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System Shock 2 Walkthrough [1080p] No Commentary Part #3

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This video from: He1Ly.
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System Shock 2 Walkthrough [1080p] No Commentary Part #3

System Shock 2


-Deck 5: Recreational

-Deck 6: Command

Textures and mods used:

All Vurt's graphical mods (except textures for eggs).

CyberBlutch Rebirth v03

Hires gibs

Schatten SHMUP

SHTUP beta 6

Four Hundred v15

FiveFingerDiscount RebirthMidwifeSkin

Tacticool Laser_Pistol

Tacticool Pistol

Tacticool Grenade_Launcher

Arcaniac PipeWrench

Arcaniac AliensPulseRifle

Arcaniac Shotgun

Eldron psi-amp v2

Ejecting Brass v1

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