.

Santa - mom happy okay there so I turn. Into a mob mom yep yeah dirty dirty.

Needs help sorry help anybody anybody help yeah help out dirty nope nope nope made it I made a nice word what's that it's a little pistol you got there boy right Josh what happened to use that little bit's already know you're in the.

Tree I know that you can do this journey.

You can do this Chris laingen Solaris I can't believe just get out of here like that guy's dope no no no Jordi.

How's life three two one shoot yeah I did warn you.

Don't you just apply throat no don't burn me alive.

Oh come on shoot damn it oh shoot the.

Change can I shoot the chamber ah the change does not allow right thank you.

For the air you can shoot the chain do chains that's it okay who's gonna send underneath it I'll grab the gun all right anybody something gently you sent anything no you got the gun yeah she's sending anything come on Oh.

I'll put up a fight okay I'll put up a fight it should like send you further away so so guys guys guys guys.

Interesting one chains over here okay I see them to change wait gonna see no gun.

But get out about damage everybody's.

Gonna die everybody first one to get a.

Gun wins pretty much yeah well not really okay well you could also lets your platform is gone yes unless it's falling me you can jump to another platform so how's everybody doing today Thursday afternoon no you can't land on my boat oh the despot oh it's coming down four minutes coming down I love you jelly.

Listen you're pretty in the world snake gun shooting up just shoot it straight up you suck I hate you oh my so.

Who's gonna die first.

Gotta get up there if you want the gun guys you got to get up there have you done oh okay okay we're good we're good.

Guys oh I'm so I'm so down that's me.

Geordie little kiss a little kiss okay.

What's this all about Oh guys guys guys oh boy I guess I guess.

We gotta end it here guys we could more like if you want war okay 10,000 likes we'll play some more see flag sig fight that's something else daily we.

There's a journey Oh Delhi Delhi Delhi

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