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Unreal Engine Archviz Tutorial - Step by Step Lesson Section 4 - Collision And First Walkthrough

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Unreal Engine Archviz Tutorial - Step by Step Lesson Section 4 - Collision And First Walkthrough

Unreal Engine Archviz 101 - Section 4 - Collision And First Walkthrough

There is no project files for this lesson.

Step by step tutorial on how to make your architectural visualisation interactive.

Designed specifically for interior designers who are already creating 3d designs using 3ds max and vray, this step by step tutorial series aims to teach you how to convert them to become a walkthrough and compatible with the oculus rift using the unreal engine.

Section 4: Collision And First Walkthrough

1)Opening in updated UE4

2)Reworking uvunwrap and reimporting mesh

3)Rebuilding lights to ensure error is corrected

4)Collision for floor

5)Your First Walkthrough

6)Background using Static Mesh

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Hello welcome to lesson one point four um just want to let you know that I am. Going to break it into smaller chunks so I can publish more tutorials at a faster rate um I also want to share with you. That um I'll be using Unreal Engine 4.12.

From this tutorial on words because I've realized this love good improvements especially to like Miss so I'm going to come to all my two towers to 4.12 just for info so let's get started so all we. Have to do is you just launch this okay.

Then we will browse for our project file.

Okay and you will ask whether I want to open a copy or I want to convert so I'll.

Just open a copy just to be safe open a new version so from the previous lesson me let's not worry about it first.

We have our own s static mesh and we want to kind of fix this so what we do.

Is we get the static mesh ID go back to.

Register DMX which is this one okay and what we will do or rather what usually what I will do is I'll check the unwrap UVW is map channel - let's check the.

Others I believe is maps and tools also yeah sometimes you know there are these small things that that has issues you know it looks perfectly fine the UVW map so I have so what what do we do from.

Here you know when we when we importing there's something wrong with it so um so what we can do is we we flattened it just like what I have shown you another way is that I find really useful is that we can just create a.

Channel one you've UVW map so I'll open another one I don't that this seems to work so so that's what I'm going to do a so I created one with a channel one and I reflect on my channel too okay let's not touch anything so I do is I'll just react spot this particular one using th tools okay. So I'll just put it here okay I'm not going to change anything I just react spot this one and then I'm going to re-import the static mesh okay so here.

It already exists yes I want to overwrite can let's check I don't want to generally like map I don't want to.

Generate collision okay so oh so there's.

Two issues with it it seems okay so right now the UVW map.

Is there so let's try to rebuild and see if it works don't worry about this okay.

So you see now right now it's white in color which means yes it is working you know I won't go into too much details about doing a perfect light map I believe there are good materials out there to learn how to do it properly but for what we do in this lesson I think. This would suffice so right now I just.

Want to do a test walk through you know in my room so I'm going to add a wheel.

Start class where is it.

Yeah please stop I'm going to drag it here and I'm going to press play ah si.

Si I'm falling down so it's because I'm group s f to refocus is because there is no collision remember when we import our meshes we didn't put any collision so um. Right now I'm going to just put some collision so that I can walk around the room so what I'm going to do is I'm going down ting volume. Oh is it bounding and blocking yeah it's a yes right okay it's a blocking volume okay so this will act as a collision. Okay then a good just do a quick one and. Cover the the room okay just do a 500.

500 okay just to make sure it covers the. Room okay maybe this needs to be bigger.

Hey sorry 1000 okay so what happens I'm.

Not going to put a bounding volume on the walls so I'm going to let you see what's happening with the collision okay so I'm gonna press play again right now I can walk around in the room but because there is no collision in the walls I can walk out of the walls okay so that's the purpose of collision so when you are done we are happy with everything you should put collision uh in most other things that you have I didn't want to have collision in the meshes because it create a lot of problems what I mean by that is when I import an object we can actually have collisions but I. Didn't want to do that because uh you know there's a lot of problems my place will get stuck the collision will envelope the whole room so I think the easiest and fastest way is to just manually add collisions ourselves you know nobody is going to penalize you for having no collision on a sofa you know I think that we don't have to be too perfectionist about that but of course if you want then you know you can have your own style or you can you know have collisions for furnitures and and not for the rolls and stuff like that so so it's up to you but personally I prefer not to have any collision and add my own blocking volumes okay all right so right now to.

Make the room feels realistic I'm going to add a background okay there are many many ways to do a background on so one of the ways to use a very big static mesh just like the realistic rendering demo you can explore it download it and explore it so I'm going to show you how I'm going to import this static mesh into my project and use the background.

From there okay so first things first. Let's look at the static mesh background.

Okay and I'm going to explore this a selections migrate okay so a migrate my.

Material files and we match vows okay. And we're going to choose our project. Folder for me is I put it in desktop.

Content folder okay so once we just need. To click on the content folder and let Unreal Engine do the copying okay do not attempt to copy this yourself outside the system outside Unreal Engine just use this way to copy any SS that you have so arranged in with the K of order connections or vows and it will not get it over nicely view okay. Migrated successfully okay so it is here.

Okay materials is there done this review.

So you can study the materials on how they do the materials for the background is just a picture and then connected to the this is the blending is translucent Jeremy is unlit and then just need to. Connect the this channel to the emissive.

Color and the Alpha channel to the Opie's our opacity node okay so this is.

One quick way to do it I'm going to drag business out okay sorry.

It should be really just going to rotate it 90 degrees is a 90 degrees no need to.

Rotate it one more time okay. So I'm going to move this all the way. Back I'm just going to remove all let's.

Go put the sky sphere a bit bigger to. Envelope my background okay and okay so.

I'm just going to get with the Sky box you know maybe I'll just save another version because just going to show you everything so I'm just going to save it as a SM background okay I'm just going.

Remove the Sky box and then I'm going to.

What I'm going to do is move it to all really relieve a location and then we're.

Not apply this sixty five times and so.

That it looks like. The pogrom is like that you know it.

Improves our whole interior sin but you.

Can see I really don't like this method of doing the background is a it's not elegant some some some of you who are used to treat this to do max where I used to study me just may like this but. I don't believe in cities so I will be I wish a skybox most at a time and I'll be showing you how to do it okay so that will be where we will go now so let's. Remove that static mesh static mesh okay.

Okay I remove the static mesh um and in.

The next lesson I will teach you how to use a skybox I will also teach you let me see if I see my plane I'll add in some lights and other stuff so stay tuned um so in the meantime enjoy this tutorial this all I have for you thank you so much for subscribing please continue to share the videos to your friends who are interested in Unreal Engine architectural visualization thank you

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