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Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games [14] Wii Longplay

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This video from: Mutch Games.
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Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games [14] Wii Longplay

Ice Age: Continental Drift – Arctic Games is a 2012 party game based on the film of the same name. You play through a series of minigames and can chose to be either team herd or pirate. For this longplay, I chose team herd.

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Much games.


Ah boys this is the like a nice cool.

Breeze and a wide open field as I lead my herd home did you say you're leading the herd that's what he said okay not exactly leading more like adding from behind Manny's legs in case any pirates decide to show up I don't see any pirates said but you're right about one thing life doesn't get any better than this agreed and a lovely pirate free day like this there's nothing that can bring me down.

Someone should go help him yeah someone should treasure did he say treasure I'm.

Coming for you soon and I'm coming for the treasure and for you too buddy I did it I did it I discovered a sunken buried treasure well I'll actually an acorn full of fruit sitting on top of the snow but same thing hey I didn't order a giant.

Snowball or did I oh hey treasure it's.

My lucky day you mean my lucky day I crashed into it first no stealing pirates well well what have we here. A bountiful treasure' ripe for the picking not your picking our picking go through your picking somewhere else okay don't rush me I don't move too fast maybe you just need a little incentive.

Get me all just get along sure mate right after we settle on who gets the mighty catch of the day I suggest a round of arctic game artic games all right what's that and why am I so excited about it it's an old pirate competition whoever wins gets the treasure I think you Pirates might have the advantage in an old pirate competition about something that's fair hmm yes mammoth I see your.

Point but do you see mine ah let the games. That said got us roped in to begin.

Duck to speed up smash your teams ice walls to gain points and boost your speed be careful to avoid the opposing teams ice walls as hitting them will cancel your speed boost the player with the highest score will win the event.

Dad school walls will get you every time.

It's Mary.

That's right it.

Smooth as ice literally.

I was just getting warmed up in the.

Battle of monkey versus mammoth mammoth one monkey I am an ape I'll say an ape.

Who should get prepared to lose you don't tell me what to do now start smashing you don't tell me what to do but I was about to start smashing anyway.

Run and jump to reach the finish line as fast as you can be careful keep your distance from the coconut swings jump on the geysers and avoid falling in the water the fastest time wins the event let's pull together.

For this next event nobody here wants to lose to a stinking pirate who are you calling stinking stinking pirate is just an expression hmm get a little closer and I'll arrange a Chang for you all right no thanks I'll keep my distance let's go having the reflexes of a cat.

All right Oh.

Oh Oh.


I always.

Loser isn't human nature.

That last race tire you out need a catnap kitty call me kitty again and you'll be down to eight lives now I am NOT tired I don't know your eyes look pretty sleepy there my eyes are sensitive to campfire smoke all those fumes I'll race you again if you're not too worn up ah no way wipe those campfire eyes and let's hop to it.

Aim and shoot as many targets as you can before the time runs out Green targets are worth the fewest points and red targets are worth the most the player with the highest score will win the event you and your scurvy crew better be ready for the next event don't you worry my scurvy crew is born ready ha you think your own crew is scurvy no I'd think that you're cleverly trying to psych me out and it's not gonna work anymore oh oh so you admit it was working la la la can't hear you getting ready for the next event la la la la la.

Give me twice making it go one way.

Come on baby girl show resistance.

I've got hurt spear how bad do yes this.

Girl's got game quit bragging pages or I'll have to clobber you you'd really clobber me for bragging I'm a pirate it's my duty and it's my duty to brag my herd rocks.

Pump your arms to gain as much speed as it can going down the ramp near the end of the ramp duck and jump while you're in the air follow the instructions to copy the poses and get points the player with the highest score will win the events hmm I'm gonna go kick back before. Our next win you weren't win and you weren't like how captain got deals with losses we're not losers who lose and are therefore not losers you give me a headache I'm a teenager.

Oh yeah ah ah.

Oh yeah hey cheese oops.

Yep there hey that's it.

Geez oh now that's it my best side.

Did you see me when I was incredible. Unbelievable anything else about stop rubbing it in my face or I'll gut you into that's okay don't worry that was just double my chances to beat you next time reasoning with a sloth I should get myself.

Slide down the giant ski track and reach the finish line as quickly as you can make sure you pass between the slalom poles or you'll receive a time penalty the fastest time where's the event.

Now I know I don't like sloths because you never met anyone as talented and friendly as me no you're annoying and I'm gonna tank out with your torso oh goody I've always wanted to learn to tango yo somebody prepare the plank for this guy and hurry no no no no take your time.

Get the lead out Frannie and. You're young hang as fast as you feel.

Give it all you got clarity.

Hey give it all you got granny. What you wanted it up what.

You're doing great granny but do it faster Oh get the letter granny get the let out granny.

Oh give it all you got ready.

Hey you're doing a great granny I do it.


Get the let out. Hey Monica we bit faster tonight hey.

You're doing great granny but do it faster to speed up doing great.

Oh II I didn't like that race trees were.

Coming at me and Oh stupid class kept getting in my way you lost because Gupta beat you what the heck is a Gupta I want to race me Gupta.

I'll beat you like I did that last stupid badger that was me I beat you.

The giant iceberg is leaking so you need to plug and repair as many weeks as possible select one week at a time and hold on to them to slow down the water the player who lasts the longest will win the event I guess that's it anybody needs me I'll. Be over there feed my pet precious you go do that lady precious precious precious Mama's.

Got treats if I wouldn't love it I would run away you're far far away.




Each player gets five turtles and we'll take turns sliding them down the ice rink your score is based on where the turtles land the closest ascent to the bullseye the higher your score will be and the play with the highest score wins.

Sliding turtle how it's done.

You're on my crew for a reason.

In fact the old Evo.

Push em and go Sonia granny how is huh.

Aim first throw seconds.

Slide that over the front announcement.

Bloody it's up to you to get us the win.

I want points with.

Everyone hahaha my turtle score was.

Higher than yours I won I won I won go me no me no you didn't oh wait a minute.

Yes I did I have that winning feeling I tingle all over maybe you're coming down with something maybe you're a sore loser maybe I'm gonna flamenco on your forehead ooh can I invite my friends to watch but I've got to come up with some terms that sound more threatening yeah.

Pump the plant cannon as fast as you can to build a power and launch Scrat high into the air what's he's gliding control Scrat and try to land on the trampoline targets to get points smaller targets are worth more points you can flap your arms for a small boost of air or you can Crouch to go down quicker the player with the highest score will win the event since we're done with the turtles I'm gonna take one home as a pet I think I'll name him squint hey that's my name I thought it sounded familiar well you won't share the treasure so the least you can do is share your name with my new pet the least I can do is let you live and I want to live donor Sheldon.

Get ready furry little friend.

Mom brag about that to your friends.

Whoa did you see that my scroll went sky-high oh not fair you're full of more hot air than me that's because I'm on my tear Mamet hey maybe the captain will command me to steal your air awesome plan if you didn't tell me dang remind me to stop talking about my evil pirate plans out loud sure thing.

You're at the top of an ice cave and need to reach the bottom move around to find a weak spots in the floor and smash it to go through be careful because the icy floor is very slippery the player who reaches the bottom floor the fastest wins the event wow that game was more.

Fun than being a pirate and I still get to be a pirate well I wouldn't know but it was a blast let's prepare for the next event yes siree go get some shut-eye and support our crew tomorrow hello you're on the other team remember we're competitors competitors oh that doesn't sound very friendly at all.

Like we doing there with ice.

You're the best I smash behind.

Magic even for me.

Rival of the fittest feels good to be so fit I felt good to break stuff and even better to win there's something I'd like to break oh don't be upset just because you lost I'm upset because I lost to you I thought if I give you another chance to lose you're really pushing it's a. Blur admit it you love a good challenge.

Duck to speed-up avoid the snow bumps if you hit them you'll slow down try to pass over the speed arrows to help you go faster the fastest time wins the event well I exerted enough energy for one day.

Yep feels good to stretch out those muscles bet you're not used to going up against such tough competition tough well someone's got a high opinion of himself oh it's not my opinion it's my reputation this is my.

Yeah baby.

Yeah baby.

What is your personal best.

This mama mammoth means business. Oh yeah we did it blew those pirates out.

Of the water the treasure belongs to us ye olde where'd lubbers I know we'd win dad evil. Never triumphs over good unless evil is very very good come on Captain.

You have a chance to get the treasure and destroy them another day until we meet again mammoths and I destroy you once and for all.

So that's it you're sailing off into the wild blue yonder she sure is got more treasures to find and places to pillage well you will be missed by someone else scare me in we're pretty good pirates outside oh we're not out to frighten anyone if.

You hand over everything you got we'll be on our merry way right scaring heads is just a byproduct. Well this wasn't the worst day of my life no not the worst day of my life either cats why can't you two just speak.

Plainly sabers never give away what we're thinking just like I'll never tell Sid how he didn't totally mess up today you didn't hear that yes I did yes I did see Maggie she you thought I messed up by roping you into that pirate competition and Diggle said I didn't okay yes I'll admit that the competition was more fun than I thought it would be yeah hear that everybody I got bragging rights go SID go SID you the man you the man go me go you go me go you wait I.

Wasn't done go sit go sit okay I'm done

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