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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 16) - Robots

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 16) - Robots

A video guide of me playing "Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice". In this section, we break into Zattere's and steal the sapphire. Now I feel so...criminal.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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And this is a random game you have to figure out in order to pull the levers in I guess and check.



Yes cool I was on a run there for a.

Moment each one what was it six.


Or five. And that shutdown we need to shut off all the power cords that that's what happens when the robot catches you restart from where you entered the room but there are four. Of the power chords and this facility.

In each of the corner rows so.

I'm going to show you where the next one next one is in this room.

Today robots uh-huh oh yes Oh awesome common three guesses in a row.

That's not bad.

And on to the next corner let's go left.

You can use your the up/down left/right buttons on your keyboard to control nancy during this part of the game you don't need it click like that.

Don't get caught like I'm doing.

Mm-hmm okay this looks good I'll fill myself a little safe spot just wait for red to get out of the way don't look laugh don't look left right yes okay now to get to this room.

Hmm made it just in time.

Okay so here's the next corner room.

Okay yes okay one more.

That not tough enough apparently.

Should be the last.

Okay this one's a real Tuffy I think I've got to figure out right for mr. blue. Now pass over to the left and in this corner this is a tricky part. Noise which over here.

It's mr. red Louis right how are you doing we're just going to sneak on by you now can't sneak on by over the top of this entire system.

Mr. blue Ark out of the way sneak on through here now there's only one more machine I had to learn about which is this Massoud oh great no please don't come any closer mr. ed.

Haha sneak by their.

Okay let's knit by over the top and mr. red has gone down and that's how you do it really tough I bet it's easier if you uh move in through the other side another puzzle.


Or on this whole thing would be all of them be so sweet.

Be like little puppy I like puppies.

Okay and that's all for losers.

How to get that sapphire okay so the Sapphire is in the room south of here.

As mr. blue there hahaha home free well almost.

Oh man I bet the red ones are the fastest ones yep they are.

Don't think you can get past me. Yeah okay there's the sapphire you see how we have the you know power circuits here if we didn't turn those for power circuits here they'd still be on and Nancy could have take this out first. Turn it and escape this. Right on the left hand Oh work. Okay peril I have to escape before them.


Hey leaving living and exiting the room that strategic point seems to be a good plan.

And this is he exited

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