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Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough part 3

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Nancy Drew: The Creature of Kapu Cave Walkthrough part 3

As Joe Hardy, talking to Big Mike and Pua, fishing

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Power that helps you who Oh yoo-hoo.

Anybody there yoohoo yoohoo yoo-hoo.

This is Nancy Drew calling dr. Quigley Kim dr. Kim are you there yes I've been.

Worried about you I've been worried about you your camp is a mess someone ransacked it where.

Exactly are you.

Could you please repeat that dr. Kim I.

Can barely hear you could you repeat those coordinates please no wait I still.

Don't know where you are dr. Kim Nancy.

Drew calling dr. Quigley Kim come in please.

Oh great all I heard was green trigger rock or something how am I supposed to figure out where that is hello hi Ned.

Sorry I hung up on you like that before believe it or not that was the Hardy Boys I saw they're here too no kidding doing what they're on assignment they're doing a background check on this local surfer girl somebody hired them to check out a surfer and her father yeah they're getting paid to check out a Hawaiian surfer girl while you're camping in the jungle chasing insects for free yeah.

Nancy in case you're wondering what that thing you're holding is it's the short end of the stick very funny so what's going on I went looking for. Dr. Kim at this private research facility and found a mad scientist named dr. Malachi Craven instead ever hear them no is he a bug guy too he's part botanist part biochemist but mostly he's a grouch what's he working on I have a feeling it would be a good idea to find out rumor has it that the Healy Healy that's the name of Cravens research facility rumor has it that whatever he's doing up there is destroying the local pineapple crop like I should get going.

I miss you you know I miss you too talk to you soon hello hi Joe it's Nancy hey.

Nancy what's going on well after I finally got Big Island Mike to give me the keys to the car doctor came and arranged for me I started driving whoa so what're dr. Kynn say when you told her somebody or some thing had torn up her camp frankly I'm not sure she heard me the radio connection we had was really bad in fact she rattled off the coordinates of where she is now so I could plug him into my GPS but all I heard was North 19 degrees 20-something I think she said she was at Green trigger rock but I could be wrong about that too I don't suppose you'd happen to have a map of the island would you no but I'll keep my eyes open maybe I'll even ask Big Island Mike I'm still waiting for a chance to do some snooping around his desk well if you find out anything give me a call remember what dr. Kim said sounded like green trigger Rock Green trigger Rock will do are you going to be able to get back here with the bridge washed out like that no but I'll be okay that bridge is the least of my worries I'll talk to you later okay bye.

Hey what's up think you could explain this try it and trade it system of yours again real simple over at the necklace making table there's pictures of the different necklaces you can make out of shells okay you collect shells you make something you turn it in you get whatever the picture says it's worth in Big Island bucks you get enough Big Island bucks you can buy some fishing gear and bait you go fishing you catch something you turn it in you get paid what it's worth the better the baits you buy the bigger the fish you catch and the more Big Island bucks you get the more Big Island bucks you get the more stuff you can do in here you see a never-ending circle of fun everybody wins especially you right. Since you get to keep everything we trade in hey the more money I bring in unless I gotta charge customers like you you can put the shells you find in here whenever you're ready to turn something in necklace fish whatever go see poor not me she's in charge of doling out the big island bucks are you familiar with a place in the jungle around here called Green trigger rock or something like that never heard of it and I know this island better than anybody so if I haven't heard of it trust me there's no such place you're always in here working don't you ever get to get out and enjoy paradise yourself well if somebody catch me six luluwa I'd have an excuse to drive them into the market in Hilo and on the way back do a little body surfing at this great little beach I know I'm game what are Aloha big shore fish real good eatin just so happens I got their favorite food right here well get ready to take a little time off big guy cuz I am on it.

Whoa worth way.

Hey Joe ready for another lesson still recovering from the last one you did swallow a lot of water out there listen how about we keep that our little secret okay Hey look flailing around like a drowning puppy your first time out or two is nothing to be ashamed of happens to everybody even you well no I didn't almost drown until the first time I tried shooting the curl on the pipeline but then I'm not like everybody I'm ten times better but hey you're doing great so is your brother in fact he hasn't come off as bored once of course that might change when he actually stands up on it Frank hasn't stood up yet oops I probably shouldn't have said that look how about we change the subject you feel the earthquake yeah wasn't that great sure it was a blast if you don't. Count the sheer terror part I'd love earthquakes it's like standing up on a big huge roller coaster you're not concerned about the damage they do what good does being concerned do look until somebody figures out a way to stop earthquakes they're gonna happen so I say why not enjoy them our Frank and I you're only pupils right now pretty much you guys are the only excursions dad's got going this week I coached some local kids but they've got finals how's your dad doing you know business-wise okay I guess I mean we don't live in a mansion or anything but we got food we got clothes dad gets to show off his Island and I get to serve far as I'm concerned we got everything we need how come I've never heard you say anything about your mom she died when I was ten oh shoot I'm. Sorry that's okay you didn't know besides dad wanted to keep me busy so he taught me how to serve something my mom was always dead set against he also quit working for the pineapple company and went into business for himself she wouldn't like that either so everything kind of turned out for the best what do you think about all this Connie okolloh stuff I'd rather not say you'd laugh so you believe he's real look first the Healey Healey Center closes its doors to visitors and get to secretive about what it's doing up there then something goes wrong with the pineapple crop coincidence I don't think so I mean Connie Ocala has shown up before when somebody endangered the islands why shouldn't I believe that he's back he showed up before when my dad said that after the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 people saw Connie a koala all over the place including my grandfather you gonna call my grandfather a liar I'm saying that sometimes people especially superstitious people sometimes they see what they want to see well I'm not the least bit superstitious and I swear to you I have seen Connie Ocala now am-scray I got to work.

One Lua down five to go.

Huah number six that argue it.

Hey what's going on what else do you like to do besides surf nothing oh come on you like to ride motorcycles go to wild parties pig out on shave ice tell me I surfed till it gets too dark I come home I eat I go to bed I get up I surfed till I got to start teaching I help my dad that's it that's my life an adrenaline freak like you never does anything wild and crazy I get all the kicks I'll ever need out there on my board catch you later cool beans Joe what are you doing here.

You should be out there surfing puah says you're a natural she does oh come on she probably says that about all her students no she doesn't in fact I can't repeat what she says about Selim so I would you like that earthquake frankly it was kind of scary good my heart going that's for sure Pele must be mad about something hail a Hawaiian goddess of fire her home is in Kilauea Volcano when she's mad she makes the ground shake when she's really mad she sends lava down the mountain to gobble up her enemies you mean you've got Connie Oh kala and Pele running around wreaking havoc out there compared to Pele Connie Oh kala is a noisy little fly he's nothing but enough about Paley go get outside you're in paradise enjoy those fish you wanted me to catch well here they are what do you think hey you did it wasn't sure you were ready for him but looks like I'm gonna have to stock the store with hulloa bait from now on cow poo as soon as I'm done here I'm driving up to Hilo last I saw she was still trying to teach Frank how to surf your brother's a slow learner huh welcome to my world mr. mop ooh have a nice Drive.

Hey what's going on trade you these fish for some big island bucks let's see what you've got looking good there you go okay what else.

I'll stop bugging you for now it's been real alone at last.

March 5th delivery from JK exclamation point exclamation point wonder who or what JK is what I need is a key so if I.

Were a green trigger rock where would I be wait a minute three finger rock that's what that bug doctor must have said three finger Rock I better call Nancy with these coordinates you have reached Nancy Drew.

Who is currently unavailable at the tone please leave a message hey Nance good news I figured out that dr. Kim isn't it Green trigger rock she's at three finger rock the coordinates are north 19 degrees 24 hours 42 minutes by west 155 degrees nine hours one minute gosh I'm good Hey.

Hey Nance good news I figured out that dr. Kim isn't at Green trigger rock she's at three-finger rock the coordinates are north 19 degrees 24 hours 42 minutes by west 155 degrees 9 hours 1 minute gosh I'm good thank you Joe

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