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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 1 [Master] - Getting Started

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This video from: Reichy.
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 1 [Master] - Getting Started

From the beginning of the game to partway through the Car Park quest. (Read full description, please.)

Explanation for audio bugs, such as the opening FMV playing only in the left channel:

Since I know this game very, very well (over 100 hours played), this will be a more walkthrough-style LP, which I hope to be somewhat informative. (Sorry again for low production values, but I was pretty inexperienced.)

I had planned to redo this walkthrough/LP later on, but I've gone through the main quest so many times it's just impossible for me to do some proper commentary on it. While they are far from perfect (largely due to many issues involving having to use a very lacking laptop to make them), my (somewhat incomplete) Let's Plays of Oblivion Lost 2.2 and AMK mods (linked below) more or less serve as remakes of this series. The storyline is practically identical in both, and it's just weapons, mutants, a few items, and balance changes that differ. Graphical fidelity is largely lower due to the system I played them on. Again, I truly wish I could have made this original walkthrough/LP better than I did.

AMK: (features livestreamed videos; private = has not reached publishing date; lacks NPP completion)

Oblivion Lost: (Lacks the red forest, but that's virtually identical to the vanilla Red Forest area.)

Priboi Story: (Total conversion mod, linking here despite not being a "SOC redo" because despite issues on my end, it is an absolutely fantastic mod.)

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This one seems to be alive what a lucky guy at least death would have saved him from the dreams let's go and see what value Cedar Ridge will put on your head.

What have you got a body it came from the death truck it's got the mark well you know the drill leave him on this is a live one bullshit you're lying let the zone take me if I am put it here.

I think for this one I can give you.

So marked one I saved you and I'm not going to pretend I did it to win favor is upstairs you do some jobs for me and we're even besides keeping you busy might be a good way to deal with your amnesia and I'll see what I can find out about your problem I don't give a shit why you want to find this trail a guy I mind my own business if you want to kill him well you must have your read what are you standing there for come closer I don't buy.

All right hello internets I guess my better judgment I'm starting another less play before finishing one of the previous ones obviously stalker shadowed Chernobyl currently running completely. Vanilla here latest patch but no mods whatsoever it performance ends up being an issue I'll install float32 mod let's.

Carry on with that game here the choice is yours either I brainwash you like I usually do with all the rookies right we do like a real stalker and I give you a mission straight away you know I've never done the tutorial thing I think for the sake of a series I'd Willa you got here this is your personal PDA this useful device will help you survive in the zone and if you do die others will know where and how just kidding here let me remind you how to use it your tasks can be found in.

The first section of the most tasks have buttons which allow you to access additional information on the task remember each new task is automatically shown on your mini-map moving on the.

Second section on the PDA is the map buttons above the map allow you to zoom in and out oh you can also Center the.

Map on yourself and I'm sure you'll work it out it's not very complicated the PDA also as a contact section the contact section contains a list of stalkers within 50 metres of you you can see a brief description rank group Allegiance and probable attitude towards you here remember that while you're neutral the way other stalkers feel towards you depends on you alone note how someone's attitude towards you changes when you help them be careful if.

Enemies are around they're marked red on the visor friends are green and neutrals are yellow oh and pda's of dead stalkers are gray helps if you're into looting corpses what else oh yeah there's a diary too.

Well what is there to say about it all the information you need is noted in your journal and news to even what I am telling you right now can be found in this section then there's a rating section you can see the top 20 stalkers.

I know i refresh this info from time to time to keep up the competitive spirit maybe you'll be at the top of this list someday who knows your own achievements are noted in the stat section.

Me it's pretty much self-explanatory and then we have the encyclopedia it contains information about the zone and survival advice which you find or are given by other stalkers that's basically it I think oh one more thing your PDA model has a wide frequency radio waves scanner with an inbuilt encoder it's radius of operation is about 400 meters so you can even intercept military comms mine is a working radius of 30 kilometres so I can always get in touch with you I'll give you the tasks and the latest news initially I'll give you advice too though is everything clear or should I repeat all right as you can see. It's a bit buggy just got a job for you marked one I want you to find a stalker called nimble he was carrying some very important information he disappeared somewhere near the bridge find him dead or alive I don't care I need the flash drive with the info visit Wolfe from the local camp and escape he certainly knows where that guy can be.

All right since this is one of my favorite games of all time this entire series to be fact this entire series in fact I think I'll go a little better in. Depth with the editing and stuff I cut out my voice whenever I cut out my voice.

Tract whenever somebody's talking or if there's a cutscene it's one of the advantages of recording the commentary track separately well good on things Tucker CD some sort of mouseling I don't remember this ever beacon game form it.

Seems perfectly stable this isn't the most well optimized game there is actually now that I think of it I'm an idiot and did restart the game so it can use the DirectX 9 renderer just.

Yeah I haven't restarted so I did this has taken effect still on direct exceeds it just for the sake of proof I am playing this on master difficulty all this shut off and I'm going to save here and restart so I can. Actually use all the fans when Theresa give me mama and we're back in DirectX 9 years hoping.

The performance keeps up because all be download links for float32 that I found are kind of broke in dynamic shadows and.

Some big eNOS don't offence my card rendering things weird or some of the game itself but uh or we really continue whoa and looked like everything was bleeding stick there anyway is that.

Explanation time before we do really it do anything else I know we going to be playing this up a little more linearly than I normally would just been the sake of let's play against possible to complete it regular.

A reasonable amount of time I am pretty.

Much a veteran of the scheme so we'll partially be a sort of walk through in a sense since I know a fair bit.

Another little buggy mess that I've noticed in DirectX 9 bonus character shadows your character shadow doesn't render some reason else needs to see you.

Is Lee High Definition you can read it.

I'm going to refrain from trying to do with vague Russian accent for this because it's not good enough buggy just the shadows LeBron my lyric.

Apogee Mozgov are for Mozgov all day for sure you know to my Twitter not a booty to con us proceed show not echo any partner kabuki gift in June it was legit soon.

Back with a market it's like normally I do a lot of this second an excuse I.

Don't speak Russian she's with the music's that I've got much gear that's communicate I'll call a.

Hi I need to see em both yeah would you know where I can find never got er schedule okay I guess I will at least an orphan sorry you know based on the general water buddy normal character dialogue just leave hungry go karate.

This group of cyclists lands in a place with your shield all he could do was send me an SMS message look like his house went under go against Allah these bastards are now at the old car parts one across the belly you don't risking your own teammate prison call friendly or is it that why.

Is that cut off where's that you're just too weak to do it careful there marked one no need to be that harsh about it I'd bop you one no what's the use it's not that simple to free people even those I got it mostly I can't take that risk if we lose this camp these will get even worse from all the stalkers out here what about yourself if you are too scared I pride make me say no for helping hand so will you help me deal with these thugs Oh anyone yet I needed up you can do it alone your plan should similar you stand a chance on your own Wisconsin are good sliders and right now I could write you and right behind those freaks together you can make right quit what do you think got the guts try wrinkles any potato for my edge guys I'm sending someone your way so winging you may attack if necessary oh yeah total.

Toast Orang Asli misty don't see beer cross Mikoyan Edo Malo domos costello munition MSG's messes or master put your little style I know it's one of these issue God said cares tomorrow yeah this guy way to go alright keep you guys might have known vacua Mineola now some of it looks blue i kind of insinuate since cables never member yet conduit for three resolutions but on them unlike some of the other games I played it doesn't really do anything to do 3d. Renderings Cazale saw umbilical Irwin sauce last like it doesn't stretch things to pastries 20 absurd.

Hold on got a little bit of an issue here I am accidentally disabled that shell weapon.

Nothing here so yeah whooping sout fitting us with a couple basic entry-level tools Makarov 40 rounds 9 by 18 and a knife.

This leather jackets it's not ideal I also fixed it crash so it's toggle crouch again now I really wish I had some sort of fix.

For these shadows now if I can climb a ladder or the tip and trick something.

Oh get a little bit hurt running over here but it's the white boy down here.

Just I see there's a box hidden over here smashing up your knife and that's a.

Bird suit and she is considerably.

Considerably better in the leather jacket here is good up down.

All sorts of supplies hidden throughout this rookie village like that didn't rates just kind of walk around brakeman take AI doesn't seem to mind.

So the funny conversations going to come from the military outpost that way I.

Know a said it's good did its lil bit linearly if you didn't point.

Just dirt you would pick up some useful items like rap here.

Shadows it should be in GPU ish because.

The game is built to strongly support and biggie get me GPUs and that's what I'm running got roots and you knew that.

That was going to tell you an anecdote here I know that much stove bathtub I've.

Seen a few bombs that have taken carried these areas India rookie village here. And fill them up with stuff that made it more like currently little houses.

Down here remember there being a boss.

Box of these down there that'll be over they'll tell me to the moment my arrow.

On the cat night here.

Good vodka here uses stuff.

And unpacked and etc back here training.

So you go to back see I don't need this.

I don't really need this either it's a.

Good stand it's money out of it not bad.

Some pretty good stuff you've got there nothing terribly useful here yet I don't think I have to worry about radiation where I'm going and we'll find smash all right well drop by so I guess well it's good hunting stalker which say. Yeah cuz the previous on Panama Ichi Yanni Magoo's dead macho macho cop Atomos tapas linear.

This actually isn't useful at all in a playable sense because the aiming camera. Never moves where this is ambient.

Occlusion I think that's GPU force to be perfectly honest I don't think the actual engine ad it's especially not direct it's knife see the entire points of me and wasting time for this is going to show you the annoying part of first-person camera see marked one here.

Is almost as tall as this guy yet the. Camera makes it look like the camera looks like it's in his chest instead of his head that's mucking about. Now if you're feeling really dangerous and crafty and I'm down here to the. Military outpost let's start shooting some dudes they're not advisable with a single pistol here is doable.

Son over here step mom I get ya hello did by my kid yeah.

He'll be brother.

Misty can reach out help me brother.

Take the biscuit of the stick thank you my boy you're okay you know that I'll be sure to tell everyone at the camp did you help me out I honestly.

Don't feel any reason to be an asshole to mute evil well let's find out what.

The hell happened.

That's part of it as part of a nipple screw I need to see them hold on go after him wanna give me come.

Good you do that get wet did you tell me something interesting this is this is just a generic text all do you have stalkers in that Sun this is one of the line of solidus a person is on the same knee asking this I already.

Know all that and it is integral to the storyline Lots so he can hast video ingredients you so desire now to seem.

Kind of Luke which is picked up got am PB 1 I don't remember the real name for this gun but it's slightly more accurate. Than the Makarov here I think for the sake of doing something different I'll just stick with the Makarov as my playing weapon and sell that up it's worth a little bit more.

Little word to the wise here this game does not use a hit scan system uses a ballistic system it's not realistically scaled because the further still ever see enemy this game is 150 meters that's.

Due to it Hardware restrictions on the a life system this fellow's dead I'll take.

You sausage somebody's going to take that the wrong way I know it steps.

Dead dinosaurs Jeremy sadly can't drive.

It in his vehicles you can in some mods you know oblivion lost one butts for the vanilla game they remove that feature and some points developments it'll be in lost alpha which restores pretty much everything that got them cut out looking. Very forward to that body Stockton would juha vibe now man let me. Fill you in here yeah you connect you.

Can actually buy this guy's by docume seer they serve no port corpus yeah say.

Serve no purpose and Amma cannot speak they serve no real purpose since you already have set of binoculars hard-coded to your inventory and they cannot be gotten rid of but if you want to collect them you can go right ahead I'll save my time for freedoms alright.

This is in take a bit of info so now let's read it all out hello wolf is already sent word to be you've got any questions yes how many bandits the camp seven or eight men to but the gate two more in the building to the right knee of the fire and another two in the one to the left that's where the keeping nipple somebody usually hangs around the yard as well that's about it shall we say a prayer and go.

Let's go round up man Lin wolf here sent us some support along with the order to attack time to move on and be heroes and before.

We actually do anything here it's been close to half hour 20 for max actually close it up now to say they recorded quite a bit more that's the whole track they weighs them I've got very limited harddrive space these are trans McLaws now transfer has started really good idea.

Picking Mookie sounds like the bandits.

Pepper chat around the campfire well stealth I'm going to try to.

Continue sneaking up to a good flight in position assuming he doesn't see you.

Alright that looks like one two or three enemies down I don't think I've lost any my own manager just guy back there.

Died already that's one down oh shit terminate one of.

The Masons like out here that's not good.

This guy's like this this isn't going.


What are you doing Russia Shh okay that's all my guys dead he's that shot.

Unfortunately the only way I know to make this fight go any reasonable about better is to attack.

The military outpost there 74 use otherwise you're stuck with one of the two nine by eighteen millimeter pistols ideally true huh and at least one of his.

Sutter squad mates will survive but not that.

Lucky this time.

Everybody nipple you could wait for man.

Plunder where's looting corpses in this.

Game gives you information on where stash

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