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Let's Play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within part 1

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Let's Play Prince of Persia: Warrior Within part 1

Having retconned most of the first game out of existence, the Prince decides to make the paradox even worse by eliminating the Sands of Time themselves from history. Unfortunately, a woman stands in his way.

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Everyone it's your old pal Neto king bringing you the Prince of Persia trilogy 3d except not in 3d because I'm too cheap to get the effects and equipment and so on a Seth already did an LP of the sands of time which is the first game in the trilogy and Cooley did the two Thrones so I'm going to pick up the one in the middle this is Prince of Persia warrior within and I can understand why nobody wanted to LP this one it's got its flaws it's got very big. Flaws we'll go over that when I get there it's going to take a lot of loading screens to get there first so I think this game has the best fighting in the entire Prince of Persia series any game that's had the Prince of Persia name on it this is the best fighting out of all of them and it does have some pretty snazzy-looking loading screens I have to say I'm going to cut most of those out but you gotta seem at least once of course I've already set up all the options here except for the difficulty normally I would play a game like this and hard but I'm going to pick normal for this playthrough mainly because I'm taking a handicap about halfway through the story I'll tell you more about that when I get there plus the fights and hard difficult it would just be longer and more boring so for now enjoy the opening cutscene.

In the mid-south bring us close to the.


Kill alright now we get to the in engine.

Portion of the cutscene and we're.

Fighting this game throws you right into combat if you don't know how to block you're in trouble the game will tell you how to use your weapons but you just have to know to hold r1 at least in the playstation 2 version of the game to block another. Thing you might notice I can pick up weapons at the enemies drop don't do stuff like throw them at them or cut them in half.

I'm going to try to vary the moves that I use as much as I can just for a bit of variety put some more interesting combos with the multiple weapons available of.

Course you can just grab an enemy and strangle them to death but it takes forever only ever use that if there's just 100 like the meat shield move T.

Then I'm getting kind of surrounded here so let's just cut away from the fighting why don't we whenever that happens it's probably a good idea to hold block just because the enemies are going to attack you in the meantime.

Now it was a pretty slick move the good.

News is that all the fighting moves from the first game other than the dagger of time are still here so you can still do things like counter vault over enemies and stab them in the back no and here's.

An important one we're standing in seawater so let's have a drink full. Health recovery from drinking salt water I have no idea how that works and I want.

To show some more new techniques here use a column to do all sorts of neat moves and the prince also has a lot more.

Kicks in this game than he did in the first one.

Don't even have to fight that guy.

Don't worry the acrobatic moves from the first game are still here eventually just right now more fighting and some.

Allies that are completely ineffectual against the boss the problem with the.

Counters in this game is that the timing is a little different from what it was in the first game is that the best you.

Have to offer and see if I can strangle this guy to death before the enemies show up because I really do like the finishing move the results do not pull it off now I'm just got to fight all these guys at once they're really easy at this point and I'm gonna grab a secondary weapon because it's boss time.

We'll never reach our shores you better hope I don't this is shoddy I.

Don't believe her name is ever given in the actual game you have to read the manual to find out what she's called but she looks a lot more intimidating than she is those two swords aside from her.

Doing that if you try to attack her before she's finished her combo he just block until she does her final move or she holds the two blades up like that and then she does one more sweep which you can either counter or block it and then counter-attack.

Trying to pull off some combos but they're not working for some reason and vaulting over her is a great way to do some damage but don't do it too often or she'll start to block it tried to do a.

Kick and she just dodged that scar I.

Think for most people really marks the downfall of the series it's a scar not on the face of the prints but on the face of the Prince of Persia series but that may be a bit more deep and philosophical than this battle deserves the other thing is if she's not actually doing a combo you probably want to keep your distance because she has an unblockable sweep attack which I've seen her use at least once and figured I'd throw away my throw my secondary weapon because it was about to break he can block her just as easily with one sword and when you get to here just mash the sword button repeatedly and you get the jump on her briefly pretty useless move.

And I think she's almost finished now you don't actually have to wear her health bar down to nothing one more should do it.

Whenever you're ready.

The island of time a place where the.

Sands were created the place from which the Mahara just stole the hourglass and what if I could reach this island they say the Maharaja found portals there where one could ask backwards through time back through time to the birthplace. Of the sands something terrible happened. When our army traveled to the maharaja's palace you found the sands of time worse I.

Opened them whosoever shall open the.

Sands must die I was forced to kill those I fought beside those I had loved but now an unstoppable beast chases you.

For the first time in my life I'm afraid. And you will die I use the sands. Themselves to reverse time making it as if the hourglass was never opened the Beast the dehaka is the guardian of the timeline you were supposed to die so it.

Will catch you and see to it that you meet your fate it is better to try than to wait here for death madness even if you manage to reach the island you'll still have to face the Empress of time I will travel back in time and prevent the sands from ever being made if there are no sands the Dahaka will have no quarrel with me go then my. Prince but know this your journey will not end well you cannot change your fate.

No back those words may be prophetic in more than one sense but I'll leave that for later so to recap we go to the castle time on the island of time to stop the Empress of time from stealing the sands of time in the hourglass of time so that when we unlock it with a dagger actually I don't have time to explain it all God.

If you remember the line from the two Thrones where the Prince said he never has a proper sword this is what he was referring to I got a fight with a stick and it's a pain Prince isn't happy.

Either fortunately all I have to do is kill those birds and rather than drinking from the ocean again I think I'm going to come over to this natural spring much better.

All are lost I find one who did this and.

She will pay more birds you don't really.

Have to fight the birds as long as you keep getting ahead of them but there we. Go new artwork find those chests throughout the game I'm not going to attempt to get all of them but I'll get as many as I can all they do is give you either pictures or videos you can watch from the extras menu and here's some stuff that looks a lot more like sands of time climbing and jumping on walls jumping over gaps and the save fountains in this.

Game they double up full healing and saving your game so you always save with full health it's actually really convenient takes a little while but naturally I'll cut those screens out climbing hand over hand on ledges nothing we haven't seen before if you've played sands of time.

And of course climbing on ledges with flying creatures attacking you just as.

Annoying as ever was so I'm gonna get on.

The wider platform before dealing with this one making sure I don't swing my sword right off the edge and then the. Wall runs which I think are the element that really sets sands of time apart from other games like Tomb Raider that were popular at the time that and the time manipulation abilities with a big selling points and then for gaps that.

Are too wide to jump like this one we. Have the horizontal wall run to give us a try here well are you coming alright screw you bird here we go and of course.

What Prince of Persia game would be complete without hole climbing the good news is you don't actually have to turn your weight from which way you want to jump you just press a direction to jump and off you go helps you move around a bit faster and now we get to fight actual enemies with a stick the good news is I can block.

Your weapons but this is really weak I'm not even strong enough to steal these guys weapons from them yet although I'm trying about the only saving grace you.

Have here is you can get a secondary weapon slobbered trying to use it.

Alright moving on next up is more wall.

Running long as it's not fighting them fine and of course always being vigilant.

For secret passages areas where they might put chests and of course I could run across here but that's water down there and I've taken a lot of damage never miss an opportunity to heal trust me on this and of course I have to show you you can't wall run out of water it.

Was a nice little touch in the first game and I'm glad they brought it back for this one although I don't think it affects you in many places Hey look it's more fighting I seriously.

Believe that Ubisoft decided that they'd created this great fighting engine to go along with all the mechanics from the first game and they had to get as much use out of it as possible and I honestly don't know what happened there you can do a lot of neat combat moves off walls you still have the ones from the first game we can just jump over enemy launched from the wall and stabbed them to death there's some better ones which I'm hoping to show off a little later we also do charged attacks you the secondary weapons but for some reason it didn't work right there you go ahead and pick up one of their discarded weapons they're all the same of course there are. A bunch of different secondary weapons that have different properties to me it's all just means of doing combos and we've got a map it's not a very useful. Map but at least it does tell us we need to reach the fortress entrance and we're at the fortress entrance and sometimes.

They switch the camera angle in mid motion I always hate that so we've got a sealed door over there so I guess we got to go this way.

Come on I know you're out there. Show yourself where I come from we face.

Our opponents and if our enemy is unarmed we offer them a sword.

And with that we get a real sword again I think it's pretty much the same sort they had on the ship you get a three-hit combo with it but it's not a stick and that's the important no you just have to learn how to fight while surrounded by enemies it's a lot of making sure you're. Not surrounded by enemies there we go.

Three in one hit and now it looks like shadi has opened that sealed door so I'll have to chase after her but first check out the stairs to the fortress they crumbled long ago there is no way of getting up there and I don't believe there are any hidden secrets down these ledges but the old drop-down button doesn't work as conveniently as before so we're following shadi to see where she goes and of course not skipping the save fountain on the way.

So it's not just the stairs pretty much every hallway in this place has fallen apart you've got these pots every once.

In a while that sometimes give you extra Sands not that I have any use for it and weapon racks reeking in extra weapons you always have used for those and now. We've got a lot of birds but fortunately we're not going to be fighting Birds anymore meet the crow knight kind of a mini-boss.

Kind of really really easy to jump over.

Them stab them in the back repeat this. Is all you do and occasionally I guess you got to hit him in the front I'm. Tired of it too already because it's just the same pattern over and over am disease the only effective way to fight him and then he gets scared and runs away now of course you can just skip him not fight him at all but what kind of let's play with this B if I didn't do that much so dead ends in pretty much every.

Sensible direction so the only way to go is up and this is actually kind of a tricky jump if it's your first time if you don't launch yourself from the wall you're going to fall down fortunately you don't take any damage and watch the Ivy on the wall here that tells you when to jump to get to the pole and vs. kronite round 2 this is a.

Bit trickier because he's near a wall and you don't want to launch from the wall and fall off the edge of the platform and I don't know how he dodged.

Me that time yeah I guess the ledge is a.

Little wider than I thought not much danger of falling off do some more fancy.

Combos here pretty much everything that I can to keep the fight a little interesting because it's just the same thing over and over again at least he's almost dead but now I got to go catch up to him so we'll run over this ledge and then turn around and wall run right back.

You get just enough height to make the ascent and there's the ledge right over my head and we'll keep going you know try that maybe do some fancier tricks like the wall run the tacks here.

At least for the moment I got to stick with a sensible line and completely miss.

Him when I throw away my axe the only reason you do this fight at all is to get his sword which if I remember correctly is a pretty kick-ass weapon I couldn't even do the wall run but that's ok because he did now and the door is locked so always look around for a button and in we go.

Now this is one of I believe only two new movement mechanics in this game and the only one that they brought back again for the two Thrones now the cool moves the wall run attacks are the best.

Part of the combat in this game and I don't remember if he can even do them in the two Thrones I know they reduced to combat options a lot in that game and.

Kronite sword is already almost broken so we're trying to get to that hallway over there but with no floor we're going to have to be a bit more creative.

That's the combo that I used most of the time just it's easy to pull off it does a fair bit of damage it's familiar.

So only one way to go from here just climb around this wall.

And now I'm in the part of the hallway couldn't get to before with some platforms to climb back up in case I ever need to do that which I don't believe I ever will and some completely.

Useless chainsaw blades there and whatever those were I guess these traps have seen better days and what is this room I.

Wonder madness what magic is this.

This is no I'm not gonna do that one either that's just wrong.

So she kicks me in the face and runs away but I don't care I've got my first sand power the classic recall ability it.

Seems I've discovered one of the time-traveling portals the old man spoke off which means that we're in the past of the time the sands of time were created and I feel so despondent I jumped to my death well nope that didn't happen the recall ability lets me use a sand tank at any time to rewind about the last eight seconds of the game which lets me undo anything including death and with that in hand I think we'll call it a video next time we'll chase after shadi and find out what's going on on this island

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