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Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough [No Meds] - Lvl2 Temple Ruins

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Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough [No Meds] - Lvl2 Temple Ruins

Key Moments:

8:23 - Statue Strategy

9:37 - Secret 1

11:11 - Path to first Key of Ganesha

12:16 - Deadly trap maneuver (no damage)

14:24 - Secret 2 (Switch for Secret 3)

17:33 - Secret 3

18:50 - Key of Ganesha 1 (trap)

22:20 - Path to second Key of Ganesha

25:45 - Movable Block Puzzle

27:10 - Secret 4

28:44 - Key of Ganesha 2

31:14 - Twin Statue battle

35:00 - Key of Ganesha 3 (trap)

35:54 - Key of Ganesha 4 (trap)

36:54 - Key of Ganesha 5

38:33 - Closing Cinematic

Tomb Raider 3 Walkthrough Playlist

Level 3 - The River Ganges

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After each level, I inventory Lara's gear, add in what items I have used in the level, and subtract items that I started the level with to produce a list of total item pickups for each level.

Inventory Item Pickups

8 Save Crystals

12 Small Med-Packs

1 Large Med-Packs

48 Flare

3 Harpoon Packs

1 Grenade Packs

6 MP5 Clips

8 Uzi Clips

4 Desert Eagle Clips

14 Shotgun Shells

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What's up everybody you're watching bad ass games and this is two or three continuing on today I'm going to be doing level 2 this one is called the temple ruins and this is a pretty difficult level um there are some places where you're forced to take damage if but there's also some places where it seems like you need to take damage and I'm going to show you guys some strategies and techniques in order to minimize your damage during this level - like a very small sliver and first order of business I suppose I'm going to give a shout-out to Tina of on Robert Gamez she's doing a tumor 3 walkthrough' also a let's play of it and she's already in that and Hartke so if you want to if you're looking for secrets and stuff then go ahead and check out her channel she's got some really amazing videos on her channel ok first thing there's a snake here and there's another snake over here and if you didn't notice I picked up a small med pack there tree right when I entered this level ok this switch here is gonna actually open up this latch here let's drop down into here this level is pretty dark I'm not.

Going to light a ton of flares if anything I'll increase the brightness on the video so that way you guys can see a little bit better in these areas now one thing that you you're going to want to watch out for is a snake right around this corner and the snakes when they.

Bite you yeah they're poisonous they will cause your life to dwindle away um all you got to do is take a med pack to treat the venom or whatever and monkeys are also hostile now so you are kind of them in the first level well now is not the time to be kind to them just go ahead and spank some monkeys and it doesn't matter up over here we have some mp5 Clips and we also have some shotgun shells.

And then over here if you notice in the water right down there there's some piranhas and they are attracted to Lara I don't know if Lara stinks or what but they'll go straight for Lara Croft if we are in the water so we got to watch out for that over here on this platform just do exactly as I did to get over here and pick up a small mid-pack and we got to get out of this water as soon as we land into it because this piranha gun straight for Lara okay now since we're here the piranhas won't attack us and. I've had an issue where if when I step up onto that thing Lara it pretends to be in deep water and she moves really slowly so I'm just jump once and she'll get out of it all right and that switch open up the gate here in the water we got to quickly go through it once we're through that gate the prawns won't attack Lara so we're safe now come up out of here and. We greeted by a monkey that instead turn your brains zombies well I got a text.

Message oh my gosh I got another one while they're unloading on me like seriously yeah okay climb up here and we're gonna find some boozy ammo and.

Hop over here whoa this mudslide is not going to let you go anywhere so this is as far as you can go hop on up here and take out this monkey and there's another monkey to take out that's a lot of monkeys I'm killing and over here is some Aussie animal once again I'm gonna try to fit all of this.

Level onto one video um however when I uploaded my first video it was just about to gigabytes so this level is a little bit longer and I may not be able to put it all into one video because I am I'm not limited by time anymore but I am limited by size of the file so I may have to split this up if or I can reduce the quality but I really don't want to reduce the quality of my videos okay so. Up over here in the G Street ROPS these treetops we're going to have to find some items here there's only some Desert Eagle Clips here and over here we're.

Going to find some flares.

Now here we want to run and jump I believe if you try to grab in the air she actually won't make that it so we don't want to we don't want to try and grab in the air for that ledge she'll land on it anyway so okay um coming over here we want to get back and it's kind of a tricky jump not really I mean it's we're fine but we want to get on the the edge of this tile right here and I let me turn off the volume on this thing real quick okay and we're aiming.

For is that angled platform now the thing with two meter three is that yes we have angled platforms like that one but she can't grab on an angle it has to be a straight square or the side of a square in order for her to grab onto it okay now that we're done with that we get those items in the trees we want to head on over to here the first secret in.

The level is actually all quite a ways off now you may notice a small medpac over there we're going to go grab that.

Make sure you jump and grab in the air so she slips underneath that tree trunk free branch pop up to here and we want.

To hop over to here and slide down and grab the sledge you can go behind that.

Tree if you want but this is kind of shorter because we get the med pack and when you just bypassed it and you're. Some shotgun shells.

And coming over here we're gonna be able to hop into this waterfall be careful though there is a snake they take about.

Eight shots with the pistols there are.

Some flares here and that's all the items in this area there's a cool little opening area over there that you can explore but there's nothing there and there's also another area up here that you can explore too but there's nothing there either here's a monkey we can.

Spank and crawl underneath here to get.

Into this cave area another snake and.

Another snake here they really freak you.

Out if you don't know they're there alright now we want to slide down the right side of this slope because there's a boulder that's gonna come chasing after Lara.

And next to the statue um are some shotgun shells and I remember when I first played this game I looked at there's like is that thing gonna come alive at me and I was like it never did. So I was happy about that but unfortunately in the next room we one of those statutes does come to life when we have to fight it and I know our really good strategy to deal with you guys very quickly um they like to guard their bodies with their blades and it prevents Lara from shooting them they take no damage when they're guarding themselves so the idea about fighting these guys is to make sure that their blades stay open as long as their blades are open and you see blood thrown out then they're again then they're gonna take damage now they open their blades when they're really close to you so you can use that to your advantage thing is is that there are taxes just as slow as their walk so you can use that to your advantage just got to be not a pansy get up there and show them who's boss seriously.

And they quickly take a fall really fast and I took no damage his attacks are very slow like I said so up here there's a safe crystal and there are two switches both of these switches need to be pulled in order to open a door in this room and I'll show that to you as soon as I get done opening and that door is over here I'm not going to go through it yet I'm actually gonna go down here standing on this platform here drops a great that's right here and that gate that was right ahead of me is opened by this switch here now before I go up there I'm actually gonna get the first secret in the level there's a movable block here next to this lever we move the block and it reveals a passageway for us to go down now be careful there is a dart trap and the darts are different in this game they do poison just like the snakes so if you get hit by them then you have to use a small med pack in order to keep make sure you stay alive now down this hole there's a small med pack but there's also a boulder trap all you gotta do is stand here at the edge walk off hold hold the action button and she'll grab it and then just hop out really quickly and you will avoid the boulder now we want to crawl underneath the dart trap or you can roll pass there or just tie yourself it doesn't matter back here there are some shotgun shells.

And the small med pack and there's one.

Last item in here there's some flares but you have to crouch to get them otherwise you'll get hit by a dart and.

Then just get up to the wall is stand up and you'll be on the right side of the dart trap now we still got to get out of here and that dart trap is gonna prevent us from doing that so we're gonna try to stop us okay now finally we can continue.

On as you can see this gates opened I'm gonna go ahead and go this way first now there's a sand a quicksand trap here we have to run and jump and try to veer across this corner here and just walk straight um here's the thing about quicksand it takes away your breath much faster than the swimming does so keep that in mind if you keep going though she'll bring your head back up above the surface and she'll be fine.

Okay up here there's gonna be a monkey whoa no wrong way Lara just try this.

Again all right up here there's gonna be a monkey and he's gonna try and snatch a small medpac that's on the ground the thing about these monkeys is if you shoot them before they get to the medpac they will not attempt to get the medpac they'll attempt to attack you anyway okay so here is one of the areas where it is a very difficult to get through this without taking any damage but there is a way you can actually do it without taking damage I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that and you have to follow my instruction to the T if you do not want to take damage to this I'm able to reproduce this every time so let's hope I'm able to do it this time in this video um you might want to save also here but I'm gonna be gutsy and not not safe okay so what you want to do is you want to get to the point where you can't pull this lever you're too far to the left to pull the lever okay this is key here okay now that you know that you're too far to the left you want to get just within range to pull that lever from the left side so we kind of angle her and we kind of just kind of you know trial and error our way and then once we are there we.

Can pull the lever and the door open now what pulling the lever did is it aligned Laura perfectly straight or the tiles okay now standing here we want to do a side jump and we are dead center facing exactly the direction we want to go now we want to listen to that thud thud thud of the blade you hear there and we want to go right when we hear the thud ready set go.

And you clearly make it without taking any damage very difficult trap to get through without taking damage and it took me a little bit to figure that out but there you have it you can do it without taking any damage at all now there's a movable block here in this doorway and there's a perfect position you can put this block into in order to access the secret and to continue on the level so you want to move it anymore and that spot is right here if you.

Aren't able to pull off the jumps and you can still maneuver the block however you wish to get yourself up onto the ledges I'm just gonna go ahead and do it this way to save time do a running jump.

And grab in the air and we were able to pull ourselves up here this is going to get us access to secret number two and.

We're gonna jump and grab in the air for this thing here now by grabbing this.

Ledge and pulling yourself up you have to get back down somehow and you are forced to take damage regardless I haven't figured out how to actually drop without taking any damage but it's a very very very very miniscule amount of damage it's not going to matter that much so we have some shotgun shells some mp5 clips in a lever now the lever is very important if you want the third secret okay we have a cutscene to the third secret door okay and we'll get that we'll get to that here in a little bit so we want to fall off this way and we want to just climb down I'm gonna get to the very very very bottom as far down as we possibly can and we want to let go and like I said we're forced to take damage for that but I was a very small amount and we need to pull this lever I didn't pull it before but we do need to pull it it opens a door above Lara and.

Then we just want to do a running jump over here to the right instead of the left this time and that switch open this. Door here now in this water there's a lever here that's gonna open the gate.

That you saw in the water just a few moments ago and we want to swim through that door and you'll notice if you keep your eye on the on the ceiling there's a little opening that is the way we need to go but we need to open up the hatch and there's two levers in this area that we need to pull in order to open the hatch.

So pull the other lever and pull this lever and that hatch will be open all.

Right and then just swim up and out all.

Right now in this area there's a pool and in this pool there are three levers okay there are two on the sides and the levers on the sides turn on the respective statues fire breathing of capability now it's not absolutely crucial that you do this but I'm doing it just to illustrate what it does it shows you this up it illuminates a platform for you so you know where to go in order to get up to a switch I don't know if you can see the switch I could see it kind of and you don't need like I said you don't need to turn on the statues to do that the invisible platform is still standing is even if the statues are not turned on now this one turns on the other ones but they don't do much anyway and now the for the third lever the third lever if you look over here there's a gate and that was the gate that we saw when we pulled the lever in the secret number two now with that lever pulled we can pull this lever and it will actually open the door now we got to hurry up because it is a time door and we are limited by breath so as soon as you pull the lever turn and gun it into this gate and sometimes the the.

Secret sound doesn't cube that's fine it'll queue on your way out most likely. So we get some grenades some flares in a large med pack here.

And then we just head back out the gate there there's the queue for the secret okay now we have all that done we need to go ahead and get out of here and try to navigate through these invisible platforms that are now illuminated by the fire-breathing statues uh does kind.

Of make it a little bit more difficult because now you do have to kind of avoid fire but it's no big deal okay in the lever that was speaking of earlier is up here the statue in the in the distance there does not activate so we don't we behind pull this level lever and it's going to open a time door again we have to hurry up and get in there and now this is a fun part inside of here we are greeted with yet another familiar spiked wall okay pulling this lever is going to open the gate there in the distance and give us access to one of the Ganesha keys and also start this spiked wall so we got to hurry up we got to pull the lever and then sprint down here now we want to tumble at the end of this tile and will land perfectly on the Ganesha key and we're facing the right direction to strain out of here and there you go let's claim the safe crystal but let's let's head back over this way because a spiked wall is going to give us access to a couple more items that we can pick up some mp5 clips.

Here's a small med pack alright let's.

Get out of here now uh by picking up the. Key it also caused this entire room to become a mudslide and quicksand is down here now there's a key to actually get through this you have to be over all the way over here to the left there may be some other spots where you're able to get across here but this is the only one that I know of and you want to be in the safe position because those invisible platforms start to crumble we don't want to be underneath those because they'll kill us okay now we can head over here.

To the right and um there's a passageway right here and this will let us out of.

Here okay so if we come over here.

There's a some flares and this there's also a boulder trap here again you can see the boulder there I don't know maybe you can or hand I can see it that's at the end that Boulder is activated by step standing on the tile that's right in front of Lara right now so I just stand here do a tumble and get out of its way there we go okay now we're given a.

Choice we can either go the hard way which is to the left or you can go the easy way which is to the right let's go the easy way there's no difference there's no items you're going to miss by going this way just go to the right and go for the this side consists of a monkey the other side consists of a boulder trap and a blade trap which we want a very deadly so let's not go that way soon as we get into here they both leave the same spot too but there are some monkeys in this area that one of them likes to try to pick up a med pack and here here's that thing and over here.

There is a safe crystal all right now we.

Just want to get to the bottom of this now this is the room where we fought the statue the big statue guy that came to life and here we are also forced to take damage very small amount but it's damage nonetheless okay now we can go through this other gate that we opened earlier.

And inside of this room you're created by two more movies if they'll come down.

Here I'll kill him Wow he's being weird now he's being dead.

Okay and there's not much in this room you may have noticed a letter in the pool empty pool we actually got to fill that pool and that's what we're gonna go do and to do that oh we get in here pull the lever that's whoa I'm gonna get hit by fire No all right let me try to get a better angle on this all right pull this lever.

If you're in the center you won't be affected by the fire so you're fine you kinda wanna say how the center here because there's another dart trap at the end of this passageway here in the water that poisonous darts now when we get in this room you want to be careful we want to come and swim to the surface and just make your way over here to this platform from the surface there is falling ceilings and they're gonna kill you if you get underneath them and by the time you pick up this small med pack they'll be out of the way you have to worry about them anymore there's another platform here and this is gonna be the the correct way that we want to go.

This is why Lara Croft was born to tumble around and jump and do stuff all.

Right kind of a tricky jump here well you got to kind of get to the edge here and take a step back and re angle Lara so that she's facing that platform and do a running jump may have to veer to the left a little bit and here's another kind of tricky jump because there's a snake over there on the platform that we need to get to simplest ways to grab your shotgun and blast him right in the face as you make your way over there he doesn't mind.

Okay moving right along here's a boulder.

Trap we want to hop over here and then just hop off immediately let the boulder go above us dart traps and some blades.

Going on here just crawl through this you want to stay to the left because the play on the right will actually hit you if you try to do your running jump across the area there now down below me there is a secret and I'm gonna go get that secret in a little bit I'm actually gonna go over here and do the block puzzle first.

Okay now this uh this room has a lot of moveable Ochs there's one here that we want to push back so we get access to the other movable block there on the right and we can push this one and this. One takes about I don't know four five pushes before it's at where it needs to be all right this one should be the last.

One yeah we get this opening and this opening there's nothing in here an interest really except for a boulder trap there's no items no secrets no say crystals nothing no enemies so I'm gonna avoid going that way I'm actually gonna use the secret in order to get back so we want to push this block back and there's another moving block here that we want to push back and then we want to.

Take this block and push it to the side.

So let me look at what I'm doing this. Gives us access to a switch you pull that switch and it's gonna fill that pool that we were talking about earlier where them two monkeys were so now we can actually pull that underwater lever now we want to head back and you can go to the left I decided to go to the right because it's a secret and you want to hop in we want to oh I should grab that ledge oh well a little bit damaged we want to crawl through these spikes you could walk through them if you want but that the act of crouching will actually cause you to take damage in the spikes so crawling is your best bet because we need to crawl anyway coming through here this gives us access to the sea.

And here's a snake for us to dispose off. I've saved crystal there is Uzi Clips here and some desert eagle Clips here.

And we also see a doorway here and right above me is where I unloaded that shotgun on that snake so just give an idea where this is at we just want to fall off here at angle we don't want to go straight down because there's a dart trap we want to avoid you can swim underneath that dart trap and you make your way back okay I'm just fall into.

This pool and you'll pull this lever.

Turn around you went ahead in this room this is where we're going to find that the second Ganesha key now that we have.

Two Ganesha keys we can actually open the large gate in that area where we fought the large statue guy and by the way we have to fight a grand total of four of those things you can actually skip one of them at the very end if you want and I'll tell you how to do I'll actually show you how to do that but I'm actually going to kill him anyway all right so those Ganesha keys go here.

And we're greeted with another spiked ceiling that's going to try and crush us now there is a way to get through this without taking damage also and it's difficult to figure out what you want to do is you want to stand here and you want to jump forward and you want to want into the wall hold the jump button then hold the action button and grab that she'll get as high as you possibly can climb up it's pretty difficult to get through the strap without taking damage but this should usually take damage right there at the very end but I didn't this time so.

Pound some bullets into some monkey face and then come over here very tricky these guys did not make this move block obvious remember spending a few moments in this room trying to figure out what I need to do but this is a movable lock and we want to use this to get access to that platform up there and another set.

Of switches to open the door we need to pull Oh experiencing some lag there we.

Go now while we want to actually just kind of run in front of this doorway. Because it's gonna cause a boulder trap to activate and just get out of its way come in here and hop down and then um you'll see these statues here and if you want to be cautious you can crawl underneath them to avoid getting hit by them I just decided to dash through it now and here we get to fight to statute not at once but these guys I can seem strategist force.

Them to open their blades by getting close to him.


All right once he dies he's gonna drop a one of his swords and we're gonna need to pick that up um I'm not sure I think.

That statue should actually activate after you kill that guy and pick up the sword but apparently it doesn't I'm gonna come up here as soon as we get up here it's going to activate so let's go down here we need both of their skimmers both of their swords.

So you can you can anticipate when they're going to attack you too so I mean getting closer then it's not gonna hurt you at all to hurt them so you gotta stand your ground these guys they didn't expect lar to be such a badass.

Once he falls we can grab another sword.

There just and now we have both of the.

Swords we got to go place those into this statue here it's gotta get up close.

To its hand and then place the sword and.

What this did is it open the gate over there before I go through that gate I'm actually gonna pick up a small med pack down here in this water and there are.

Also some shotgun shells that are on top of a platform up here and then come in.

Here and there are some believed there.

Suzy Emily yeah you light a flare it's kind of dark in here okay.

Now we're really close to the end of the level and I haven't saved yet I'm ballsy.

And but you might want to save here I'm gonna actually try to do this oh this will walk through without saving you or to or using a med pack it's pretty cool but you might want to say because some of these traps are really difficult to get through and have a learning curve and but then you got to be quick - so now there's a statue right there you can avoid attacking me let's show you how to do that to avoid him coming to life you do not want to approach that guy right there that's either Randy or Rory you can see these two guys uh here they're clearly dead that's Randy and Rory that's what those the two guys that one guy was talking about yeah they're not coming back anytime soon okay first trap is this one you got to be quick there's a switch on the far side straight ahead of Lara and there's also one to the on the wall to the right and there's a ceiling of spikes that are gonna come down on Lara and we got to be quick so let's go spring here flip this. Switch tumble run a little bit turn hit. This switch turn and just get the heck out of there a very difficult trap to.

Get through like I said you want you might want to say before you try to do that okay and avoiding the central Pat platform you want to head over here and.

Just save Krystal wait in the distance here for you this trap is kind of difficult - we got to fall into this water here and it's going to suck us into some spikes what we want to do is going to fall we want to head to the to the right and now it's the left and go. Pull this lever and then we gotta kind.

Of move forward and then kind of beer and it's gonna get she can exhale she's gonna get sucked again but that's fine we're gonna swim fast enough to prevent it from putting us into the spikes come over here and pull this lever now the entire room will no longer suck Lara toward the spikes so we're safe and we can go grab the key that's on the platform over here okay so that's key two of three that we.

Need in this room if you notice there's a three keyholes here on the wall all. Right now the third one is in the center of that platform and we're going to get back here in a second there's some flares here underneath either Randi or Rory now if you want to avoid the guy he come up here and you claim the key and then we just want to get our ass over here into this room we want to place these three keys before the guy can get to us like I.

Said I'm actually in a fight and as soon as I get done doing this oh wow he.

Caught up to me okay that's it guy game on. You mess with the wrong bitch.

How's that blood taste guy.

Oh god yeah they're long.

There we go and take him out and you you. Could have just went straight up over to here instead of fight that guy and this is the end of the level so you wouldn't have had to fight that guy.

We get a little cutscene again.


And there you guys have it temple ruins got all the secrets then username help packs didn't even save once haha alright guys this is badass games this was tomb raider 3 and i'll see you guys in the next level you

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