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Enter the Matrix (Niobe) walkthrough Part 7 Under The City

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Enter the Matrix (Niobe) walkthrough Part 7 Under The City

Enter the Matrix Part 7 Under The City |Niobe| walkthrough gameplay (no commentary).

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Operator is the exit screen as Vestal is my bunghole this is the ion control to.

The logos gate three standing down your path is cleared to Bay two welcome home thank you control is good to be home damn good.

Almost a full house no name if I was Morpheus I wouldn't be in a hurry to get back here what do you think the commander will do I don't know but I'm seeing as far away from that as I can I need a moment with you I.

Literally just walked in please I.

Presume that you were present during this latest act of insubordination I was you're in charge of the recall how could you let this happen what do you expect me to do shoot oh yeah you saved me the trouble Jason you can have my testimony at the debriefing I don't want your testimony what do you want your help tell me why.

Why does he do it is it because of us no.

It has nothing to do with you and me Morpheus does what he believes he has to do and I'll do what I have to you can't Watty because you need him the hell I do Jason can you honestly tell me what went through your mind when you saw the tape from the Osiris exactly I thought the.

Same thing anybody from this city would every damn one of them except him Morpheus believes we will win this war he makes other people believe it too and that's why you need him how about you do you need them all I need is a hot shower and something to eat that requires teeth thank you for your candor captain.

Can I see you tonight after the gathering of course.

Something wrong I'm just tired.

I'll see you tonight all right.


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