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GRAN TURISMO SPORT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Driving School Gold (Full Game) 4K PS4 Pro

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GRAN TURISMO SPORT Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Driving School Gold (Full Game) 4K PS4 Pro

Gran Turismo Sport Walkthrough Part 1 - GT SPORT PS4 Pro 4K Gameplay Walkthrough Let's Play Driving School to Ending. All Gold Driving School Full Game Review

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Welcome goes to part number one of Gran Turismo sport oh yes I'm hoping this game hits the same Heights as Gran Turismo to ground she's my free cuz I absolutely love those games to bits well I'm very excited if you guys want to see more on this game leave your likes below in your comments hit that little notification bell to be notified when I upload some more videos so I'm giving away one copy of the game for this video we're gonna leave a like leave a comment and also I'm giving away five ps4 consoles GT sport consoles I'll leave a link in scription below to go some full of them and enter the giveaway so I'm giving away five consoles for this game and one copy of the game that's a total of six giveaways that is crazy also this video is in 4k so if you guys happen to have a 4k TV or even if you guys have a 1080p display the 4k will look really crisp on your screens so yeah let's go begin.

Wow that was incredible if I like a solve Disney feel the music what was going on on the screen other who enjoy a little bit too much welcome to the world of Gran Turismo sports we'll give you your first car as a gift or thank you game I appreciate Oh a Honda Civic plan are set the older version I think it is it's not the new new version but as our first car and I will drive it well I'm turning it would be the best driver and it is Honda Civic the game does look here sometime 4k on. The ps4 as well it just looks remarkable does look pretty nice so this is driving school we've got beginner intermediate row begins with number watts as you tell ready that's been a demo there's my friends hang out third place I would tell you to up my car apparently where we go I'm ready I'm steady let's go now. Can expose the local park your name very competitive time on this it's the everyday 10 seconds 11 seconds commence about goals but I didn't beat my friends that sucks go that's all that counts see a little bit frightening with it mileage a little bit of XP as well you slowly progress towards level 2 on to number 2 operate the steering wheel we're going to try and do a bit of our driving school today we're gonna try and Driver it school up it's now time for a tiny little bit of steering actually used sparingly got a little messed up.

And what blows the barrier as possible there we go done just sub-12.

They're still what goals we're gonna move straight on to the next one the price learning to MIT for that experience you're almost level two so I was getting tricky now you guys ready I mean if you go for a little bit I know some of you guys absolutely love kung fu thanks so many negative comments when I use the tascam I pump Eve everyone happy oh that's so close scrape scrape the. Goals by nights time prize money distance ectopy again some of you guys might have seen this a little bit in the demo absolutely I'll actually give me more stuff in the full game angry honest before I start this video but it is virtually the same as demo so let me move on to a Twitter gt86 I swear to as.

In this game but apparently off that's cool version is like a big yeah big stop sign just up ahead. Zone right now.

Silver Dania oh that's a good time a new record yeah.

And a gold always struggle with the braking test I don't know why I'm a very technically attempts I don't know why they is I'm a widow the next one Oh.

Break-in to stop says the same one but just slightly it's more break-in but it's time 100 meters I am ready I would all our goals all of. It.

And don't stop break-in now to do damn.

It who did yes.

Finally it just it just about oh just about just about doing that braking zone as well sweet no the goalies on the cod guys you can spend your money from the brand central we're now officially level two we are level two driver we are no longer a noob we are just about above a noob there we go go go go go go fifteen seconds when do I break.

When you buy that blue comb oh I just.

Wouldn't breaking time it's like really slow I reckon I can do that though yes.

Still very close though but I'll go home okay a little bit too into this driving school I used to be addicted to it back in the day my ps2 daily workouts 24 miles.

That's that's quite long what's the next one do they use the brakes to stop a higher powered car that is a Bugatti Veyron whoo as a 2013 model I'm not quite sure about the color not a liar but okay oh.

All that bell sound me overall this is quick this is a completely different kind of fish so brain how's the phrases of a frozen ends damn.

Oh please discover it. Yes oh yes mute a fool then full amounts.

Of money my liege goods that cars quick this. Components of the gt86 is completely different that's obvious but it's felt so so different oh no oh this turn in a corner I'm am I ready for this there we go my first ever coolness Brands Hatch the big it is stick on this side there break no you going to break man there we go that was smooth that's not be a gold Charlotte oh just about smooth didn't lift to decelerate him no.

More gold in the back guys first time though I impress myself oh really.

This should be I've got to selective em if we do this one I believe we get a prize Oh beginner one completed you've received a gift car like a jumper oh let me guess the gt86 I'll come on I want to thank better no graphics man.

Amazing we have a free car our parents shared a smile stone I won't though because I'm still playing this game when it's actually embargoed so yeah I don't get any trouble but what's this ooh this looks up my street speed control in the corners Brands Hatch again as colors like an absolute beast let's do it.

Don't whine or crash oh if you got the.

Bowl break actually yeah get accelerate slow down. A little bit your goals it's a bronze Oh Scott oh. That's embarrassing what I'll cut that bit out laughing am i.

All right I just could be it it's good be it screw your ghost whoa just a little bit more in the line I fix it a little bit more power absolute power very nice cottage I play almost level.

Three also because I start doing this or not but I am on to number ten the week. Out TT slightly Mike this is my first attempts and I'm not lying one away little bit little bit let's get a little bit more celery bits up actually what again well. Goes this my first attempt I judge that to reflection I was lifting accelerating lifts in accelerating trying to keep that apex perfectly that curb apparently unplug good job does look quite me yes got prayer myself that one I'm proud got you've done a good job today I might potentially put a whole video afterwards after I've done this just we've all have have done everyone what I might do is want to do every everyone my all 50 or whether is a my putting up my video uploading zeros gonna pull my two instructions my clear goals.

I put it out a little bit Julie what the goals whoa. I place these cool ones are a little bit more flexible with time I was going I went completely off racing line there but kept the speed down I didn't worry too much and I think that's what um don't put me to goals what got me the gold prize money's for mileage doing gutes Isabella began around Willow Springs around the Willow.

I'm always getting I'm really proud of this crying I thought well I'm going off spell it though I'm low-fat don't load this embarrassing so much I've never been good here.

But go to the left break your bet bring the car.

Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba yes it's a gold the new. Records there we go in the replay looks.

So much smoother I look like an expert it's not the case it's not true not true at all that replay the real plays in this game are just amazing they add more effects and stuff I laughing as well and also the the replays are 60fps blue smooth so this one is about reducing the speed before the corner and this is one of my favorite cars I love the Mustangs a la la la la I will love them that's gonna be a hefty corner and if this Mustang must have some sweet and Mustangs already known for their cooling ability.

A little more aggressive in the acceleration or done it one millisecond oh I'll take you I'll fake it oh it's like you can run yeah it'll be a little more aggressive they're just about JustFab fully off my first car as well and I'm not lying it's not eddying magic that that's the truth promise right number 14 oh the very one is back this is the gt-r for edition reduce speed before entry in a corner again I'll see this'll be a lot quicker oh my god this cars quick we're gonna go pick it or people breaking point pretzel Cimber couple Somali I don't know obviously completely oh this is not gonna be a gold early liberals.

Oh Scott oh she's a bit better.

Well off a bit better in a silver oh man the maps honey can make up on one corner I just can't seem to know this corner for the life of me believe that one changes car so tricky I'm break the light as possible I've been the car around we really want to so much works better that way kind of break the day possible whoa actually got quite close okay I was really messy all.

This could be here it could be here that felt pretty good yes actually smashed it see whether she wente nail it you nail it no I mean that felt beautiful and a concentration we've done a lot of miles actually as well with it monitors I got four years yeah lot miles I think. Let's go do this right again they got weird you got trying pick my breaking point and personally I see the breaks but we got.

It for now we're gonna get bronze yay oh great.

Fantastic that's again I prayed a little bit. But what the come around write it up.

Bruh do that what.

Here's my ghost that is that the gold yeah sweet oh there's perfect we're at the corner out where'd it as much power as possible as much sweet as possible and destroyed.

One more to go before the prayers I mean it's one more to go not quite over yet so we got well sure that's fine I guess the final 24 is the beginner driving school but if we gon set intermediate and there is still what I can tell five more prizes and it's the f-type GTR for.

Addition yeah Jack I do like my Jags of.

Course around a Brands Hatch being a Jag and stuff it's gotta be it's gotta be come on Jack we do. Well enough good luck Oh silver what about my first. Go to show a little bit more do it let's break in fun nail it absolutely we do pop it in very quickly all ice.

Cream I like it those curves is catch me up oh yeah behind the ghosts.

It'll break.

When I feel froak there well we've done it yeah it's time for a price guys it's time for a prize I love stuff about just trying to perfect each corner you learn so much to everyone as well you can you can push it every time and a little bit more especially that one okay I see more time in there 100% and what luck of a still so you got friends rankings now obviously I think it's online I came back to my friend being at time I mean just be an obsessive it but absolutely obsessed right selects the next events I would like my prize please yes begin up soon. Completed we get is it does like a random selection or is it actually a Capri selective all and Aston Martin.

Vantage fv8 what a monster thank you.

Very much I will not share those game wife has completed 25% of driving school he imagines gonna get a lot harder a lot harder I'm excited I'm very excited that next one who a fin up might be my one of the UM is it the GT fishing cars for the future I would you know those exit are we gonna spend some of our milestone points which we have 310 at the moment ooh level 2 Inc okay cool so you so I guess knowledge of the tracks cool cool cool thank you distance difference we do have an achievement so we done a semi driving so now claim my prize so I've given 12 miles I can now collect my mileage and my experience there's also a little separate goals here Wow when our level six flute that's enough settle our prize money you let the play time as well hundred hours for level three woof someone locked some driving gear the livre editor and arcade track so that's the blue moon Speedway and also got a reward for Brent ouch so that's now unlocked under the arcade section as well so you got 510 mileage so goodbye a special color I'm gonna wait for it I've been that away for a bit yeah our other bike actually explodes wheels either rims BBS done 50 mileage has gone so.

Guys so watch if you guys wanna see setting a particular for the next episode or more driving school we can do mission challenges circuit experience we could have some on lion or even some RK is up to you yeah make ice watching and bye bye

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