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WAIT! Is That Dante? - DMC Devil May Cry Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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This video from: Suzy Lu.
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WAIT! Is That Dante? - DMC Devil May Cry Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

DmC: Devil May Cry is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. It is a reboot of the Devil May Cry series. Announced in late 2010 during the Tokyo Game Show, the game is set in an alternate reality to the mainline Devil May Cry series.

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What is up everyone and welcome back to the channel I know I can already hear the comment section you said you weren't gonna play this game I had no intention of playing this game and I went to the PIO box today and I was sent this game and I was also suddenly anime for Devil May Cry as well so you know what if someone's gonna send me the game can I have to play it you know so I thought why not I played every other Devil May Cry even the second one which you guys have told me is absolute pants by the way so what is this devil may cry or Virgil's downfall what is going on here.

So apparently he looks like totally different in this game or like I I don't know what this is all about oh this has a bloody Palace too secret missions just make sure the subtitles are on which they're not oh that better not have been in Viraj target lock input toggle okay.

Um so human enemies are weaker and do less damage select this mode if you don't usually play melee action games so I'm guessing that's normal the heck is.

Wait he looks like that.

What the hell happened to him I guess I'll find out let's keep it on standard and we'll go for devil hunter sure why not I just I can't wait to see why people.

Think this game is terrible sometimes I like I like that curiosity you know I need to know.

Yes by close of trading Friday no you.

Can't have more time you know the terms you know the consequences no this is not.

A veiled threat this is a direct order should you fail to comply the collapse of the economy will be on your head I will make sure that you were stripped of power shamed and hated is it clear.

Enough for you Friday it is then you.

Have a good night mr. president what a dick what is this twenty-four did.

You get hit my darling over a trillion ah soon I will own everything worth owning I will control the world through debt I have absolutely world is at last your bitch what's the matter what's the matter a loose end a.

Loose end what the son of the traitor Sparta Dante him he's still out there.

The hunters will find him they found Sparta in his war and when they do I.

Will rip open his chest with my bare hands and feast on his beating heart.

Well ain't you a charmer you know what you just sound jealous cuz Dante's badass or something damn. Censored.

I always wanted to go to a club like this clubs where I stay are really really boring and we don't give sexy ladies on hold.

Oh it sounds like all my hitting videos.

It's definitely giving me a different vibe of what I am used to when it comes to Devil May Cry.


What's up I play the weirdness of games okay weirdest of games well I mean I.

Guess it was a good intro.

The ignorance of being a Christian death horror for millennia build the bird chirping : mankind citizens we think.

Have to sleep in a manufactured illusion for too long we must wake up with the.

Mass lunatic you saw there claims to represent an organization called the order now this group has claimed responsibility for several serious attacks in recent weeks he is undoubtedly a traitor and a terrorist and I for one am NOT for the death death.

Illegally shoot the son-of-a-bitch.

Why are you you want you were careless you left a trail now he's on to you are you talking about who's on to me a hunter team he's here.

Your way out.

But I'm just here for the bitches.

Shit back in limbo bad day for a.


It's your filthy fucking cloth my trailer.

Oh my god.

Oh. Typical Dante missed.

Let's go q okay hackers combo I get back.

Into this I don't have my guns on me.

Uh uh hold cycle - lon.

Nice I gotta say Devil May Cry felt really.

Short the fifth one I was missing it on I was meeting some devil me cry in my life there was so good I'll be on the show right white orb plain enemies released white orbs which kills Dante's upgrade bar each time the bar is filled Dante can unlock a new ability via the upgrade oh yeah someone put a spoiler at the end of Devil May Cry and they said that don t died at the end wasn't true by the way pistols shady shady plain enemies release red orbs which can be spent as the items show on consumables health upgrades and more.

Since a gentleman crisis who said that.

Is another chick I wish is talking to you oh my girls.

No escape battle things though oh my job.

So I think I got oh crap my bad my bad.

I think like I can understand why people don't like this as much but I just like them only hi so I'm like yeah.

Evany every mr. girls.

Battles target practice right onto avenue and. Ivory my girl's high caliber handguns capable of maintaining high rates of fire against a single target though they do a low damage evany and ivory are useful for interrupting weak enemy attacks.


All right guys yeah I thoroughly enjoyed.

Devil May Cry 5 there's a lot of people that weren't really like too sure on it I think for me maybe you should have done a review on that guy specially I didn't really explain my thoughts to people too much when it came to that game I suppose I can do that now I felt like they use the same.

I felt like they used the same area too.

Many times and kind of bothered me a little bit because I felt felt like I should seem like the same level but just with different characters I don't know sounds a bit weird it's like sub games I play some somehow spiders no spiders no.

Thanks Dante don't shoot my name is cat I'm not a demon I'm still in the real world you're in limbo how come I can see you clearly I'm a medium a psychic I can phase into limbo and communicate with you they can see you talk to you but I'm not actually in limbo with you if I pull.

The trigger we'll die rescue a fear for you I want to help.

I don't need your help the hunter has dragged you into limbo I can get you out I being down here before I know how to get out fight whatever shit second demon drag doing here don't want to fight the hunter he's not your regular demon follow me now.

Good see what she says kill the spiders Oh use melee attacks have you told me.

How to do melee attacks yet that's not a.

Melee attack that's a sword attack anyway souls trapped in limbo free them all to increase your mission completion bonus so I'm guessing they're gonna be hidden around the place what's over here I don't think that's where I'm supposed to go but hey vitality all vital stars I.

Missed you guys restores a small portion of Dante's health during gameplay press options and select items to use them okay I don't think I needed it right now but I liked it I gotta say though you didn't really need the stars in the fifth game it wasn't that hard still think that like the third game is one of the hardest whoa a secret door has it for.

This one no like a yellow door to me up.

Death why oh that was cool that was so.

Cool ah look at this guy right here that.

Is creepy oh my gosh hey guys up you go oh I'm Todd I'm new to it I'm.


Obviously don't want to go out myself that's stupid killing enemies in collecting white orbs fills Dante's upgrade bar when the bar is filled dante receives an upgrade point which can be spent at this shop to unlock new moves and abilities the shop can be accessed from divinity statues during missions are from the star.

Naväge I like this so far I get it. Though he looks a bit weird he doesn't look like Dante but considering this is my first playthrough I didn't want to play it with like the cheat you know where he looks like the. Other Dante so okay so we've got nice gold orbs that means the bosses come in check on the merry-go-round I would like to jump jump them hello there ah I hate.

Spiders and I literally just felt something like touch my leg it was my headphones but look no I get.

Why spiders submit to dead I mean maybe when I was younger but I don't have that anymore actually because when you're young you like to buy stuff that you can't afford and then you grow out of it so upgrades items we've got some abilities it's funny actually that you already have double jump because double jump is one of the first things that I like to unlock in Devil May Cry so to just have that it's kind of nice.

That time to go to work guys is that all. True just now hacker oh I don't have anything okay uh.

251 okay let's get a small one okay it didn't even ask me like if I was sure about that it just did.

Remember weird thing hasn't.

I don't like to look at every time we go.

Lie to our eye in the sky Steve I can't believe what I'm seeing okay so this is all happening in the real world game is cool I feel like you.

Guys are making it so I'm not allowed to enjoy this game but this game is cool thank you so much I forget the name of the design fellow that I just leave bought this from me I'm so sorry show yourself in the comment sections I don't think that I.

Have to hold.

Yeah show yourself so I can say thank you again cuz it's cool man as per usual people putting me off video games hey.

Get down here fight like a man.

What do I do.

Alright don't shoot me.

Miniature heart attack no lucky spiders.

Get lost whoa I pooped what is this like a house.

Oh God multiple eyes how does this game know all the things that terrify me oh look emitter Oh what the fuck is that Oh can I use the key for this door yeah.

Secret mission right maybe maybe baby aha air bro kill all enemies within the time limit enemies only take damage in the air alright.

Ah haha.

Why is there no music it's like it's broken come here.

Yay that's weird that there's no music there why what do I get what do I get what do I get health cross fragment collect for to create a health cross is that so I can level up my HP.

You can customize your control setup in the options menu well I'm quite happy with how things are just now.

Okay I don't like this fight we're gonna.

Fight nobody's quick times in this game I get back here yeah a little food spiders what is up.

With these spiders uh-uh what is that we use god this place is creepy I seen it oh geez Lord Noah I.

Will save you got ya.

What is all of this like there's so many good oh no way I don't want to go to the exits you shit there's so many different ways to go.

Stop that stop it right now.

What is this nothing okay ah hey buddy okay I saved yes it's a lot.

Going on in this game like it's a lot it different ways to go a lot of these fine.

Fellows that I need to what is this huh. Huh why do I feel like I'm gonna have to come back here at some point maybe this is where I'll finish the mission and then it'll be like the previous games and you have to come back here stop not.

Good whatever.

Okay Oh Lord no.

Oh thank goodness.

Oh please be back oh come on take it there we go get wiped out huh what's.

Happening the exits getting all the.

Exits getting further away right now.

Ok it's all mine it's gonna be all it's gonna be ok.

Million years Wow I mean in the future.

That won't work why not bulletproof.

There's a risk up ahead what we'll take you back to the real world come back for the hunter okay I'm just following I.

Think I've won the right way I don't know.

Oh God clown trap him.

I don't like you hunters are brutal.

Fighters so my hey.

Yeah. I know.

Oh yes oh you feel it now don't you.

Yeah so much.

In the first episode oh don't be.

Bragging no no no don't beat bragging.


That's cheating.

Give me it's gonna hit into the sea.

30 dirty dirty dirty.


This is awesome by the way game over poor mother I don't know my.

Mother but if you're calling me a son of a bitch you would be my mother I barely.

Remember her.

Are you okay Dante how do you know my name my boss knows you he wants to meet please I helped you back there.

I didn't ask for your help.

We know all about you Dante I'm with an organization called the order heard of it songs do that masked freak on the net that's my boss wonderful further.

Terrorist attacks could take place anywhere any time and when you least expect them we have your scent son of Sparta now it. Is just a matter of time hashtag creep what do I gain what do I get what I get come on puppy let's go see why that I.

Got I got sexy Susie savage or something bye but I I thought I did well in that.

Mission apparently I didn't do well at all in that mission what what is actually going on what a bunch of nonsense huh I'm really annoyed about that I thought I did fine okay so.

That's all I can get on that.

Okay so like this one I can remove stuff as well it's damaged oh yeah.

And items I don't want you guys to be.

All like oh my god why is she buying all of these but you're probably gonna need them at some point so you can review all currently known combos by pausing the game and selecting move list.

Welcome to the order not what I was expecting that's the idea the demons are amongst.

Us Dante they are enslaving mankind through all this sleep brainwashed and hopeless.

We're a small handful of freedom fighters we are the last and only line of defense defense the ugly chance we don't leave things to chance we've accumulated vast intelligence on the demons and their collaborators the bankers pop stars we can hit the word hurts.


Dante it really is you.

You don't remember me No.

How much of your childhood do you remember well not much I've meningitis when I was seven wide my memory why they told me I had a car accident that resulted in total amnesia age seven your point meningitis is a.

Human affliction you are not human Dante all war is fought with deception and you've been deceived your past has been hidden from you for a reason rewinds bit who are you again my name is Virgil I established the order to help find a way to fight the demons besides swords and bullets you mean such weapons can win battles but not the war we use force yes but we also use intelligence politics propaganda you really believe you can make it then make it dent with the two of us working together I believe that we can defeat them so that's what this is about you need me to fight the demons help you save the world what else were you planning on doing with your life you guys do seem really nice but uh more of a loner type trust issues work alone that kind of thing Dante I don't think you understand what is at stake if you want to leave turn your back on me I'm powerless to stop you but you've been making a grave mistake not just for yourself but for mankind mankind yes makes you think I'd give a shit please.

Give me a chance to show you show me what who you really are so are they.

Brothers in this game I'm assuming this game isn't related to the other ones I don't I don't know at this moment it's not exciting it's like a spinoff in it it's not quite linked I don't know at this point I.

Don't know what I can expect to see based on the knowledge I have from the other games I've played.

This was your home I remember it you will cat open the.


What are you doing our world in limbo a very closely superposition they collide in places causing what we call rifts it's here in the rifts we can create gateways to and from limbo doesn't smell.

Too good what's in the Canon a compound I created based on an old Wiccan recipe sea salt shark oil iron shavings desiccated squirrel semen wolf hair good stuff go ahead the household secrets I found mine now it's your turn li get back take care of that just be careful you got roughly I like.

Is this really going to work he doesn't seem to care he's wrong just like you were when I first found you.

So I can't hear him I'm in limbo this.

Game is freaking cool I'm just gonna go out there and say it I know I read the comments I know that there is some people that are just like what is this game this game is terrible but I am thoroughly enjoying myself so yeah unfortunately I'm all out of time for this episode I'm gonna play the shiz out of this game it's epic thank you so much for sending me this game it's actually one of the first games I've ever been sent by a fan and then I've like played it straight away so yeah I'm I'm well chuffed I'm gonna go watch the anime just now so hopefully that doesn't have any spoilers for this game hmm maybe let me know about that in the comment section but as for me I will see you all in the next episode.


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