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Grox% Spore Speedrun -- Allying The Grox in 1:31:18

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Grox% Spore Speedrun -- Allying The Grox in 1:31:18

Great run overall. I had an excellent cell stage that gave me a lot of food in small areas, and I ultimately saved 30 seconds.

Creature stage was good because I created a creature with 3s in all attacking stats before I started roaming with my pack, and I managed to get a lot of kills with that setup. I lost a bit of time in the creature stage by dying just a few DNA from finishing, and that cost me sub 30 creature.

Tribal Stage was excellently orchestrated, and I had perfect farming early game, decent luck by not having to get Maracas early (free 2-instrument tribal conversion), and overall good tribe placements.

Civilization Stage was a bit shaky at the start, I mispredicted the city spawns but I still converted fairly quickly, and lucked out by selling all my vehicles and buildings to instantly Fanatical Uprising for Civ Stage, giving me sub 1 hour to reach space stage (amazing pace).

Space stage was nothing special. Get Interstellar Drive 3 in the first mission (infinite energy), I quickly captured a T3 with Fanatical Frenzy and sold the buildings, and purchased all I needed to get to the center. My grox befriending pace was solid, I got all the right missions to balance Galactic Code breaking and missions, and I got an early trade route start.

Excellent run, it'll take a lot to do this faster, RNG-wise. -- Watch live at

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