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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 6) - Doll Sorting

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon (Part 6) - Doll Sorting

A video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. In this section, Nancy calls Bess and George to learn who made the dancing shoes. She finds two things she missed in John Grey's car. Nancy tells John about finding Lori. Then Nancy solves the complex doll sorting puzzle. For her efforts, she finds two slugs.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Okay there are a couple things you can do at this point in the game but let's check this first you need the map I already solve that next I need two projector lalalalala do to do but in order to get the projector we have to find the name and get the name you have to get the dolls in order Camille's dancing shoes stand with their maker a lot a lot a lot we've done the dance now we just need to find the name of whoever made the dancing shoes so in order to do that it called Bess and George the bid to do that's the George. Mess in Jules following message or joke ie hello hi girls hey what's going on I'm British now huh the name of the company that made Jake's wife's dancing shoes is too faded to read but to find Jake's mine I need to know what it is yeah I know what you do take a picture of them with your cell phone then send it to us and we'll check them out for you but I thought you guys had to paint this room boring besides we're going to have to take a break soon because we're almost had a paint probably the best one means she has on the wall anyway send us a picture of the shoes be a cell phone as soon as you can actually I already sent you a picture of the shoes hey we're on it oh you guys are the greatest I know I need anything else hmm I get the definite feeling Lauri Gerrard has a thing for Tina Balducci I saw him on TV once he is very cute Laurie thinks he's the world's greatest detective and help yeah let's just say hey does it work for our Police Department I think the only reason these famous is because he looks good on camera well I think you two are being way too hard on him just because he's good-looking doesn't mean he can't also be smart in fact maybe Balducci tries to look incompetent on purpose to the bad guys all sense of security so it easier to catch them ever think of that no bus I never did well there you go interesting I better go let us know what happens I'm not so sure about T Nobel du.

Chien enough what did you do and what's.

That game white will have icicle Creek he kind of makes you go on like a 15 minutes pointless channel deals with those weird-looking bolts that too I saw in the caboose I bet that's what you're used to unscrew these bolts I need something that will turn the bolt so there you go we're gonna have to go back to the caboose I'm sorry I didn't know Sonny's here hey it's Ruth Kensington you know the person Jake left a letter for oh she looks happy yay and this must be Jake that is a crazy top hat and.

Where's the picture Camille I think there is a picture Camille somewhere. Hidden in this car what's it be Sarah caught a germ cell you it made me of a pretty green eyes turn blue okay I think that's the last clue for the doll puzzle last clue I think let's start to Jon up. I found Lori safe and sound in the caboose so I guess those vibes you got about her being in serious trouble were wrong strange my vibes are never wrong what's even stranger is I'm still getting them so maybe they're not about Lori maybe they're about you what I'm confused are you a scientist or a psychic who may happen to be books what's commonly referred to as psychic phenomena is all a matter of energy just because we don't know where that energy is generated or how to measure it yet doesn't mean that it doesn't exist trust me either you or Lori is or soon will be in big trouble huh could you be more specific yeah ultimately no thanks thanks for the Jack pleasure talking to you thank you science for confusing me.

Okay I think that's everything.

To do so let's go back to the dolls finish out the whole puzzle and such did.

You do jumping jump a better call Besson.

George best George how's it going.

This will be the calling Besson George video me again just checking to see whether you were able to find out the name of those dancing shoes yet yeah wish is our command but hang on to your hat the name is a real mouthful the shoes were made by show said shot a on th a u SS EPTs CH AE.

Oh Y des French for shimmering socks apparently if you were into dancing in the 1870s that was the company to get your shoes from show Syd shut - yawns got it thanks guys thanks for letting us help ya I discovered this cabinet full of old dolls in the caboose all coughing Mike are they they belonged to Jake's wife Camille Jake mentioned them in his letter to his knees because Jake's you know I mean they never had a child of their own right so maybe after Camille died with a little vulgar so that hey I'm just trying to think outside the box here okay something it wouldn't hurt you to do some kind of time Little Miss no imagination you know maybe I'll just put this paintbrush down walk out that door and let you do this all by yourself you gotta keep painting if I don't get this done by tomorrow I'll be grounded for a month I was just kidding about your imagination it's wonderful you're wonderful very very wonderful that's more like ah catch you later messenger all righty.

Tighty so just to do to do like I said give the.

Dolls in order let's do to do the name of their maker okay so shop to show Ianto will devil Z name laws I do not know because I cannot pronounce franch that is the key to the doll puzzle now you'll notice that best of the map for us to do share to surround CH aus s et yeah oh yeah and.

You know all the dolls names because I've got them down on my list they if you use all the dolls initials they can spell shall to show out huh huh so a sham totally Hildegard that's this one should be a CH do to do next would be au. Which is awful Ursula which we saw on the sampler what to do and do to do next.

Is sickly sera which we just saw she has miss colored eyes so which one is sickly sera this her she looks kind of sickly oh wait no this is sickly sera oops okay okay okay okay calm down calm.

Down come here okay no no no put her down put her down she's very nice doll I admit just put her down sorry technical difficulties there folks my computer thought my mouse was clicking when it wasn't anyway next et Edna the terrible which one's Edna Edna cries mama when you pick her up I believe see now that explains the poem that says all she said was a two-part word in the yawning Alice said no I'm not your mama okay Teddy Eberhard Teddy that's one of the boys this is Teddy see he's wearing a little plaid kilt you came in a plaid box that's how you knew that okay 680 Crawford you saw her pink shoes in a dining cart and uh-hmm this he haunting house yeah you saw her pink shoes and she doesn't that's why she doesn't have any shoes so she is number six Sadie Crawford then number seven is Hagar Anderson okay so that's you gar. Anderson done very well that's her Hagar dudududu where am I I've already lost count uh number eight Thomasina o'neill who has a blue ribbon decorative blue ribbon is that you know it's not that you know it's not is that you know that's not it so it must be you or maybe not I don't know whatever EEE oh this is nice okay you two do ten.

Is naughty Tina who's got the cracked face eleven is Eliza Sandberg with the red ribbon and twelve is yawning Alice right where's yawning Alice go no.

Yawning Alice is nine and twelve ten. Eleven there you go and that's the doll puzzle all solved yay here's the one slug and the two slug perfect for solving that problem earlier and what's this it's kind of nice but I don't know. What that is just to look at just to look at okay the important thing was getting those slugs so that means we get to solve another slug puzzle yay did you do.

That's a bit of a tricky dog puzzle and not a bit of a tricky is real tricky okay so let me see we've got one

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