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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 STORY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Chapter 1 & 2 (Full Game) MK11

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MORTAL KOMBAT 11 STORY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Chapter 1 & 2 (Full Game) MK11

Mortal Kombat 11 Walkthrough Part 1 - Mortal Kombat 11 Story Campaign Gameplay Part 1 Chapter 1 & 2

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Hello guys and welcome to Mortal Kombat 11 yes we have a new multiple combat I'm so excited I've not played more combat for like four years to be completely honest so I might be a bit rusty but I'm so excited for the new game we're gonna play the story mode first if you guys want to see a part 2 let me know leave your likes and comments below but let's jump in to part 1 I don't even know how to so much even gonna work do I select a character is it a set character I do not know I guess we're gonna find out story medium. And subtitles I love how it always changes to seize the case continue Mortal Kombat so I got no idea what's gonna have room also a big fingers to one of rubber games for giving me an early coat so I can show you guys the game early.

Thank me freedom that's all changed you.

For that data.

Please silence it up.

But you wear my amulet finally you.

Embrace the truth the elder gods deny the truth I was cast out for speaking the truth I embraced shinnok is that mercy is wasted on those who defile birth realm I will destroy our enemies before they destroy us starting with you.

Not even you can kill an elder God there.

Are fates worse than death.

I will deliver you two okay and your.

NetherRealm minions you'll service warning and an emblem of my work.

This is not your destination aku once. Again Thunder guard has upset the balance of history no this the arc of.

The universe bends to my will.

It is only a matter of time.

As you were for 25 years the Special.

Forces heaven earth realms sword and shield we've pushed back shao kahn defeated shinnok yet none of our victories have come without cost recently commander Jackson Briggs was honorably discharged his wounds both physical and psychological left him no longer fit to serve we honor Jackie's father and we honor his sacrifice by doing what he would do tirelessly defend earth realm sergeant. Cage step forward your leadership and.

War fighting ability have earned you promotion to commander but there are no family favours here by Special Forces tradition you still have to pass one last test I need to kick the CEOs ass ma'am your ass man alright then sergeant let's see if you can take me it's time. For a little family fight what could possibly go wrong Oh the background is a mighty.

Fine-looking tank Oh Sonya please I'm get doped up please.

Stop I wanna be promoted to Monza we're.

After the commercial until you're so focused Jimmy seen you I can grab here.

Or move oh my god I just killed my mum.

Spikes that was a pretty Bono so collapse just one more here and she's um she's not blocking like every attack commander came reporting for duty whoo she's now commander.

Congratulations commander.

Come on dad you really have to go well. You've got your duty commander and I got mine starring in yet another ninja mime sequel isn't what I'd call duty I need to provide for you and the man into which you've become accustomed geez guys I'm right here.

General blade Cassandra Kate what is it Raiden the nether realm we should open a.

Dialogue maybe there's an explanation Liu Kang and katana were friends once they are irreparably polluted by shinnok's evil they are no longer the champions we once knew we must strike them preemptively it's about time we brought the fight to them what's the target buried deep beneath Luke came in. Katanas Castle is the Cathedral of shinnok the seat of their power destroy it and their undead army will fall removing its threat to earth realm aren't your powers weaker in the nether realm yes but I will have sufficient strength to occupy the undead army that'll buy us enough time to infiltrate the Cathedral destroy it from the inside we get pinned down in there there's no way out to ensure Earthrealm survival we must all be willing to sacrifice you know it's been two years too much of your grim and gritty makeover droning on about sacrifice you don't have a family to lose I know lost Johnny Cage Braden's right Johnny we're not ready for another war we've got to take out in other realms army now before Luke n can bring it here.

We're in position hell Braden's planned one hell of a diversion withdrawal is.

The earthworm's protector.

Shit raided get this far elimination.

That burn victims cabal wasn't he knose goon back in the day don't let the scars fool you he's fast take out him and Jade I'll go downstairs and set the c4 Roger that.

Mooo charges on every ball up.

You're a dead ringer for your mother I'll kick your ass on her behalf cabal what did the mission exhale works I mean the never realm already they're gonna be.

A little bit rusty for playing this game.

How things there we go.

The fatal blow available.

He seems like slow down in this round I won't complain you lose as fast as you wrote some glosses Jackie where's Jade she bailed getting help I'm sure general how we doing need 10 minutes the support columns are further apart than expected you need help 10 more minutes we needed to be taillights and 5 while we're in the shit.

Now we have extra c4 yeah yeah why let's buy ourselves time.

Ever of Empress Earth brothers have captured the bone temple operated he's better version lock and load.

Kitana empress of the Dead I've not forgotten our last encounter at the sky temple how are your scars healing how are those stars so if you're looking for some more moves walk walk walk walk walk killer I love my dreams not gonna miss.

About are you there we're not looking to.

Improve my block in wish I had like a proper boy instinct I'm struggling.

Suppress the plants a lot press close to.

Get the ground.

Yes actually yes between that we're.

Ready yes there we go good up doing that.

Routine plus you may miss some of these.

Videos because you treat us like this yeah it hates it it's just too too mature to bloody.

She's trapped Cassandra cage how the.

Chosen one has fallen Raiden's right whatever she not did to you you're a lost cause Forks I agree he's useless my tax you fool.

Keep that come over here and look at this pot it's very nice hahahaha I would never get bored of that a fatal blow available I got guns available.

Wow where did that go.

Move mountains walk up Cisco pretty.

Close for a second for a second just.

Come out why sure you won't come here.

Just saw that at the pool man I love that guy nothing my hardest one yet.

Should do the eternities screwing them.

Up how do we get that rubble they're.

Gone gasps and I'm not gonna make it.

That's an order your duty mines to finish the mission.

I love you Cass.

Give her dad a kiss for me.

She started the detonation sequence. There is no override our orders are to.


Your mother died a Warrior's death may we all be so fortunate you did not just say that thank god you're back.

How did the mission go.

Helped the cathedrals power we stand alone we are vulnerable.

Who are you one of Raiden's Elder Gods here to taunt us no katana I have much more behold.

I'm Kronecker keeper of time.

The sands of time guide the destiny of the realms and every soul therein I've carefully crafted them to keep the realms in balance but my works perfection has been irreversibly tainted by Raymond's actions two of you have felt that pain most acutely what can be done the past is the past is it not it need not be I intend to whine time back to its beginning and restart history but even. With my vast power I cannot create this new era alone power this new era be.

Different in many ways but most importantly there will be no Raiden.

Oh do we begin.

For years you escaped my justice sucked dry the bounty of outworlds people today your debt is aged kill me copepod and.

You lose profit you mistake me for Schalke. I do not inflict bandits upon the poor so kind approved his word was law your.

Master is dead soul is his war never again will our. World suffer from his corruption.

By the Elder Gods.

Rayden shall calm general Colton goes.

Out god ah pathetic you pretend to my.

Throne it is mine by right and deed you. Were killed long ago as was you're repugnant spawn milena we were at the Mortal Kombat tournament Kung Lao had just defeated Shang Tsung and Quan Chi we are decades beyond those events for us they happened only moments ago what game are you playing great what magic powers this delusion if it is a delusion it is one we all share is it possible that the past and future are colliding Kitana Baraka Scarlet all-out world champions long since gone if you have all returned as I am here cutter jade ashtec custom requires all refugees.

Be offered assistance I offer it to you shall god I am no refugee I am gone.

Vacate my Chrome or else soak these sands.

Lord Rayden what do we do I have not met Codel but he is reputed to be a man of honor it's true I know him well then we must navigate this crisis by eating him.

Destroying your future crossing Shao Kahn it is you with no future Baraka your taka sons are dead impossible very allied with Molina against me persist and you will die again man is so much to. Take him out now so where have we gone to what Mortal Kombat have we teleported back to the time is merging between two different timelines this is too much to take on my mouth this is crazy whoo okay let's try and win this this is. Oh man yes sir if anyone knows what Mortal Kombat we've gone back to please let me know it must be an early ones surely it must be so early on so many events have just disappeared basically and there were live it's absolutely been.

A downpour I don't wait.

That is a blade and a half on that point.

Grabbing them out let me go quick do the.


Gotta help me Oh sillies yep that just.


Slicing him like to slice a little bit of chicken.

The orphan turned assassin better to throw I even sure can squirt them starve and estranged you austech me practice blood magic hotel but master o scholars.

O scholarship I see you to block any of.

Her attacks.

Can I use this.

We'll be your downfall.

Colonel I thought you were dead.

What happened to you Hong Kong betrayed me ambushed my leader I was kept alive for Shang Tsung's experiments only when he died was i freed seeing you again makes.

It worth living this nightmare I will not lose you twice go help the earth.

Realm us I will deal with this your future self is a lie not enemy Aeryn black to hell with the future I live in the moment given who you become I would not have thought you so reckless you become very unresolved and I like you cannot praise the Sun.

Twice apparently this routine scenes in my hands I love that the phone uses a fatal blow.

Available done Hakan we are friends in.

The future God do not see Sun is not.

Your friend I was a bright boy I miss a little.

Slower pace just step for my Is an attack.

Oh no he's gonna at my face and then.

Shop moguls boy miss Andy use himself oh.

My gosh wow that was close.

I'll have my way Outworld rejected your. Pointless Wars Empire's must expand or die.

Your conquest serves you alone not outworlds peep and so we fight freaking.

Hammer I can see your cheekbones.

Why are you celebrating when to celebrate final blow.

Let's meet up.

A messy mess.

Sit down you are gone no more.

I have not known stranger days Kotal. Kahn I am Raiden the protector of earth realm I know you we are acquainted in your era we were allies who became enemies I am surprised given our shared antipathy toward shall calm everything changed after your defeat of shinobi NOx defeated our realms joined to fight him but in victory you were heartened to protect earth realm you lashed out at all realms you deemed threats that cannot be my Raiden where shinnok's amulet as a symbol of his fury be assured Caloocan I am NOT that Raiden we have common cause both in solving this temporal crisis and in defeating Shao Kahn aggrieved liu kang kung lao and i will return to earth row and learn what temporal anomalies have occurred there we must better understand the phenomenon we are experiencing I will have my scouts trucks shall come so this is goodbye only goodbye for now I can't.

Leave what shall come threatens out world I must seek justice for what he did to my family and to all edenia I will come back for you to aid you princess.

You evade my questions devorah I routed your people burn this high yet you aid me we can't trust her XFC go dark indeed.

And she betrayed him to see knock to talk on how is it I'm dead and he sits on my throne you tagged merging air thrown into art world the elder gods intervened and Raiden killed you that's when Molina became calm after this one killed your daughter don't claim the throne.

Devorah is under my protection shall cone those are you i wanna go the legends are.

True i am displeased with how history has unfolded so you broke time i stopped.

Time I enlist all those who disdain the current course of his stranger II by merging past and present we may draw upon allies from both erasers I will fight in your bands benefit me I offer a greater Empire in a new era shall Cara Raiden will not exist to thwart you you can wipe Raiden from history it is an immense task requiring great power and averted my hourglass requires protection while I will your out world armies defendant they shall.

I swear to god I'm losing it.

Can't someone anyone explain to me what the hell is going on right I've been in the future for a whole hour and I haven't seen one jet pack not one so it.

Is true I walked a darker path after.

Shinnok went down you became a different person red lightning black clothes authoritarian attitude adjustment yeah about that what happened to dark you hmm how come you're an only child and I got an evil twin as an immortal I exist.

Outside the normal laws of time that could explain why I am affected differently Thanks weird isn't it not being in charge that's what's weird that in having daughters our age look at her how do I have a kid with him hmm at least she's.

Not an actress come on please think about it we should get points off the gross coming this summer Johnny Cage and Johnny huge any thoughts on what we do.

Next for months I've been receiving vague premonitions of the future but none of them foretold this I must confer with the Elder Gods liu kang kung lao please assist the special forces while I am gone yes Lord Raiden follow me commander yes mom I mean general I mean. This is strange for me too you have no idea what this morning we were on a mission and.

You gave your life to save it.

Son of a bitch seriously yeah and now.

Here you are yeah I'm gonna have to be my sister cast you need to see this. Sappy show another roam incursion of the wushi Academy nether wrath taking out shinnok's temple was supposed to stop them it's got to be the time anomaly we must help a Shaolin masters why would the nether realm want to bust up your alma mater Liu Kang the Dragon brought up it's underneath the Academy both realms jinsei energy bubbles up in its springs that's no good we've seen first hand what happens when the nether realm screws with Earth realms life force they will not reach the grotto it is protected by powerful magic the deadliest traps I am sure our counterparts from your era are already dealing with them Kung Lao Liu Kang you.

Might want to sit down yeah we might have some news for you anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this episode give me a like if you guys want to see a part two of the story really enjoying it so far more than I thought we now have a new villain who can control time and is mental anyway hope you guys enjoyed it see you guys soon and bye bye

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