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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Walkthrough #32 Fred and George's Great Flight

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Walkthrough #32 Fred and George's Great Flight


Find Fred and George Weasley on fifth floor

Use Incendio or Reducto to bring out the last of their swamps

Fly around the school lighting off all the firework boxes

Dolores Umbridge fights with Centaurs

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Friend George want to see you there on the fifth ball are you all right Harry yeah let's find Fred and George.

Bread and Georgia waiting for us on the fifth floor corridor.

The noise down slytherins our supreme I.

Don't think if I didn't have to open I'd leave you out here Tata.

Hospital coverless scoundrel.

Hey Fred George is anything the matter we've had a tip-off one bitch found out it's us who provided a little presence that have been left for her what are you gonna do I've always felt I futures outside the world of academic achievement I've been thinking the same thing myself everything is set the swamp is in place just keep your eyes open and your heads down and get to the entrance hall you'll have the best view from there let's start the show with this swamp box I think a little incendio or Reducto will do it.

And son do.

Yo well where we are interrupts I'll.

Have you whipped for this I do believe this is where we leave Fred akio Peru.

Do you think she'll be upset.


Incentive or reduction I will go out with a flag.

Don't bother.

You'll have to kill me Oh yup.

But you're sure you're alright and fine but fall Tamar has serious I saw it but what if Altamont meant for you to see to get to you what if he did I'm supposed to just let serious down the chimney in our bridges office we can use the flow Network to get too serious come on.

You were Billington to venture. Very well the Cruciatus curse ought to loosen your tongue no it's illegal even read a savage tell her hurry it's not what another student died what is it I knew Dumbledore was planning something a weapon then is it take me to it well.

Where is this weapon.

I really hate children but if it falls.

To me.

You have no business here this is a ministry.

We have to get serious come on Thank You grop but Harry how exactly are you planning to get all the way to order let's just get back to the Carson.


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