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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 1

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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 1

NOTE: If you want to fully beat this game quickly or don't feel like playing it so much, it is recommended to play in Normal difficulty first because many achievements depend on it to get them (you can also get a good feel of the game as well). Then play in the Grimm and Charming difficulties. If you do it that way, you will only have to play the whole story mode three times to fully unlock everything. The Grimm and Charming difficulties MUST be bought from the Gift Shop first.

Yeah, it has been a while since I uploaded. My computer still has problems but I can't get it fixed right now. It still works decently with some problems.

I started recording again because I was tired of lag preventing my recordings from looking good, so I decided to record anyway after scanning and optimizing my computer with some programs.

I apologize if there is any lag in the video. I checked it though, and it seems to be fine.

In this game, I will make a 100% walkthrough fully completing each level (on Normal difficulty), and I will be showing where every collectible (including quest collectibles such as crowns, trophies, etc.) is in the level (including coloring book pages) and how to complete every quest.

Introduction / Level 1: The Royal Tutorial

Difficulty: Normal

Characters: Shrek

Donkey and Shrek go to see a performance in the theatre at main castle in the town of Far Far Away. This performance tells of the tale of Shrek The Third (the movie).

The king is about to die. He wants Shrek to be the next in line for the throne of the King. However, Shrek does not like this idea, so he asks the King if anybody else can take the throne. The dying king thinks and says that there is another person. And, that person is... Princess Fiona's long lost cousin Arthur. Shrek embarks on a journey to look for him.

Before that happens, there is a problem. Shrek hates wearing his new clothes and rebels against following any of the royal attendants' instructions. They start to fight.

In this level, you learn the basic controls of the game and about quests and collectibles.

-There are no coloring book pages in this level.

List of how to complete Quests in the level:

Quest #1 - Complete the level without dying.*

Quest #2 - Find all of the souvenir mugs.**

Quest #3 - Complete 3 finishing moves.***

*Don't let your player die from falling off a platform or into a pit or from getting beaten up. It's as simple as that. If you are not careful, your fairy dust will be lost from taking too many beatings. You can regain it, but you can lose it again. Also, when your player's health is low, the screen will flash a pink color on the screen borders. When the health is VERY low, the screen borders will flash orange. One more hit, and your player is done for. In certain areas, falling off any pits in them will not affect the Perfect bonus.

**These collectibles work like other collectibles in the game. Find all of them in the level to complete the quest for a quest bonus.

***Finishers (or finishing moves) are special moves that stylishly finish an opponent off. They can be activated when an enemy has a flashing button symbol on top of his or her head. Just press the same button.

--This is a good movie-based game, and people don't see a lot of those often. =)

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