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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 2

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 2

Finding out what happened to our hostess, reading Jake's letter.

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Hey Nancy right that's right Nancy Drew.

Amateur detective huh we've never thought about becoming a real detective you know like me I don't know do you like what you do I love it you uh heard about those bank robberies I solved right tell me about them baffling case two-man team at 17 banks in three states in five days FBI had no idea who the perps were but after forcing their vehicle to a stop confronting them despite the fact that they were armed and giving chase I single-handedly made the collar I heard all day I was a.

Plastic knife from a carry-out chicken place you heard wrong you see Nancy when.

Somebody does something really remarkable in this country the first thing everybody else does is try to tear them down reporters late-night comedians even some of my fellow officers all have been spreading vicious lies about me why because they've never done anything remarkable in their sorry little lives and they're jealous anyway you should look around in here lots of interesting stuff this was Jake's private car you know I understand that you found something on the floor in the dining car yeah it's first I thought it was an old coin but it turned out to be some kind of slug where do you think it came from. Probably been lying there for a hundred years may have served a purpose back then but now worthless may I see it sure in fact here keep it weird around your neck or something that way when people ask you where you got it you can tell them Tino Balducci gave it to you Teno Balducci oh thank you what else can I do for you so what do you think happened to Lori she could have been kidnapped she could have been tossed off the train she could be hiding from us but I obviously will know which until I've gathered all the facts so.

You're gathering facts of course it may not look it because that's my style I'm a low-key kind of guy but hey don't worry I'll know the facts when I know the facts the truth can't be rushed you know have you had a chance to talk to Charlene at Purcell now why would I want to do a thing like that you don't like.

Her I can't stand those sappy books she writes and seeing as I said as much during an interview on national TV once it's a pretty safe bet she doesn't like me have you talked to John Gray I'm the ghost guy total quack only reason I talked to him would be to arrest him for fraud he's been great talking to you not a problem.

Looks like an old-fashioned cigar box wonder why it's locked.

Camille with Hager Anderson and Chantilly Hildegard.

Jh4 Jake early obviously must be Jake's insignia.

Another gemstone.

Aliza Sam burger.

An old scale strange it seems to be built into the wall those symbols look like the ones I saw in that sampler.

Silver what do all those colors have to do with silver.

Looks like to make this thing whatever it is I'm going to need a spyglass a pickaxe and a lamp citrine amethyst zircon those are all gemstones I think.

If I had a spyglass I'd put it right here if I had a lamp this is where I'd put it according to that diagram I found.

Those six gemstones are supposed to go in these six holders but I have no idea which one goes where wonder what's.

Supposed to go here.

Hmm Laurie oh my gosh I never thought.

You'd be the one to find me no offense Nadine Nancy Nancy Drew well as you can. See I wasn't really spirited away by ghosts or anything that bookshelf in the dining car you step on this thing in the floor in there and it slides open I practiced disappearing for weeks so it. Was just all for show well not entirely see here's the deal my dad wound up with this train when he bought out Nora I'm shipping they've been storing it in this old warehouse outside st. Louis for so long that everybody had just forgotten about it anyway after like mass begging on my part dad had to Train restore to working condition and got me an engineer and track permits and all that other stuff until finally here we are on our way to find out what happened to Jake Curley.

Why do you need a train to find out what happened to him well see I was one of the first people in like a hundred years to set foot on this train okay everything was just the way it was when Jake disappeared except I also found this it's a letter that Jake wrote in 1901 to his niece back east he was real paranoid about claim jumpers which is why he never told anyone where his mind was but he was also afraid something would happen to him and no one would ever know where it was so he wrote this letter to his only living relative Ruth's Kensington here take it you want me to have it why because you found me C in that letter Jake tells Ruth that everything she needs to figure out where his mine is is on this train he also warns her that his wife's spirit is on the train too which creeps me out but the thing is to find Jake's lost mind we need the Train how do you know this Routh person didn't find the mine decades ago mostly because I found that letter in the wastebasket it was like she'd gotten so ticked off trying to follow her nutty uncles clues that she finally said to heck with the whole thing what about the other people you invited on this trip if you want to show them that letter go ahead it's totally up to you we're going to copper gorge because that's where Jake buried Camille so I figured his mine might be somewhere around there too but if you think we need to go somewhere else you just let me know and I'll have the engineer take us there how come you didn't try to find. The mine yourself maybe I did or maybe I just thought letting other people try to find it would be a good excuse to throw a party I like parties How well do you.

Know your guests well I don't know you are those Harvey guys at all Hardy Frank and Joe Hardy whatever I didn't know John grey before this either but I love his show and I figured he'd jump at the chance to investigate an honest-to-goodness haunted train and now that someone has finally found me I can finally go meet him for real what about tea no Balducci I met Tina right after he got famous for solving those robberies inviting him here for this was a no brainer I mean what an awesome detective and those piercing eyes of his you just know his minds in there going 90 miles an hour how well do you know Charlene Oh Purcell I just know her from her books which are so good in fact I just started reading her latest one the moon tells no lies see what I'd really really like to do is write romance novels everybody who knows me says I'd be really good at it in fact a while back I sent sure Elena some ideas you know just to see what she thought and she hated them we'll talk some more later I'll be waiting the third of November 1901 from somewhere in Colorado dear Ruth I know that we've never met but now that your father my estranged brother is gone you are my only living relative I am writing to you to tell you about my mind before I do depart this earth and its location is lost forever I cannot tell you outright where it is bless this epistle fall into the wrong hands but with the information which follows and with my train which shall be yours upon my death I promise that you'll be able to find it first you will need a map to obtain it know that my travels have taken me all over this great country two towns which can be difficult to find two calico Silverado and Central City to Dodge City Virginia City and tombstone to locate the mine on the map you'll need my projector when it comes to placing the stones you'll need to ask someone who holds a warm place in my heart I have stored his name accordingly but to retrieve his name you'll have to give the dolls an order this will require looking inside Camille's dancing shoes for the name of their maker and wearing the shoes as you perform her favorite step on a dance floor as for my beloved Camille she has four words for you words which when translated into numbers and used in combination will help power my projector but alas she's taken them with her to her grave so go to Copper Gorge Colorado and pay your respects and let some of her goodness rub off on you I promised Camille that this train would always be her home in return she promised to never leave and indeed she never has people say I'm crazy but I've seen her and heard her and feel her presence on the train even today 20 years after her untimely death so above all else my dear niece let nothing happen to my train it holds wonderful things kindest regards Jake early.

Lot naturally I wonder how you open it I.

Bet I know what this is for.

Yes I'm done strange all that's left is a jumble of letters looks like a dance floor maybe.

Dark the name of the shoes is so faded I can't tell what it is maybe Bess and George can help me figure out who made them.

That must be the projector Jake mentioned in his letter to Ruth looks.

Like I need to enter eight letters into this thing the question is which eight letters.

Jake's mine must be somewhere on this map but where.

Hello hi Beth hey what's going on the. Name of the company that made Jake's wife's dancing shoes is too faded to read but to find Jake's mine I need to know what it is hey I know what you can do take a picture of them with your cell phone then send it to us and we'll check them out for you but I thought you guys had to paint Bess's room boring besides we're going to have to take a break soon because we're almost out of paint probably because best has gotten more on me than she has on the wall anyway send us a picture of the shoes via cell phone as soon as you can actually I already sent you a picture of the shoes well then hey we're on it oh you guys are the greatest I know need anything else I get the definite feeling Laurie Gerard has a thing for Tina Balducci I saw him on TV once he is very cute Laurie thinks he's the world's greatest detective and you don't let's just say I'm glad he.

Doesn't work for our Police Department I think the only reason he's famous is because he looks good on camera well I think you two are being way too hard on him just because he's good-looking doesn't mean he can't also be smart in fact maybe Balducci tries to look incompetent on purpose you know to give the bad guys a false sense of security so it's easier to catch them ever think of that no bus I never did well there you go catch you later okay well George back to work

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