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Darksiders 3 - All 4 Horsemen Meeting Cutscene (Darksiders 2018) PS4 Pro

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Darksiders 3 - All 4 Horsemen Meeting Cutscene (Darksiders 2018) PS4 Pro

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Can you guess what I lust after in this broken world what is left to want power. Hmm I always thought you were the smart one pity to what do I owe this distinct pleasure after all to be visited by a. Favored Horseman I have but one purpose here must we engage in violence you.

Already have my respect I have no interest in your respect just your end come now fury I am no.

Barbarian like the others no we need not meet as enemies a second time tell it to the charmville they aren't here so instead I tell you queen of the horsemen powerful armed with the flame hollow across blade your favor I am above your distractions not.

Hmm the truth is often distracting in one man you speak as though we are natural enemies why must this be sir I know my role in the universe I wonder if you've ever stopped to question yours you are a horseman hmm but why did you.

Make that choice and if so was there some reasoning behind you don't even.

Know why but do you hmm do you fight for.

Your brothers oh of course not your antagonism towards them as well no.

Do you seek to achieve some sort of balance oh you never believed in the.

Greater good until it suited you.

No no what I see in your actions is a.

Lust all your own a lust for power and privilege and protection from the Nephilim Zinn evitable for ultimately that makes US allies doesn't it.

Stand down what are you all of you doing here are we not four horsemen United we are. Here to confirm that the missions completed the mission the other sins have been destroyed by my hand death worked to free war and clear his name more importantly we have exposed a great conspiracy a lot of conspiracy. Heaven and hell working in secret consort to bring about the apocalypse earlier than anyone would wish for the charred Council has dispatched us together to wreak havoc on both sides balance will be restored the wicked will be punished we are to unseat the rulers.

Of both sides and in honor of your unwavering loyalty to the cause the council is decreed that you will lead the horsemen you fury will usher in a new age on earth of course finally. Everything makes some sort of divine sense - mistress is this not everything. You wanted finally come to you set aside the past sister today we leave in. Service to Him I will be done what oh it was worth a.

Shot you think you know me so well is it not.

What you want most the power to lead in a manner you see fit what was an illusion could soon be reality if you set aside the wants of others and focus on yourself ultimately it is your choice to make so choose

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