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Samael and 4 Chosen Ones: Story of Demon and War the Horseman of Apocalypse (Darksiders 1)

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This video from: CJake3.
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Samael and 4 Chosen Ones: Story of Demon and War the Horseman of Apocalypse (Darksiders 1)

The story behind Samael and Four Chosen Ones. After the Apocalypse was over, Samael opposed the rule of the Destroyer. For his rebellion, he was imprisoned in the Scalding Gallow and stripped of much of his power. When the Horseman came to see him, Vulgrim told War to find Samael in order to find out how to get to the Destroyer's Tower. When War entered the center of the Scalding Gallow, he defeated the prison's guards and freed Samael who struck a deal with him: In exchange for the hearts of the Chosen, War would be given a path to the Black Throne.

Before War left, Samael gave him the Shadowflight ability. When War returned with the first heart, ripped from the first Chosen - Tiamat, Samael asked him to also bring the heart of the second Chosen - Griever, but warned that he must also deal with the Black Hammer. The Watcher accused Samael of changing the deal, but was knocked aside and the demon accused it of being "filth" and a "parasite". Samael told War to destroy the Watcher, but War only struck the Watcher hard enough to stun after temporarily transforming into his Chaos Form. Samael believed this to be a moment of weakness but acknowledged that in War he had just seen the one who would take down the Destroyer's army on his own. When War returned with the second heart, Samael rewarded him with the ability to temporarily slow down time using the Chronomancer ability, then sent War off to the Ashlands to retrieve the heart of the Stygian, the third Chosen. When War returned with the heart, the demon shortly sent War to the Iron Canopy so that he could retrieve the fourth and final heart of Silitha.

Once Samael had consumed all four Hearts of the Chosen his rightful powers were restored. He then taunted the Horseman, saying that with his restored power he could kill him with ease, but relented and explained that he would not do so on account of the code by which he does business. He also remarked that he knew a quest for revenge when he saw one, even if the Horseman would not admit it, and respected it. Samael then created a portal for War to travel through. The Watcher told War not to enter the Serpent Hole, warning him that it may lead to Hell. War ignored him and continued through the portal, which lead him to the Black Throne. When the Horseman last saw Samael before departing to the Black Throne, the demon told him, "We will meet again"...#CJakeDarksiders #Darksiders1 #DemonSamael #Samael #Demon #HorsemenofApocalypse #HorsemanWar #Darksiders. ►Watch more Darksiders videos:

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War! Are you here to play executioner? They should have sent all four of you. I have no interest in killing you, Samael. Ha! The Destroyer? He's beyond your reach. Beyond mine. Has prison made you a coward?.

Perhaps there is a way... But, you will need to get inside the Destroyer's spire..

The Tower is guarded by four of his Chosen. Bring me their Hearts. And ask me no questions... My reasons for helping you are my own. Where can I find these 'Guardians'? First, seek the Twilight Cathedral, where the Bat Queen Tiamat has gone to roost. The whole of her domain is a blistered inferno. By land, you will never reach it. Find the high ground... ...with this. And bring me her still-beating Heart!.

Has the Council reduced the Horsemen to common assassins?.

Or has Samael bought your loyalty?.

Because, if you are for sale, Rider... perhaps we can strike a deal. You won't like my terms..

Horseman... Do it! Tear out her Heart while she still lives... I want to hear her scream! I am... one of the Chosen... I can grant... your... every... wish.... Can you restore the Balance?.

No wonder Samael wants this thing, it's coursing with power! You really think he's going to let you live long enough to collect on your end?.

I trust that she suffered? Not nearly enough. Beautiful... The second Guardian - the Griever, moves in tunnels beneath this place. But first, there is an... obstacle that must be removed. Ulthane. One of the Old Ones. You didn't mention that before. Changing the deal already, Samael? Be silent, filth. My business is with the Horseman. Ulthane is no ally of the Destroyer... but you won't find the Griever without confronting the Black Hammer..

And that will require strength you don't possess... yet... What the hell do you think you're doing, Samael? Tell him Watcher. How you stifle the Horseman's true power in order to keep him on the Council's leash. War! Destroy this parasite. You so much as blink at me and the Council will end you. Both of you! I'm protected! Not in here. You're War! Rider of the Red Horse! Not some puppet on this pathetic creature's strings!.

War, I will make you suffer! Focus your anger. A great rage stirs within you, clawing to get out. You must release it. Or a puppet you'll remain....

You are reborn!.

What... was that?! The Horseman is broken, but there is still much power in him. For a moment I saw one... who would stand alone against the Destroyer's army..

Did you enjoy yourself? War and the Black Hammer 'plucking pigeons'..

You see a great many things from inside a prison, Samael. There is little you can keep from me Horseman. Who's Heart would you have, demon? The Stygian is King of the ancient worms that now plague the Ashlands..

It won't be easy. The worms grow well in such fertile ground. Fertile? Fertile with death. Decay. All the land is covered in it. The ashes of the dead. But you may be in luck. It seems that some fool demons have taken to capturing the worms for sport..

And they hunt... other creatures as well. The strongest are made to fight in cruel arenas..

The demons seek to tame the Stygian. Not knowing that within the monster, there beats a black Heart of the Chosen..

One more... Just one more... and then, War... you get your Tower. Silitha's web-infested lair is far across a great chasm in the Ashlands..

Ruin has yet to regain much of his strength, but he will make the distance. As for Silitha... just get there, and she'll find you. The Broodmother is a collector of sorts. Most who enter her realm, she feeds to her young. The ones she takes an interest in... ah, those are the unlucky ones. Those she keeps alive. And they can live a long time... long enough to tell her things. You could say she collects stories. Information. What stories will she tell me about you, Samael? Careful! Or your ending will be a tragic one! Sometimes, the hero dies in the end! But Horseman... I like stories that have a happy ending. Now bring me the final Heart..

You honor me with your presence, Horseman. There are so many stories about you..

You have killed three of the Chosen. Taken their Hearts. Disturbing... Is that why you have come? To slay the final Tower Guardian? To take my Heart? Did Samael tell you how we came to bear his tainted blood?.

Why his accursed power beats within our breast?.

It is not the Tower that the Chosen protect, Horseman. Our charge, is to prevent Samael's return at any cost. You may kill me and return to Samael with my Heart..

But in him, you will face a threat greater than all the Chosen combined..

I did not come for your counsel, spider. Or your stories. My children will dance to the music of your screams..

I was beginning to worry you might not live up to your end of the bargain..

Give it to me. You lied to me about the Chosen... They never guarded the Tower. What does it matter? Our deal wasn't for ancient history. I promised you the Tower, and you shall have it..

Did it amuse you, to deny me what's rightfully mine?.

With my powers restored, I am like unto a GOD! I could suck the marrow from your bones before you drew another breath..

I could... but I too have a code by which I do business. Besides, say what you will about Balance and your ridiculous Law..

I recognize a quest for revenge when I see one..

And revenge, I respect! As for the details of my 'resignation'....

Well... I do not approve of the company my master keeps. Why did you challenge the Destroyer, Samael? See your journey to its end, Horseman, you will understand soon enough. You... trust him?! Who knows where in the Nine Hells this portal will take us?!.

We will meet again.

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