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Black Mirror Gameplay - Part 2 - Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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Black Mirror Gameplay - Part 2 - Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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No Commentary Gameplay

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Shayne attics often speak volumes about the owners of a house barging into.

Someone's bedroom in the middle of the night is not how to earn their trust.

The lock is too heavy too old for this to work hmm it doesn't fit.

Open Sesame.

Someone's been searching here either they didn't have time to clean up or simply did not care if father hid the.

Key for me to find then this means nobody has been able to enter this room since his death myths and legends of the.

Highlands from the library I'd wager.

Everything but the seal.

Just bits and bobs father would have.

Hidden his papers somewhere as obvious as a desk drawer whoever did this would have searched the room after they looked in the desk maybe they didn't find what they were looking for some sort of secret.


Father's handwriting for Chapel the family chronicles I may find answers their father's handwriting the chapel.

The family chronicles I may find answers there looks like a note about the cipher.

In the shelf.

A local girl goes missing the concerns.

Have been raised at the disappearance of Cora McKay a 17 year old local girl according to the police she was last seen leaving at a place of work the three kegs in two days ago she's the third person to disappear in the recent months but the circumstances of each have been markedly different Cora is described as being 4 feet 10 with grey eyes and long dark hair anyone with information is urged to contact the Constabulary why all the fuss she is. Nothing but a peasant a tavern girl if you can't keep your blabber mouth shut don't be surprised if others make sure you get what's coming to you this sounds as if grandfather Edward was willing to take drastic measures to enforce his will what a mess.

Letters about the day-to-day running of the estate these might be useful if I decide to live here the handwriting must be Edwards pay half what he asks forward to lawyers charming and this one your money won't protect you forever the hangman will catch up eventually a curse on you and your family seems you is as popular as he was Pleasant have.

Them out by the end of the month I beg you to reconsider Sir Edward my family has lived on this land for many generations and to be told we must leave our own home is too much to bear Alice my wife whom you have met is beside herself with grief we have nowhere else to go I beg you to look inside your heart and allow us to remain.

The signs are there deny them at your peril the ancient evil of inhabit this land has seeped into the very stone of the castle walls and if you do not slip carefully it will infect your family.

Contact the constable have this witch locked up so she does not bother us again.

This looks interesting hmm screw down.

Tight someone didn't want it moved.


This counsel son has its secrets. You.

It looks very precise accurate a lot of work went into this there's a bit miss hold on there.

Wait the boy did you see him where did.

He go what did I tell you hard to.

Stomach me in mice are you alright sir.

What happened David the boy there was.

Blood Hey he pushed him down who who do.

You think you saw him.

What did you just see sir it's alright.

You know like your father you can see them too can't you my father what did he.

Think he saw it ain't my place to say sir but I go on begging your pardon sir.

You should go this place it drove your father mad drove him did he say what or whom he saw I'm sure I don't know sir let's not push it too hard she's scared enough of me already I've been babbling in my sleep since I was a child it's nothing to worry about poor girl is scared out of her wits of course sir sorry sir the sorry I didn't get your name it's al sir sir Elsa Cronin oh and master Andrew asks if you would join him in the library after breakfast of course thank you miss granite.

Get ahold of yourself David.

With ease their apparitions what drove my father from the kharsa when he was young were they what drew him back he must have found something in the family chronicles he spoke off.

Nobody else saw the boy or the old man who looked like my grandfather Edward but it felt real more even than the daydreams that plagued my childhood I.

Don't remember ever seeing that boy a faded memory perhaps as far as I know I've never been to this castle before.

Elsa knows more than she wants to tell me I and once you're done in the kitchen.

Go and clean up the cellar the spiders have made a nest down there a big one too they're crawling everywhere master.

David nice of you to grace us with your presence I appreciate your patience I've.

Had the staff prepare some of the finest Scottish delicacies for you black pudding haggis scrambled eggs with deer brain and bacon.

Mother was never a fan of dishes made from entrails in this case she'd be missing out I shot the deer myself in. The local woods that was delicious thank.

You I'm sure our local specialities must seem peculiar to one raised as you were I was raised in India my spectrum of peculiar has quite a range.

Yes master David you've worked for the.

Family all your life yes master David saved my time serving in Swaziland you served in South Africa Oh indeed sir during the Boer War but Sir Edward intervened and I was able to return unharmed from that most futile conflict may I you.

Asked the maid she seems nervous almost. Afraid of me she's afraid of everything you don't think much of her I do not sir and if I may be so bold the one of lady Gordon's earrings has gone missing you suspect there mate not my place to say master David yet I think you just did say how many staff are there nowadays. Only myself the maid and Rory the gardener and suppose you could include the lawyer too if that is what not many for such a big house if you felt like hiring more staff I would not complain sir but of course not everyone is suited to work in this house well good day to.

You indeed sir.

Smoking a pot I thought that would be beneath her station just how old is the.

Gordon plan for all I know it could stretch back to Roman times or even further Lady Margaret David may lay.

First apologize for my strange behavior last night it's just that ah think nothing of it you are obviously tired from your travels least said soonest mended I don't want to give her another reason to thinking that this may seem like an unusual question I'd be surprised if it wasn't dear boy and have I ever been here before is it possible I visited as a child and can no longer remember oh no you are a stranger to these walls I never feel you prefer it stayed that way what kind of man was my grandfather.

Oh he was magnificent he was handsome so handsome and caring. Caring enough to knock a defenseless child down the stairs all was so very different when he was around the maid. She seemed to be acting strangely like she was frightened of me yes well she's a simple sort that one she has probably heard of the curse of the Gordon's the locals like to whisper about curse what curse just a peasant superstition I would guess she was worried you'd show the same displays of unpredictable violence as your father did I never knew my father to be the violent eye hoo-hoo there are many things you do not know about your father this is his doing.

What but but how I'd rather not discuss.

It David and that maid should really keep her mouth shut and locate the earring she'd lost she's like a magpie with shiny expensive things I shall take my leave Lady Margaret yes oh and David the master of.

The house needs the respect the privacy of those under his roof even your father understood that sometimes a cabinet is locked for a reason I was looking for.

Some documents and Andrew had already gone to bed I would still appreciate you respecting the rules of this house you're not its owner quite yet.

The coal doesn't seem to affect the residents of this house all the fires are fighting and losing battle against the draft.

Margaret's lost hearing not stolen after a war contrary to everything I've. Learned so far about grandfather Edward Lady Margaret still worships him.

Elsa knows more about my father than she does tell me I'd better in her trust now she might return to the village once the weather glaze.

This will make it easier to carry the.

Boy it must be but I need to be sure perhaps the names are on the back Lady.

Margaret she looks happy I can't imagine a smiling like that these days.

Grandfather Edward just as he looked last night my family yet they're all.

Still strangers to me. What's this looks like it's drawn in blood.

Regardless of what I told miss Cronin these visions are like nothing I've ever experienced before and they're getting worse

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