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Saints Row: The Third - Genkibowl VII - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Apocalypse Genki

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Saints Row: The Third - Genkibowl VII - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Apocalypse Genki

Saints Row The Third Genkibowl VII Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1.

This is Mission 1 of the Saints Row The Third DLC Pack Genkibowl VII.



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I just want to say welcome back I'm actually hang on let me kill this fool real quick Oh take that hope you're all doing well I'm actually going to be showing you I just installed I want to say it right the first time I'm gonna try ganky Bowl seven probably not saying. It right anyways after you install it it actually pops up new missions and I'm just gonna do those in order to go to mission start ok danky Bowl seven please.

Meet us as soon as you can and good luck to you hello sports fans and welcome to.

The craziest wildest glorious extravaganza outside of Forres can keep all seven I'm Zack and you all know my tag-team partner Bobby Bobby previous Genki Bulls have had no lack of surprises of the nastiest sort sack and this year will be no different murder mayhem and fun are all just a big part of any gang people and the genius man cat has cooked up an exciting list of never-before-seen events that promise to be even deadlier than anything we've ever seen below hey worse than the grizzly bear rodeo from Genki before there is absolutely no doubt about wow I'm actually salivating oh my goodness and as an added bonus Bobby we've just learned that the leader of the 3rd Street Saints will be taking part in today's festivities think they can keep the winning streak going huh we're about to find out the games are gonna begin so let's get down there when I say down to the action well well well.

Alright let's do this shit this is apparently the first mission of this downloadable caca oh shit it's great that ain't no water bear that's a fucking shark spit on the classes of ethical reality o'clock that's right oh and I hear there's new things in store for oh my god over here what was this money shot unethical you don't want to hit the unethical in the deepest darkest corner you gotta keep that bonus going to that's where it's at come on bonus where you have times to marry Tammy what are you doing oh come on I should have been it I should have been it right there what do you have oh oh take that little little plus there will help come on fire right now Jesus hope you're all doing well though it would mean the world to me if you guys would uh show that like button some love on this part I'm trying to show you guys the first mission actually stayed up late to wheelhouse trying to be one of the first people to have this up and hopefully uh hope it works out it seems like a lot for this player will be drawn on open blow money shot and I should have saved the help though I guarantee you that I probably should have saved that one I'm doing pretty well though.

I'll shock hate me you see that shit to start I think I gotta go do that one too if you guys would like I plan on doing all the downloadable content for this game Anna hang on let me snap this fool on the right I can't see there we go.

Don't ask me how I saw that oh fuck I'm gonna fire Oh a perfect roads homeless messed up there you go that's not too bad sniping shit five feet from my face cuz that's what I do baby one shot I.

Don't know.

Damn I'm almost at the goal okay I did.

It oh I got to go to the exit I don't. Know where the exit set I'm gonna go this way it seems the the best route to take.


No no no no no no we're almost there.

Almost there almost there all there.

We made it oh thank god well I hope you.

Guys enjoyed it that shit was crazy and uh yeah I'll see you all I'm gonna have this entire thing up I'm gonna play it a lot tomorrow but I'm about to get some sleep

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