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Fallout 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Leaving Vault 101 (Let's Play Commentary) PC Xbox PS3

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Fallout 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - Leaving Vault 101 (Let's Play Commentary) PC Xbox PS3


New Fallout 3 Walkthrough. If you want to see a full walkthrough I will change this to a part 1 and keep uploading. The next part will be alot more action packed :) So please like/comment and favourite to show your support.

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Hi guys and welcome to fallout free one of my favorite games of all time if not of just this generation I'm so good I love it to bits when dying to this games quite a while on my channel and decided now I've acquired good points to it this is a gonna be a sore tester see if you guys want to see it or not I'm tending to pack myself anyway but what you guys want to come along for a ride for my favorite games of all time new environments and stuff are amazing every other story as well I got the deals see on this one so that'd be quite cool to play that as well let's get started.

You. You you.


You you you you. You you.


My dreaming.

Never changes since the dawn of humankind when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and Bo blood has been spilled in the name of everything from God to justice to simple psychotic rage.

In the Year 2077 after millennia of armed conflict the destructive nature of man could sustain itself.


Instead the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history for man had succeeded in destroying the world but war war never.


In the early days thousands were spared. The horrors of the Holocaust by taking refuge in enormous underground shelters known as bull.

You Oh or on that fateful day when fire.

Rained from the sky the giant steel door of vault 101 slid closed and never reopened it was here you were born it is here you. Will die because involved 101 no one ever enters ever.

Let's see are you a boy or a girl I definitely have a Willie saw a boy.

It's a boy a boy we've got a son Katherine a beautiful healthy baby boy oh hi James. We did it my son our beautiful son.

You've got a bright future ahead of you son I'm sure of it little kids you look at you hi there and your daddy little guy daddy. You're going to need a name aren't you your mother and I have been talking what do you think about I'm. Gonna name him after myself uh which my name is I also forgot what my name is I don't like using this thing there we go my name is gut so that's what I'm gonna call them that's a good name don't you think fits you perfectly looks like they've finished the gene projection let's see what you look like when you're all grown up so come here yes a long put it turn the subtitles on shut it on automatically but they don't seem to be there we go should save that there we go sweet um this keep more races that you have.

Presets you can customize a bit more if you want as well as the face is read that important in this game it's fairly I like that tend to do too much about it I obviously changed the eyes but doesn't mean to - too much - bunnies we don't return see the face that much anyway I do like to focus on stuff up the hair. And stuff that's quite cool randomized. That was scary dude what the hell's that easy but they look all really angry war what's an alien for the smooth wave looks quite it looks pretty cool that way to change the hair color as well talking about what a color is it means like a brownie colors in it that's Brown apparently gray to me but oh yeah that's my Isaac own got chocolate Carlos do chocolate hey that's our guy nothing impressive but you're going to look a lot like your dad see that Kathryn oh oh very.

Strapping it's a big world out there son.

Full of all sorts of people what about you what kind of person are you going to be your justice Kathryn Jean that's right she's Mike arrest start compressions like a baby out of here move move one one thousand two come on hang on Captain hang on we need a doctor's not a deadly desert oil to meet my expecting are there with beetles James and its Cheerilee Cheerilee I look straight into the light down rule and just like nice it's just something you could use to down here come on over here son come on what did you say we like a little child a moment I'm still quite short there you go my goodness just a year old and already walking like a pro your mother would have been so proud listen kiddo I know you don't like it when daddy leaves you alone but I need you to take care of yourself for a minute you just stay here while daddy runs to his office you'll be okay pal I'll be back in a bit don't go daddy so hoping to gate already let apply to the ball there it's not as soccer skills or fruitful skills oh this game is latest.

Astonish the fun as hell I really hope you guys do enjoy it and then that point to see more basically you can do is by telling me just by liking the lucky new video as much as possible so what's in here some bolts and a chair so much around here is a so we go to a little book we can decide on what sort of specials we want I tend to go for I will show you now for charisma and I go for intelligence 9 so he's a bit more more points for our skills we could go for 10 but I'm going to we do get bobbleheads which gives us the ability to go to 10 which is pretty good so gonna stick with that dude and we should be done you can.

Do luck as well but I don't live seen the benefit of luck that much where should we go now let's go this go for explore a bit more escape this evil pen can we go out is a bit hard to unlock it's a kid keep it looking it I look at a very hard door rod where daddy.

You are quite the little Explorer aren't you serves me right for trying to pin you in come on over here I want to show you something see that it was your mother's favorite passage on the Bible revelation 21:6 I.

Am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely she always loved alright come on let's go see if your little friend Amato wants to play a matter that's our new friend new lady friend we make it quite close to lady who knows didn't care for.

Nice well good little stroll Ernie he's dead nine years later so like a teenager.

Sorting in older and older too fast.

You're blinded the poor kid he blood is always on our way we staring at this.

Happy birthday pal I can't believe you're already 10 thank you Dad so ten Jesus you know that relations young man I don't have to tell you how special this day is do i down here in vault 101 when you turn 10 well you're ready to take on your first official vault responsibilities so here you are as overseer I hereby present to you your very own pip-boy 3000 get used to it you will be getting your first work assignment tomorrow enjoy your party surely 10 once so have fun I will happy birthday we really surprised you didn't me your dad was afraid you were on to us but I told him not to worry you're so easy to fool again this is one of my favorite parts a game where you can see decide what your character says you can be like a right jerk and you can be evil the evil karma good karma I'll be nice and say great party friends for doing it but really your dad did most of it I just have with the decorations and stuff hey I bet you can't guess what I got you for your birthday go on guess ha I knew I surprised you.

Who's your favorite barbarian that's right grognak issue 14 and with no missing pages I found this in a box of my father's old things believe it or not imagine him reading comic books I guess everybody was 10 once well I better let you get back to mingling with your guests we'll talk later ok happy birthday sweet gift movie that I uh I.

Wish dude this is our pit boy we see a lot um see our specials and stuff already look at those lovely specials where skills we can potentially get yeah it'll get a bit more later on got perks as well we are neutral so ever you're not good or evil at the moment so yeah oh hello Paul how you doing hey uh. Thanks for inviting me really cool party and everything I know that Oh what should I give you a hard time but you don't take that seriously right anyway a happy birthday and everything I better get back to you know sweet he's too bitching about me.

Oh where my cake what are you doing Andy rear engine room okay guess my cake are you having a nice.

Party ten years old my my my seems like only yesterday that your daddy came goodness listen to me ramble you're waiting for your present aren't you I am keep me Larsen now what more presents such a nice polite young man you are don't ever lose your gift to speaking your mind so directly we could use more of that down here here you go a nice sweet roll that I baked for you just this morning and it's all for you you're the birthday boy no sharing required today fingers sweet we always we call it a sign different in you guys like her jams sponging oh okay chill prison going.

Um who wash we say should we say what.

Susie mrs. Palmer said I didn't have to.

Share who's talking about sharing more on I want the whole thing what's your prison sweet wrong or am I gonna have to give you a knuckle sandwich no salad oh yeah we'll see about that oh no he's coming for me our first fight it's a little stupid old boy come to me he come and get me Oh God uh it's been.

Sold off you alright son I'm good you didn't hurt you not right away the women my little speeches besides that friend of yours can use how's it going no no bad not sure I know what's this guy that is you were friends a butch party's pretty good I guess for a little kid uh hahaha party hats not as cool as my party though remember how my dad got a need to do magic tricks and we all played hunt the mutant in the atrium oh right you weren't invited to my party too bad man it was really fun it ones jerks frontier how do you like that Pip Boy.

Son fit alright and everything seems good as a matter of fact I did I'm glad you like it some may think the a-series is a bit basic but I've always preferred them for their reliability don't mention it thanks Stanley yes I almost sorry okapi spoke at LYLAS accent cutting off huh what's Butch's problem anyway I can't believe he tried to start a fry at your own birthday party what a jerk Oh bleep jerk God he really.

Is a Butthead oh well you can always count on butch to make an ass of himself get it right dad what you don't see are.

You all right is butch giving you a hard time again yeah yeah I'm glad to hear it once you start letting bullies push you around you'll never see the end of it come on now I bet there's someone else out there with a present for you who's that here's the present for me I hope witch didn't hurt you you want to tell me what that was all about there's nothing just boys being boys it's fine son I'm glad to see you're not letting butch bully you he's gonna be a handful in a few years if his mother doesn't take him in hand well no harm done then why don't you get back to enjoying your party oh you just wait to know I know.

You were busy with the water purifier everything's fine I hope oh sure nothing to worry about me and Andy got her all fixed up again last night this swirling.

Pattern Jonas who Thanks.

I'll send him right down hey that was Jonas on the intercom he and I have been cooking up a little surprise present Jonas is waiting for you downstairs on the reactor level go ahead I don't think anyone will mind if you slip out sweet ass go let's go go go escape miss evil place it was Ben about Jack to me some are very happy happy birthday dear e my goodness I hope I didn't miss the party not missing much oh of course you're not five you're a.

Big 10 year old man now aren't you with your very own pit bull he's my sarcastic do you know what I did just for the occasion wrote you a poem I hope you like him I like poems it was dis reminds me of school and reading poems and work run along now dearie and have yourself a wonderful birthday there's never trust song called Beatrice Rutger than to reactor room she's done here apparently we made Jonas I don't think dad's following us you might recognize his voice aye Cap'n turn Liam Neeson's voice in this game which is pretty cool you coming to him who's up I hope you appreciate the effort of Melissa did don't presume too much on her friendship young man I'm still the overseer and I'm still in charge of this vault and everyone in it okay you're a jerk as well that dear boy is like a son coming go on Jonas is waiting for you downstairs okay this guy let's go scared of it got a little line up it boys well so can see where we're going which does Lester this game was actually quite darker times down the old old train stations and subways you doing down here young man I thought kids weren't allowed down on the Rio not a kid you sure are.

Kept boy and everything look at that if you can wait just one more minute I think your dad will want to give you the surprise himself sounds good where is he where is he where's my next present are you ready for your surprise yeah my Amaya the overseer gave you your pip-boy and your enough to do some work so I figured you're old enough for this you're on BB go it's a little old but it should work perfectly Jonas found it down here it was in pretty rough shape took us a good three months to find the parts to get it working again you know how tough it is to find a spring that small good thing boots must place that switchblade of his so what do you think what to give it a try definitely give me a girl do you I go easy now it's only a BB gun but it's not a toy let's go try and really hurt your eyes your hair and a nice spot for you follow me okay let's go I've actually been shot by a BB gun before and it's actually quite painful also being shot by an air rifle which is basically that missile alot bb's in it really really does hurt oh you see one.

Of my base got shown to balls once do you think you can come down here and shoot anytime you want great couldn't have done it without you all three targets you make sure to thank him I will what's going to quit baggy on it's in the items that I have the buns in this game let's do this oh yeah I'm a.

Champ oh yeah one more target I'll try.

My best the fuck actually aiming all right a fresh one xp for that good work that's one less round roads to deal with let's get a picture together capture the moment sweet hey Jonas get a picture of me with a big game hunter Oh Jonas oh.

What between the eyes so confusing Wow.

Smile say to other like am i blood so.


As far as I can tell you're a perfectly healthy 16 year old boy so yes you have to go to class to take your goat exam go on now you've got a goat to take straight do this uh if you say so dad's my call those are the rules Oh 16 now so this year you take the goat come on it's not so bad everyone has to take it you'll do just fine but I got out of here and good luck.

I will do well my son but this is the first public head there's like 20 of these I think ish I'll pick it up it's. Gonna ten-point some medical skills sweet what's good good Jonas stopped in.

To see the old man before class yeah that's tiny little look in the video let's go Hollis butch being a.

Builder you've been tunnel snakes stupid tunnel snakes immature ass holes if you ask me why won't they leave me alone it's not my fault my father's the overseas fancy that's what their stupid gang can you talk to them maybe butch will listen to you please I'll try my best I can't guarantee anything. Thanks you've always been a good friend try talking to butch they'll all do whatever he says I stole some poached egg yeah what do you want um what's got.

On here none of your business kid get out of here before you get hurt it's if you mess with the tunnel snakes you're asking for it got me like 16 in this game it's got a little gang with him yeah makes perfect sense oh by old us into a little shrimp like yogurt get lost Poindexter.

And who are you her boyfriend he wishes keep talking like that boy and we'll send you back to your daddy with a few broken bones for him to fix oh yeah give you your best shots you've gotta be kidding me come on Tunnel snakes this twerp needs another lesson mommy's gotta sew it so gangwish our Logan all of them oh come on I'm fair how much let's hit the girl Paxton okay.

Let's go strike on butch Oh interface interface that help me dad they stops you you're pathetic this.

Isn't even worth our time you and your little girlfriend have fun together we're ready uh-huh come on Tunnel snakes let's go I'll tell you tough your ass fine let's go sure thing hello still targets for getting rid of them no father I don't know why they won't leave me alone just because my father is the overseer I guess idiots idiots there's a diner after class well you made it all set for the goat trust me it really isn't that bad just something everybody has to go through yeah let's do this I'm sure you.

Will especially since it's multiple choice with no wrong answers we'll start as soon as everyone's found to see good luck basically this exam is like it's not the exam you take when you're 16 but it's basically like an exam to find out what job suits you in the volts and we can't change it anyway so doesn't matter too much watch well in your face I'm hoping.

The exam will start soon there we go well now that everyone has managed to find the classroom we can finally get started no talking and keep your eyes to yourselves yes I'm talking to you mr. Deloria.

Unless anyone else has an insightful comment let's get started question 1 a frenzied vault scientist runs up to you and yells I'm going to put my quantum harmonizer in your photonic resonation chamber what's your response but dr. algerie faraday's is so a bit weird um say nothing was safe away before the in scientists can continue he's right question - yeah I'm inside completely do everyone in the clinic you can change the on session with a strange infection in his foot stumbles through the door the infection is spreading at an alarming rate but the doctor stepped out for a while what do you do a lot of why the doctors gone so because scream for help I become it we could medicate the infected area we're straining the page the patient could and we say I've been less to be the best idea called the FIR question cha you discover a young boy lost in the lower levels of the budded he's hungry and frightened but also appears to be in possession of stolen property what do you do keep the boy hung in time everything will be okay I pick the boy's pockets and take the stolen property for yourself Victor lead the boy to the over Syria overseas a bit minar salad just hug him question four congratulations you've made one of the vault 101 baseball teams which position do you prefer I think I you know I've actually play inside a vote I'm gonna be I'll go for a soccer team. Fine your grandmother invites you to tea but you're surprised when she gives you a pistol in order you to kill another vault resident what do you do um which.

We do throw your tea and grannies face that doesn't sound very pleasant ask for medical instead most proposition nope.

That's Fogerty in his 5/6 Oh mr. Abernathy has locked himself in his quarters again and you've been ordered to get him out how do you proceed I'm going to use a bobby pin and open the door question 7 Oh No you've been exposed to radiation and a mutated hand is grown out of your stomach what's the best course of treatment cut off a bullet to the brain that's not good prey I'm gonna take it.

Off with a precision laser too neat a fellow vault 101 resident is in possession of a grognak the barbarian comic book issue number one you want it what's the best way to obtain it we can Nick it steal it sneak it I'm gonna try comics question 9 you decided would be fun to play a prank on your father you enter his private restroom when no one is looking and put a firecracker to. Purdue to break into the locker medication Cabernet at my place he's high blood pressure medication with sugar pills that doesn't sound very nice I'll loosen the bolt on some pipes mr..

Question 10 who is indisputably the most important person involved 101 Scott Key who shelters us from the harshness of the atomic wasteland and to whom we owe everything we have including our lives the overseer the overseer the overseer and the overseer let's go for the football pencils down people that's it the infamous goat I'm sure most of you didn't find it so bad others well there are always openings in the maintenance department don't forget to hand in your test before you leave you don't want to know what happens to people who fail the goat you can have the rest of the day off or to pray as a situation that wasn't easy day feminine I'm sure some multiple-choice questions and then go home early yeah all the cipher girls here hello they did Oh why are you talking to me what's bad looking apparently your management material sweets going to be trained as a shift supervisor who could I be talking to the next overseer could be stranger things have happened weights I'm so of em I decided randomly hah closer to reality than you might think listen I was just as obnoxious at your age I didn't take the goat seriously and look where I ended up just between you and me the whole test is a joke if you don't like the results I can make your goat come out any way you want just let me know so we could change it in so we could do I don't we like many weapons too much I can't take no for small guns which is.

Based on rifles assault rifles and stuff I might go for repairs as well that's really useful I might go for speech. Maybe it's quite a good one to do let's go for speech turn what's this escape with EBU area Go Go I'm leaving crash I'm going I'm off I'm going home ba ba like it's coming back again come on wake.

Up. Come on you've got to wake up you've got.

To get out of here mushroom hat is gone and my father's men are looking for you oh gods okay snot doesn't sing it you don't.

Understand your dad somehow opened the main door oh the vaults open now my god never seen him so angry listen to me if the guards find you they'll kill you what's life done if you're on the speeding bed um it's Jonas they killed him damn it my.

Father's men they took him and why oh my god you have to leave now we we should go okay uh are you okay yeah don't worry about me I'm just sorry you had to find out like I met this guy I know Jonas was your friend he was my friend we've got to go now take a vengeance will be here any minute um that's exactly what I had in was.

Let's do this listen there's a secret tunnel that leads directly from my father's office of the exit you'll have to hack the computer in his office to open it use these to get into his office that's how I always get in screen buuder bobby pins sounds like a good plan let's go there one more thing I stole my father's pistol I hope you won't need it but you'd better take it just in case no downpour you need it thanks let's do this I'll try to meet you at the exit watch out for security Tom I got some stuff before because well stuff like the baseball bat will be useful BB gun always good if health if he else in here.

Oh hello lots of jumpsuit when so days later on so that's all good let's go.

What we should probably quit the pistol maybe I'll favorite somebody's eventually we did afterwards what haha.

We get oh come on like damage from like sorry excuse me don't is that mean you said come from the vote whoa but shut up my mom's trapped in there with the radroaches what no I can't go back in there it's it's dark and there's radroaches wow you're such a wimp no I mean it's not the dark it's the radroach okay I I can't stand them I tried to get back in together I really did but I clean you're useless you're seriously she's not gonna last much longer in there can't you hear her screaming not the moment um no no.

Useless okay fine I save your mother let's do this what he's so useless yet.

So hard if you try this so you can slip body parts I've got all Donna Shoebridge that's just about it are missed well that one there this way one of my favorite bids this fat system so good gotcha why we should try a vinner so.

Hula lady we did it man we cheaper like.

Crap I know it isn't much but I want you to have my tunnel snakes jacket go ahead Wow I'm honored thank you I'll take that and throw it in the nuclear waste what you stronger so here then and now Oh.

I mislike means a shot whoa ellos level up damn it alright a face who's this some random.

Bolt person know anything else about a toaster a cup really much around a to be.

Honest why people kinder what way strung.

Out this evil place down none of these.

Guys you go in oh it escapes I try a tronic you any guards but they tend to just like attacking me server see it's our only chance don't you see we're getting out of here just like the doctor I'm not gonna let anyone stop us what's he doing what's he doing what's okay let's go over the gunning people down like chickens go go go go go go go I'm good to be around here let's see some red oh oh damn it ah. Bahar me what the hell bastards.

She's running away from me I'm fair enough let's get going just being around here and get into all the doors are shut pretty much what he had be going me give.

Me the end of mess things up for everybody I'm I'm innocent we run re4 that's jealousy as a crazy guy Roger it's gone ahead ah my shot. Sweet little shot I love when you see how come you and she's rip their heads off I missed from there yeah I shot a guy if.

Anything oh man.

Annoyingly gotcha ha ha. Sneaky sneaky what's up I see got so that's search so we got some tinted reading glasses I'm I got six bullets left oh god this could get ugly whoa whoa on the face uh-huh.

I feel that in the morning oh oh Jesus yeah that's me it's quite graphic game.

Choose transceiver that's the overseer.

Pressure we shouldn't shoot overseer shoot offer some mech Oh pays pretty much dead run away he's here don't let him get away let's go sure if I would be useful winning mr. Scott who's in here.

Seems clarity to me all at one bullet left super lit sorry old SS / nice it's.

Definitely a lute game as well does remind me a lot of them so portland's what do you want I hope you're here to turn yourself in young man nope I'm already in enough trouble as it is how I've done nothing worse for yourself push off you guards fine um just give me the keys or the to the office oh is that all is there anything else I can get you while you're here um you look at nothing from me I'll die before I see the safety of the vault compromised again that can be arranged Oh Oh those not guarded what.

A dive bar didn't we get that probably our friends a killer Hey Oh let's pick like a rather huh thank you ever come back um catcher have done that that was a bit evil I guess he still worked in a. Way Oh Jonas what the hell no from dad.

We read that afterwards at the lab uniform thank you I told you my father.

Wasn't himself I don't know what he might have done if you hadn't come along so main yet get out of here I'll try to meet you at the vault door if I don't make it good luck all right quick in here before we go all got akiza neo anyway gosh damn million jumpsuits medical clip ball don't need that what's.

In here just her oh whoops perfectly bobby pins go go go Gabby she's key q I.

Feel about trying into here access to computer quickly save in case I do wrong if the password locks you can't sort use it no I've got already okay that's fine Open Sesame Oh with some luck it's sweet.

Ooh password I've seen here ask a make sense doing hide it very well are we.

Going on wrist escape in his evil coffee bullets no she's good it's nice I was roaches oh nice shot is.

Any what's worse or two there's one there one over there nope it's invisible daughter to 101 entrance so almost escaped now I'll push this as a switch here it's so close be it's so far what.

This is the end together.

There's some guys behind there I think oh well oh you see me off did it I did you opened the door my god I almost didn't believe it was possible it is possible believe me um no you didn't need me I did. If anyone can survive out there it's you thank you um how do you come with me it's tempting but my place is here the vault needs me more than you do I'm the only one who was a chance to talk some sense into my father listen cuz I make sense do you catch up with your dad tell him I'm sorry for for you know Jonas and my father and everything goodbye oh god those guys huh no Sweden.

Bugger off oh no my shot always dead he left me.

Alone I would always left him your loved.

One dear Oh one face one more shot he's dead.

There we go a bit bit bad about that but. Secure it you hold me up guys gather so.

Close anyone's gonna sneak up behind me and kill me this is shown behind me it is wow it's.

Like two people to her eventually escape so we're gonna edit our race and stuff we're gonna go for it we've got happy almost level two already I will not even go outside and Mitchell wastelands.

So we're out in the wastelands now on the bright lights finally got look man.

This place is Souls I'm misplaced so much hope you guys really enjoyed this first part and want to come back and see more make sure you press that like button subscribe and come back soon thanks for the amazing support make sure you leave a little comment as well like the video and yeah see you guys soon what to level two as well you guys like this doing actually why we did it we should go for repairs is a few more repairs see the best skill points will get is based off our intelligence as well so we get lots more for that a bit more for small gun it was a speech I've looked more for medicine and I think that's probably what I want to do for now perhaps do a bit more repair let's all sweet and our first little perk as well what should we do that is boy gun nuts.

Mr. gun that one writes that finishes. That see you guys later bye.


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