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Iron Man Walkthrough | Escape / First Flight | Part 1 (Xbox360/PS3/PC/Wii)

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Iron Man Walkthrough | Escape / First Flight | Part 1 (Xbox360/PS3/PC/Wii)

Iron Man Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Review Let's Play Playthrough (Xbox360/PS3/PS2/PC/Nintendo DS)

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Alone in a cave surrounded by weapons that is a very poor t'k way to die oh there he goes again give it a rest Shakespeare what is the measure of a man.

Is it the fruit of his Labor's or the secrets of his heart is it the person he is or the hero.

He could become.



Come in stock can you hear me Anson we're in business the suit works yes these men were right to get that view you could have built great weapons for them we're getting out of here you go ahead and clear the way I'll keep in contact through this channel every.

Journey starts with a single step stock ready okay it's just the door there.

Should be easy to handle right sit tight.

I'll get us out of here please do let's.

Try this glorified cigarette lighter.

FinCEN this is ridiculous I should be dead but not only am i stronger than I've ever been in my life.

These guys have no business using my weapons.

I could make a hell of a shockwave if I.

Drop from here gansan what's going on.

They're coming you have to leave now no that's ridiculous I'm coming back you will die yes sir.

When we started this shoe was just flat metal now.


I don't get it why kidnap he obviously. Know how to get my weapons.

Makes me sick to see star crates in this place.

The only weapon that's leaving this is me.



You want to ruin the company is that a rhetorical question all I know is that we're not selling weapons anymore how do you deal with him I don't I just feed him clothed them and bathe em now that is the voice of reason actually sir that would be me is right you don't want to argue with Jarvis do you Tony this company makes weapons it's your family legacy was legacies change people change.

Maybe it's time for a new kind of company okay don't go.


Pepper I'm gonna be running some field test hold all my calls were you serious back there no more weapons that's right I'm retired just give me my gold watch and take away my parking pass okay stains really upset good it's his job to. Be upset gotta run huh monitoring system operational sir all systems ready all right let's see where this suit can do.

Jarvis let's start with hover hover thrusters online placing markers for mobility testing sir please enter the ground beacon when finished.

Next destination marked on your heads up display sir you will also see it on your radar got it.

Tony I think you're making a mistake a lot of people depend on their jobs here you sure you want to shut everything down hey take it easy I'm an engineer all right not their dad people can take care of themselves and I'm doing something important right now so if you don't mind you're the boss.

I want terminal-velocity Jarvis we're going to drop this suit straight down and see what happens.

Not bad let's try flight flight thrusters online placing markers for flight testing son.

Let's try routing energy to subsystems Jarvis we'll start with a repulsor jazz.

Yinsen would have bought this.

Jarvis set up some targets so I can test my repulsors targets activated Jarvis.

I'm telling you this suit is the greatest weapon I've ever designed stain can make an event with this one here over market too bad for him it's not for sale now let's try the chest repulsor Jarvis I'll divert more energy in my repulsor tack and please note that this uses more energy sound I know Jarvis.

Tony what men with guns outside one man.

Who I don't know I'm calling the police no wait don't do that you know what I think I can take care of this I'm sorry what go to the conference room stay there until you hear from me Jarvis and training program this is real affirmative wait a minute I know these.

Guys hey pepper these are mafia soldiers what it can't be Masha they're your clients I just called them yesterday to cancel their contract all right I get it you can't buy my women going to take them instead these five you guys are animals believe you know why some soldiers are here because my weapon I'm sorry so are you talking to me this situation is no good we must have billions of dollars with mandatory we're sitting ducks what do you suggest some extreme measures as usual.

So c4 charges have been placed on a nearby freight train gas tanks could cause considerable damage to the surrounding area there is limited time.

Stop gunship launch detected near Hana 3/7.

Pepper you all right in there we're okay what is going on I'll be right there.

You you.

Where have you been weekly steam shower with HR pepper urine armed men attacking this building well you're off you're making me nervous we're bringing in contractors Tony private military anybody as many soldiers as we can get no simple logic we're gonna destroy our inventory I'm sorry what did you just say listen they attacked us because they wanted the inventory stored here so it's obvious no more weapons no more attacks no absolutely not opinion noted Obie but I am Telling You do it come on pepper Tony.

What's happened to you pepper listen I never should have made it out of that cave now I know what I have to do I don't understand my life's work everything I've built countless lives ruined by my inventions I have to destroy them you can't do this alone it's too much I don't have a choice make sure we're we does what I told him you'll need convincing look uh I have to go on a business trip what trip there's nothing on your calendar just came up pat me back we

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