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Spore any% in 49:37

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Spore any% in 49:37

Great Cell Stage, incredible yet still unoptimal Creature Stage, horrible Tribal Stage and Terrible Civilization Stage combine to make the first sub 50 Spore any% run. Could still be a minute and a half faster with slightly better Creature Stage RNG and the optimal Tribal/Civilization Stage RNG. The ultimate dream is now sub 48. Amazing in less than a year the same route can save over 5 minutes just because of RNG. -- Watch live at

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Okay we are ready let's get a world.



Doesn't do that to want to start grabbing uh veggies oh I got him dude.

That was so clutch that's I was gonna steal my food that smell stole my food I. Was gonna be pretty sad especially cuz.

It's a baby what could be more embarrassing baby stealing your food.

It's not bad rng for me that's real when.

We got that one too that's really good.

Really good on you so far I think the secret is not picking up the the part you're supposed to pick up in every run.

The part that's coded to be picked up to the start of the run unreal.

This RNG it's a ridiculously fast time.

And then we finally got the part we need you're just good oh my goodness this are and she is killing me right now this is actually they're like the run confirmed this is the run and he died so I grabbed his meat I wanted to grab that hmm.

I did that's a good grab this one and.

I'll level up he's so hurt.

Charles please that's perfectly candor.

Hope I guess so her look at all this meat that's good.

Grab that meat before I go in there's a.

Good time this is finally like the time I need to get like this is on pace everything and.

We level up right there oh my this is right next to all these other cells we're get puzzle gold over that's fine the buzz is negligible damage just a little bit of fat loss they're gonna - Bruce they're just cuz I don't wanna deal with that.

This is bar angie heaven right now this is unreal unreal unreal aren't you.

Right now so good oh we almost got to.

Hit the tree like a look at it right here Oh nope nevermind we'll get it right here the dream is real.

We didn't get a ridiculous pace but wow that was just perfect but we're looking for that's what we're looking for those. Are the time kind of times we're wanting to put out this is a good start this is.

A good start getting out of the water at.

Five minutes is a good start all the previous runs we've been getting were out of the water at like six minutes exactly like these are these are the cell stages I mean I haven't gotten a single cell stage like that all week ever since I got back into the running this game this is the best cell stage I've gotten I haven't gotten anything under five minutes and now I'm out of the water at five minutes like this unreal very good time right there very.

Good it still won't be my best which was 420 but that was a 430 I'll take a 430 happily 430 is definitely possible and.

Now I just got to get one part all I want is one part I don't care if I don't get strike I just want one part actually I kind of get I get strike but I care less about getting the strike hands and more about getting the feet and we didn't even get the strike hands through.

Does your strat use a spikes.

Oh yeah I know you're talking about the.

Herbivore strat didn't get the strike we need it that's fine cannot win them off mouth doesn't matter.

But exactly what is this guy doing here.

So weird we're gonna kill these guys now.

Get this puzzle second gosh.

I think this game would stop trolling me giving me amazing starts to the cell stage and then giving me a creature stage that gives me the war star and be possible nothing but eyes for parts unreal that gives us random super.

Leveled creatures so silly.

Oh no these guys are evolving I gotta.

Get them quick before they all evolved.

We got the last one over they evolved.

That might be the hands for you not that it matters at this point where are the hands we need technically I could.

Probably fight these guys oh yeah by.

That's nice so we're gonna save a little.

Bit of time here but we're not gonna be on a good pace.

Hmm we're still looking for one part so we're going to keep the consent looks like we're not going to get it now kind of get it Oh game game Oh score an ode to a Spode.

I prayed to Spode today he did not give me the RNG I acquired.

Like where are you going dude just walking away like he's never gonna see this person again yeah well at least we get this which is not terrible we won't none of these.

Things are what we want right so we've.

Got eight minutes once of the way through hello this is good this is good though this will save time getting these three right here right now Oh gotta kill.

This guy real quick Rasta looking at. These guys look at our level.

Two attacks.

This'll take time.

Look these things are also really slow there's a road it's not that we're gonna fight that right now good Oh anything.

Aggressive species in your life.

Oh they're leveling up though that's.

Okay we can get their stuff or welcome by there's a little for creature some.

Bones there's our pack.

Oh boy oh this is actually really good.

Because they're covering into our turf we can spice them now I will have everyone else's light not so much we.

Actually are the right level to be fighting these things so it's not like terrible things we can also off the babies.

Getting a little long helped I should be fine.

And I'm gonna charge this guy I'm gonna run away I'm gonna come back in I worked out really well I worked out a.

Lot better than I expected it to we might save time yet get max by I think.

We have NEX strike number we do have an upgraded feet so move along. Did I really have for 20 points I got.

The light equation cutscene I got these guys which are actually at our level so we can fight them their migraines you gotta catch those guys over there.

I gotta catch those guys are there could be two or we can just fight that rogue actually I'd be a lot better here's the stretch we're gonna fight these guys all right fill that road.

Who's that road it's bruised Oh.

He has no strikes killing alliances life.

I got one point for that oh this game stroke that was going to be what what.

Made us world record that literally cost us world record right there getting one. Point there cost us world record right there instead of a hundred I would event all the points I needed there were then everything I needed unreal that actually.

Cost us the room I don't know why does. That there in my pack and they kill him and it gets us one point like I understand why that's happening but I understand why it's coated that way that makes no sense for it to be coated that way to get one point because as you can see right now I'm gonna get nothing like that would have been the run right there and I have to kill these guys at least they're close that would have been a sub 18 right there that would actually been a world-record pace right there that would been like a sub 49 time all things considered it'll be fine right here first thing to get these guys.

Oh it's not gonna be enough others there's what I see better here.

But as you can see that cost those sub 18 getting one DNA point like that was such a good run too to start off I was such a good run like we almost finished before the spaceship came like that just tells you how good of a run this is when you're finishing before you even get to the spaceship cutscene on rail still we.

Save 2 minutes so there's there's the world record right there boys all we need to do is this the the.

Meteorite cutscene was very short I don't know if you might have noticed it but it happened very quickly the spaceship we almost beat the spaceship like getting that rogue meant beating the spaceship and that would have been an insane time save but because I went away at the last second someone else killed him and they got the credit for it and for some reason it's coated so that if someone else is fighting a rogue you don't get the points you get one point that's fine I was still a very.

Reasonable creature stage so I am not upset about that.

That was absolutely reasonable and I think we're going to come over here maybe not now no we'll come over here these guys are still level 50 and all that.

But wow that's insane it was so much time-saving I got that rogue like we had such a rough start at the beginning but we salvaged it we got really good RNG for the rest of the run we salvaged it but it wasn't enough and once the.

Chieftain gets the food we're gonna put down the trap so now we're gonna use our.

Trap to get some food this trap learns in the animals and then we can use the animal meat for food because we need to build up food we need about a hundred food right after we get this building and this guy actually has to start farming and then these two are going to be farming meat.

Seeing a little bit of time here not too much unfortunately.


Well I just got here three of us I don't.

Know it's kind of hard to say scattered if I'm gonna come down too far away and we'll come I'll come for the.

Green Village yeah the naming the creature the.

Creature is the the real incentive the planet name is not that great but the the creature is the real incentive you want to go for because that's the name of your empire that's the name of your cities and everything.

Oh that's fun that's fun so the ella.

Village is no more currently i don't.

Know how we're going to save that here.


Yeah when the tribe dies nothing happens really nothing really happens only when your tribe dies does something happen I had my first World Record one of the tribes died but I was able to befriend one of the one of the lone villagers that wasn't part of the tribe that died he was out harming for fun and we just.

Lucked out I got the torch - which is good because that means you can friend these guys.

Like this no you're doing the exact opposite of what I want you to do here. Now we're gonna make the no wait can't make it to think in these three are just gonna sit here all for these guys gonna sit here what if I could salvage this by.

Accidentally not doing this right I mean if I get another wouldn't I should be able to do it oh good look.


Hello mr. epic.

We're just got that one maraca go away we don't need him so we actually lost a.

Little bit of time here unfortunately well.

Because I actually want to avoid that epoch I'm gonna go further and deeper into the tribe to befriend them rather than out here in the outskirts because I do not want him to walk over and touch me I just want to be way over here and be safe since he's getting a little too close but we lucked out so we're good see how we're only losing time now unfortunately.

We're in trouble we finish the show we. Finish the show no matter what we finish this show the best movie we have one.

Moroccan left yes the ESPE didgeridoo oh.

My gosh we finish the show no matter.

What damn it it still asking that question oh so it's almost impossible to get sub.

35 here unfortunately even with that amazing lead with the creature stage that tribal stage just screwed us over we finish the show no matter what we.

Finish the show at all cost Oh God do it for the show thinking out.

Of yourself but of the people you do it for we do it for the entertainment we.

Lay down our lives for this cause.

So let's go that's a good spawn for us.

For the reason this guy's way out here so we're gonna lose a little time oh my goodness hurry up we're still capping it so fast how did that happen we got the bad rng.

Hey kiddo that's okay we'll get them.

Time too oh we got good energy we got good energy at least we could have lost more time if you didn't have any buildings but thankfully it digs hello.

Mister economic City goodbye mister economic City.

So we're not gonna get a phenomenal split here unfortunately the best possible split is this building and then this city these two cities combined and we did not get that instead we got the two separated cities because now we don't get a city that spawns close to this continent so unfortunately this. Isn't going to be the amazing run it's it could have been or still doing fine.

Good fun it also depends if another city.

Spawns over here that will save us some time it's usually that happens and we should see it once we get our final City.

So now we make our plane so our vehicles.

Then uh it's gonna start over here.

I was so funny though yeah like you saw what I when I was planning to do there and you saw it was going together it was going to work I chose them to go a little bit further in so that we could fight we could do that socialization without without getting caught up on the epic and the epic still found us and killed two of our performers and we still won oh that was too good dude I live for those moments those are two fun.


Really need to cut one more tree this pink one right here just across the way right there that's all way too let's go right there.

That's the last city we have to capture before we can pop our ability and we're only going to be not even a minute ahead it's gonna be really close we're gonna be we're actually in a lose time here too which is unreal getting a great start on the creature stage two minutes ahead only to get pretty much right back on par with our civilization stage Michael II we got through. Oh gosh okay somehow I accidentally made enough money that I stole bought it I accidentally bought an airplane and still had enough money that's funny. So yeah.

The only time we can save here is not making a full stop at the center and we can save a tiny bit of time here by clicking really good if we can get some good clicks here we're set.

Good clicks let's go yeah I agree that was my favorite ship too but I love that I have a croc ship I like my croc ship.

Just as much which sucks because I didn't actually run this one I stole it from someone else who found it or made it whatever but I got the buildings all.

Myself those are exactly mine the same ones I got from 2009 it's ok ex live.

You're about to see the sub 50 run we.

Can save time right here and we're doing an okay job of that we can save time in the final stretch because I made a full stop in that run so we're gonna get some 50 today.

And even then I won't be satisfied actually getting some 50 is nice but I actually wanna go further because getting a creature stage like that only to get a horrible tribal and sit stage like such a tease to give me this great start and then give me a mediocre tribal with a horrible the worst civilization stage you can get for this file is a that spread with those city spawns because we had to spend more time traveling and uh the only other way you.

Can save time in the sub stage is by capturing the city's farthest from yours so if you can go in a linear fashion when you pop the final ultimate the final ability you're going to hear the the abilities going to go from your main city the first city you made and if the last cities are close to it they'll catch it really quickly I don't think.

It'll go to sub 45 sub 45 is asking way too much a sum of best I believe a sum of best would be a 45 but that means that they also get a perfect space stage and I don't think I can get a perfect space stage ever because while this file. Is great this planet is great the the actual spiral is horrible because it spawns me in the southern hemisphere of the galaxy which has the worst entrances to the the center of the galaxy.

Kingly honestly the only thing we can do to really push this game further is to get a is to find a consistent glitch to give us invincibility in the creature stage and I've only got one thing in mind and I haven't tested it at all yet but it's to to level up at the same time you die in the in the ocean.

If you can use spit to kill the last creature before you get the brain evolution and you walk into the ocean at the same frame I think it would give some really interesting results but I haven't been able to test it yet but that's one thing I really need to I really want to see you happen okay.

Hopefully this is a good one it's not it's an average rock.

I don't really understand the strat that.

You're talking about and I'd love to see it I mean this strap for like for everything with this route with everything about this route this is pretty great like you basically are doing the fastest thing in each stage you're doing carnival which is average you're doing a predator which is not as.

Fast as social but it can be more convenient because there are more opportunities to get a lot of DNA really quickly as a predator because there's creatures you kill that give extra DNA and rogues are a little bit easier to kill than the artists socialize although it might be easier to socialise with but a socialization in the tribal stage is by far the fastest thing you can do.

Those things can save time or those are the fastest way and then whatever you are in the trouble stage you have to be in the civilization stage because you get that free extra button oh yeah.

That's right I'd like to know more about that Strax that sounds interesting.

Because like the most time loss you get by using the seafood that's been the most time lost you get by using the zealot badge the zealot ability is waiting for it to finish like you have to actually wait for the animation to complete before you can leave the system and that's a big time loss that can be spent elsewhere.

I'm trying a new strat it's a little risky I'm gonna only get 900,000 all because it saves time on how many buildings you have to remove that's the only stratum going for it there and of course while I'm doing this I can grab these yeah.

Well have 140,000 which was more than enough to get the rest of the items you need by the end of the run because we're.

Still waiting for that animation to finish out we'll see what happens here what about the fully loaded splint just a sec yeah we'll be fine we got a gold.

Split there and that's a relevant gold split right there that gold split is relevant that's actually the fastest I've done that actually it might be a little it.

Might have been a little risky to do that but we shall see.

This turns out buying things it's a lot more expensive than I thought either I'm.

Just going to take a bite of that eight thousand I was a lot of bucks dude eight thousand bucks for a refuel highway robbery.

That's interesting the cracks actually don't really have that much of an impact on how how capable we are getting to the center because if you go fast and never stop they actually don't damage you at all like not once they can never damage you if you go max speed and never slow down.

This could actually really be close we.

Do need to get one more though just one more and this should be the last one yep.

So hopefully this guy has an energy pack because that'd be perfect.

There we go rock and roll I'm just gonna.

Think on this being a center I'm not going to pretend those are safe people.

There it is.

Greetings my friend you have travelled very far I've overcome many obstacles along the way you've encountered many of diverse far-flung siblings precious will then need this for your effort and deserving advancement to the next level of your existence the universe human hand is worth see your creative efforts have not gone.

In EKF stilton's other untruth world's just as your worlds reached by them it is now time for us just it's now scary.


Something we ask is its mysterious voice from knows so much and this is such great cars I'm.


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