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Final Fantasy VII - Final Boss: Sephiroth

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This video from: Avielmatic.
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Final Fantasy VII - Final Boss: Sephiroth

EDIT: 7/13/15

I hope this is read before comments are posted. Since this video has gone up three years ago, I've been hilariously criticized for not taking the easy way out and spamming Level 4 Limit Breaks or abusing Knights of the Round materia. Not to mock any of you guys, but I honestly didn't know or think that so many people would be so passionate about this. Let's be real though, if you know your way inside and out of Final Fantasy VII (or most Final Fantasies for this matter) you don't need to overkill the final boss battles with 1-button tricks or max level parties. What happened to the good old days of strategy?

Just sayin', no need to make mountains out of molehills guys, take it easy and appreciate this for what it is, I didn't wake up with the intention to piss off every viewer who comes across this video lol.


Wow, I've never done this at my level before. :) This was way easier than I expected it to be after making it past the Zombie Dragons and Iron Giants. The Megalixers are cheap and I'm sorry about that, I could have gone without them.

Jenova SYNTHESIS (0:49) - Needless to say, if you're a first time FF7 player you'll find this fight easy! Give it your all because when the clock hits zero you're finished with an Ultima spell.

Bizzaro Sephiroth (3:03) - I initially forgot how to beat this segment at first, not understanding why the core wasn't taking any damage. The slower animations made me think "screw it" and I KOR'd it out of impatience.

Safer Sephiroth (10:04) - The biggest surprise was the sudden power boost he got at the very end. If you can bring a Ribbon and equip it on the character who will use White Wind, you can void Super Nova's after effects very quickly. He can be slowed too.

Cloud / Sephiroth Dual (18:40) - Remember back when you saw those graphics for the first time as a child? You swore those were some of the best graphics any game would see. For those who wept at the lack of Omnislash... here's your answer!

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