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Let's Play STALKER Call of Pripyat (part 1 - Into The Zone)

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Let's Play STALKER Call of Pripyat (part 1 - Into The Zone)

We delve into the mysterious and dangerous world of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. This is the third game in the series and, in my opinion, the best one. Semi-open world survival goodness. Enjoy!

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Welcome everyone welcome to a new let's play at zero 123 on April 26 1986 the.

Reactor of power block 4 of chernobyl npp is destroyed following a series of thermal explosions the resulting radioactive cloud moves across the European part of the USSR Eastern Europe and Scandinavia eventually reaching America the consequences of the disaster.

Are so serious that the government is forced to begin evacuating the residents of nearby towns and villages a 30.

Kilometer exclusion zone is created to stop residents from returning to the contaminated area despite the disaster.

The chernobyl npp continues to operate the existence of a power station as well as the fact that the area is no longer inhabited leads the council of ministers of the USSR to set up a network of secret laboratories in the exclusion zone June 11 2006 the exclusion zone.

Lights up with a flash of blinding light as clouds can be seen evaporating in the sky after a moment of complete silence a peal of thunder shakes the ground most of the government forces guarding the perimeter are killed instantly.

2008 scientists are still unable to explain what happened grand expeditions into the zone usually end in tragedy we're survivors telling stories of mutated animals with incredible abilities roaming the area according to.

Various estimates by 2010 the zone is home to between one and three hundred unknown individuals they call themselves stalkers and make their living by collecting anomalous formations known as artifacts which they sell for considerable sums of money 2011 despite.

Military courtrooms the stalker phenomenon is growing in numbers however stalkers travel primarily around the zones edges with the centered remaining terra incognita the few attempts to penetrate deeper into the zone have all ended in failure 2012 a.

Stalker called straight lock solves the secret of the brain scorcher a man-made emitter that had blocked the way to the center of the zone for years after the brain scorcher he's disabled all stalkers rush for the center of the zone some in hopes of finding a treasure trove of artifacts others in such of a wish granted.

The government decides to launch a large-scale military operation operation fairway as it came to be known involves using maps of anomaly fields to maneuver helicopters to the CNPP despite meticulous preparation the operation is a failure and none of the helicopters returned from a mission major dick tyrant a USS Special Agent is sent into the zone to investigate the disappearance of the helicopters disguised as a stalker equipped with a regular assault rifle two weeks worth of supplies and the radio to communicate with HQ the major begins his journey towards the center of the zone.

Welcome everyone to stalker Call of. Pripyat so many people have asked me to play this game and it's one of my favorite games ever really it's it's the third and last part in the stalker series the first one I played the second I didn't the first one was all right ooh what's going on okay um it was it was yeah all right but I hated the constant bandit fights and such now this one the last one is much more like what the stalker games are supposed to be in my opinion fairly open world it's not completely open world unfortunately and full of secret surprises and stuff like that it's brilliant so the game is also sort of a first-person RPG you've got lots of stats you've got all these resistances you have slots for artifacts you can collect one of the coolest features in the game really is this you use a detector where was it is it yes Oh use a detector to detect artifacts because they can't usually be seen with the naked eye immediately and you also talk to others get missions and so on so here I'm gonna make it my weapon lets Valletta shortstop's talker I'm also running several mods to make the game look much better and balance it out it's called stalker complete I think Call of Pripyat complete and a couple of other graphical mods which should make the game much nicer greetings where's the nearest stalker camper out here I'll upload the coordinates your PDAs Gaddafi is the only major camp around here hmm I like to ask you something where can I find artifacts there's probably lots of them in the caves under the burnt-out farmstead if you walk on the hill with the detector it doesn't stop beeping the whole time getting to them is easy enough just jump in through the gap from above getting out it's a hard part what with all the anomalies down there mostly vortex is an acid some also claim to have seen something resembling a comet that gap a whole mix of dangers to be sure but that means the artifacts are probably mixed as well by actually we can also trade with them you need to eat in the game you've got bandages you've got medic medical items you've got anti-radiation drugs this is my food I've got 2500 rubles this guy has 2,100 I can sell them some stuff if I need to um not really gonna do anything right now but now what a you should get bread yes what I used to do is only keep no no no I wanted this only.

Keep the bread because it was the lightest I believe but oh no the cans are the lightest but what they actually made is that different items give you more hunger or less as you can see these are both +10 though and this is only +6 so considering this is only 0.3 of a kilogram this is the best anyway alright so also the view distance for those who have played the original has been greatly increased with with the mods which is rather nice so we're free to go around this is our PDA we can see the map now this is mostly open world as you can see this map then there's another map over here and another map over here unfortunately you have to load between these maps so it doesn't quite you know these this is just flavor there's nothing here I can't go over here so unfortunately it's not as open as I would like it to be but it's still pretty done awesome now the very cool thing about stalker games and particularly this one is that you have wildlife and I don't just mean random monsters that attack you well it is monsters that attack you but it also means that the monsters have a life of their own they search they scavenge the attack other animals to eat and feed they they go around in packs and such it's brilliant also stalkers attack other bandits and such you have various anomalies which we'll see I'm not going to actually move. Unfortunately the game with all the graphics and everything it's not really that optimised tell is that you know it's not really that optimizers sometimes we'll see not really a slowdown but a jerk like that now fortunately if you've been watching my LPS you might have noticed that I've been having stuttering problems lately and I believe it was up to my disks so this video does not stutter then I've solved it because that disk was fairly old ten years I think it's stood up to.

There's a ship this is basically our little base of operations not really it's a bar listen up Sartain wants to. See you really well the man himself.

Remember I'm Sultan everything that goes down here is either under my control or will be soon if you want to live the good life you gotta work for me if you don't you'll live the shitty life that's how we roll bro what kind of job can you offer me the money-making kind nothing why am I asking you you're the new guy with no connections to speak off but if you play your cards right you could quickly gain the locals respect when I know what I'm thinking yeah sure all right then listen up we got the mind to shake down a few of beard stalkers it's real cinch late at night you and our guys come up to Shiva Shankar and before these tourists figure out what's going on you take them for a ride we get the dough you get the props catch my drift already done seemed knuckle standing over there he'll give you all the details the hit decide what to do right so we've got a word report side-missions mission log decide what to do we need to.

Decide whether to take part in the result or the soccers or not get involved so I'd rather not work for this cutthroat so I'm gonna try to throw by. Sometime it will have a good time oh it's your bro so what did you insulting agree on no I don't want him to count me and I'm not doing it solution either stalker you wanna get paid was the job you see I hid some loot in this old is a projects car but then an earthquake hit in the car fell underground I checked it out and the car seems to be within reach only um there's mutants there you know Snorks oh not snow believe it or not I ain't even scared of controllers but those damn Snorks are just too creepy and disgusting for me if you get a hold of the container with the security lock we'll split the loot fair and square deal alright also I forgot to.

Mention there's a ten night cycle there's a various weather and there's blowouts which will probably see soon enough hello there I want any good previously. Attacked an evolution of zone oh because that stood a crack I don't know straight yes she would evilly nectary was mochila I don't understand you're a vicious take this when you walk rally hey star how are you.

What's up bro I'd like to ask you a question what's new in the zone have you heard about the dredge station east of skadovsk they say something weird glows there at night we aren't even for the zone mind you I really don't know if it's worth checking out might turn out to be something valuable but is it worth risking risking your ass over that's the question oh this is a guy perhaps you need a guide to show you the way around the all the anomalies keep you safe from emissions pilot at your service what the quiz laughter tell me about yourself my name is pilot for the reason of a droga only new safe rooftop pitch tossed away there believe Lapera leap ideally Delia tebron teach the palm milk shut up and cheers uh Pamela I don't have what it takes to collect artifacts or fight bandits so everyone should use their talents and let others benefit from them every talent has its price of course tell me about the anomalies as you approach an anomaly keep in mind that it's going to be either very hot or the air will be full of toxic gases or it will be a radiation hotspot there can also be site disruptions but I want to go into those right now it depends on the nature of the anomaly be it heat gas or electricity from gravity but I hope you won't have to deal with those they're also moving anomalies but that's a different kettle of fish altogether right well what about emissions to be honest with you there's not much to tell emissions are especially dangerous and almost always fatal your name please to police but any annoying really cast shut up I'm trying to speak here but it means cook it you can feel one coming on gradually by the changing weather but it passes soon after hitting its appeal shut up George Cooper privately you motocross I'm gonna shoot him Lucretia used to prepare a boozy menial and the first signs of its approach run for the nearest cover a cave something made of concrete bricks of steel like some others I can feel an emission coming on when my back starts to ache as for the nature of emissions I don't have anything useful to tell you just don't know pete's sake are there gonna be yapping all the bloody time I can't read stuff hello stalker how would you like to earn some cash and help out our camp at the same time somebody's planning to stick up a group of stalkers our own guys - oh man we've got bandits multiplying like rabbits and now we're fighting amongst ourselves I got an offer to attack the camp near Shivan ko at night assholes it would actually be nice if you took up their offer see what I'm getting at that's why I can tip my boys off so they can prepare a warm welcome for our guests greevey okay go see the douchebags and I'll tell the boys what kind of job can you offer me here's the deal several stalkers have gone missing no one has heard anything about them but just the other day they find one body no signs of violence but it was blood completely dry temer searched the body he could give you more details anyway it's got to be the bloodsuckers I talked to the nail of the hunter and he went off to search the lair for their lair I haven't seen hide nor hair of him since what do I need to do you have to find the lair and hopefully track down the Lila the jumpring pretty but they'll make it worth your while okay I agree okay okay I've read mind I've earmarked two places to check first I uploaded one of the coordinates to your PDA I'm gonna go run some errands and then check out the other place I'll let you know what I find deal all right let's take this as well now bloodsuckers and such weren't a huge problem before but what the hell are they doing but they've balanced them out come aboard our swamp icebreaker swamp iceberg is so they're quite dangerous now I believe you're new here that's alright you'll settle in soon enough you know the zone is a tough teacher I'm beard the local bartender got any questions you come to me here got a job for me got a little something last night stalkers or some kind of weird glow the dredge station - we aren't even for these plants why don't you check it out hello make sure to watch yourself there a warning that place is full of radiation don't forget your meds you'll thank me later trait let's see he's got a lot of food which I don't really need right now bye drop in if something interesting comes up right up here we'll get the medical did you find something at the Terkel ended up suffering I don't see what is you point nobody knows the big or wacky the pump you stole no so does the body of one of the missing stock it's just going to regret running away do you think it was a bloodsucker that killed a man in there buddy yeah I just can't be up in your feet in a couple of days just like all the others is this time to rest up and cheer shut up hey stalker come here I got a question yes you no other creature is capable of doing that that is sucking all the blood out of a man's body down to the last drop all the evidence points to a bloodsucker attack what other conclusion can I make night raids yes I can was this vector Solomon artifact equivalent of vitamin K yeah increase blood coagulation so it's wound healing okay my what do you want goodbye.

Dude you seen this magpie guy know him no well if you come across that's come back feel free to put a bullet in his head well you can tell me what if he can be found and I'll make it worth your while what does magpie done to harm you whoa. Okay he comes up to me once and says he can't get his loot out because of a controller my crew was one man short right then or Pathfinder denilla went off the track blood suckers didn't learn so we decided to help Mack by I get his loot and took him hunting with us all he had to do was keep a lookout for the Chimera it's not missing and what.

Happened next what happened next was the bastard ran away taking his loot and pocketing our stew it was hell of a surprise when the Chimera finally showed up their Mata for one had no time to react I mean who would instead of hunting our game I ended up defending my crew in the end I wounded the Chimera but I managed to rip a crab a good one and made off was the full week of preparation if I see magpie I'll let you know for sure I'll make it worth your while I'll pluck his feathers good now the the omission means you have to stay inside a building of some sort otherwise you die find cover all that looks cool oh look. At that it's actually ah it's actually uh ah that is so awesome that I don't.

Think that was in the original they've made that graphical overhaul with the mods you need to get to cover you idiot yeah the nice thing about this is all these stalker groups are now fighting cover throughout the map oh my god that looks awesome flatty ow yeah run mohan that looks bizarre.

There's a crazy bull down.

Jeez again this guy is interesting he's sort of the trader hello I'm nimble people come to me for unique weapons rare models prototypes unique pieces stuff like that plus elite equipment the latest modification of so protective and combat suits I check every item personally so quality is guaranteed on to place an order an. Actual skeleton you must have given the choice a lot of thought I can get my hands on a combat version but it will cost you 60,000 bloody hell I don't have but again.

Yeah you gotta stay inside for these otherwise you die instantly ah no you.

Got anything new need Goods information or maybe you want to sell information but the job for me I had need information from the mercenary camp it's not a house as it sounds all in one piece tell me about.

The mercenary camp some kind of medicine Ares appeared in the processing station and I'm dying to know what they're cooking up sneak into their camp and dig up whatever information you can about their plans PDAs paper documents bring me whatever you find you got me go but kids nothing to keep it quiet okay let's see what he has to trade whoa lovely stuff well this is actually better than us as you can see the bright blue is our own and the dark green is what we would have if we use this this is the same stuff isn't it here it's just not repaired what's this a portable sleeping bag best use in a safe place without the missions what you have to sleep I've forgotten about that do you have to it's pretty cool steel helmet gas masks. Oh yeah there's the thingy bear detector.

This last generation anomalous activity detector can be used to locate anomalous formations I'm probably going to buy this when I have the money while I do have the money but actually why not let's sell this that's just a hundred rubles come on this don't really need it.

And the pistol I don't need it. Yeah there let's buy this there we go. Because this thing is much nicer than our previous detector this actually shows us the direction and how close we are because I other one just beeps get on outta here shut up is it nasty bastard here we have our little personal box where we can store items and over here we can sleep who's this guy oh he.

Can repair stuff right a wise choice my friend got the pipe your gun in mint condition and if you got a Buffalo to on you I can make it upgrades galore in here when the parachutes l assume to your shotgun I can do that a parachute but any work for me oh sure I need a few tools but I have no time to go look for them other worries like that takes up all your time if you bring me a few useful gadget I'll show you what I'm grading is all about you also make a buck or two okay I'll keep an eye out got some booze want a shot here's to a.

Steady hand yeah that's a very steady hand without vodka who are cool my hands aren't shaking but my head says I want more pour me another one young man let's see we can repair this ah you can also upgrade stuff yeah I forgot about that the technician needs tools for fine work needs vodka plus 10% armor and why not let's do that. And oxygen tank is required in there is. Blah blah no that's alright let's repair it bloody hell it's expensive maybe repairing alone repair the armor for now that is a lot of money so you.

Need to keep bringing in vodka alright the emission is over so we can go out we've got a quite a few laws now nobody acting huh let's get out of here.

What time is it actually where can I check that huh oh oh it's over there.

11:36 okay is that a bandit.

What the hell is wrong with you what the hell is wrong with you somebody killed.

This guy so he can take everything and just take all well we can wait for this firefight to be over and then take their stuff it's a nice thing about this let's.

See what we have to do strange phenomena let's go over there first the strange phenomenon over there.

This how are they doing what's the problem well these guys well they're they're not read to me so yeah lots of.

Stuff going on everywhere wait a second is that a zombie yeah that's a zombie look at that that is a zombie we can go.

And get their loot as well.

The zombies are people have been driven mad I think by the by the brain scorcher I'm not sure I can't quite remember they're not nice I can also crouch in the upper left there's a lot of zombies there look in the upper left you see that little bar going up that's the sound how much sound I'm producing and above that about the two is how visible I am I'm gonna be.

Careful about these zombies now there's.

A good song as you yeah nobody can say anything no I can take a look at the picture because they'll be or the other zombies come on guys let's go kill that zombies for some loot yeah the game is a. Little jerky sometimes cuz oh wait these guys are in zombies I thought there were zombies up here weird sounds I love that about the stalker games such creepy atmosphere sometimes yeah I thought those two guys were zombies oh right we've got some wildlife these are I have no bloody clue what these are but they're yeah they're in a pack and they will probably attack me if I get two new hello piggies now.

That place looks pretty interesting as well as you can see there's probably. Anomalies over there so let's get over there run anomalies I want anomalies.

Because we can get artifacts and then sell them no there's another group of those things over there let's go this way then Oh on the upper left you could see that little sign which meant heat there's a lot of heat there what are these two doing hello just relax and keep moving careful.

Well your suit can hand Oh.

Damnit oh she dead oh no he's not dead he needs a medic about anybody now doc that's not. Out there he's going to help him okay that wasn't scripted by the way that was random one week spicy with really nice he helped him are we still gonna get the.

Mission I think we got a mission here because that guy I believe dies yeah.

What anyway we're going to continue this next time so thanks for watching bye bye

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