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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 6

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 6

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Here we go.

Looks like to get some taffy on a stick I'm going to need two different tokens.


You you.



I did it.

Wonder what's in here.

What shall I play.

The spyglass but it's the one I need for Jake's projector.


So I hear Tina took you and Lori for a little hike today don't remind me turns out Tino had no idea where he was going good thing for him my fingers were frozen stiff otherwise I would have strangled him I'll let you get back to work come back anytime.

More questions you didn't go on Tino's expedition to Jake's mine please the man barely knows where his head is if he's the one who finds that mine I'll eat my laptop I should get going alright then.

Yes you startled me do you work here I do are you looking for someone yes Camille Hurley she died back in the 1800s ah Camille beautiful crypt wonderful do you good drainage whoever buried her must have loved her very much may I go inside it you may but unfortunately you can't why not I accidentally dropped the key down the grate that's in front of the crypt if you can retrieve it you can keep it I'm having another one made but if you do go into the crypt just remember you won't be alone well there's the key.



Hmmm this indentation looks familiar.


Something fits in here.

We'll here's Jake slap another slug. Could come in handy but where's his pickaxe welcome back have you by any chance ever come across a pickaxe that had the initials JH carved into it why because it used to belong to Jake Hurley and I really really need it I thought it would be in that old trunk but it wasn't you got that trunk open wait'll I tell cousin Alvin he thinks he's so smart as for that pickaxe so happens I got it upstairs in my kitchen you's a dope and the coconuts and Lucy sends me every year from Hawaii do you think I could have it why no you can't have it how would I open them coconuts.

Hey I could have just gotten you Charlie Nina's autograph but instead I got you an autographed picture which is way better you owe me okay I'll let you have the pickax after you do something for me sure I got a bunch of taffy over there what needs sort just follow the directions that are posted by the machine then Bilt's get moving pretty face so you got to keep your wits about you while you're doing that I'll fetch that pickax you got a deal.

Wax paper for the taffy.

Yes indeedy got that deficit no problem.

That was easy you sneak any freebies while you read it it was pretty tempting but nope I sure didn't well ain't you the goody two-shoes truth is wouldn't have minded too much if you had long as he fessed up to it here's the pickaxe crack the handle pretty bad on the last batch of coconuts you sure you want it positive there you go don't hurt yourself I won't thank you.

Hello hey it's Frank I'm in the kitchen of the diner playing short-order cook has that grandchild of Jake's engineer showed up yet just came in with his lady who's even older than he is and get this he's a retired miner so every time I finish an order and ring the pickup Bell he thinks it's the mine shaft elevator bell and for some reason it makes him start telling his lady friend about his grandfather you mean you ring the bell and he starts talking about James Thurston exactly of course five seconds later he's rambling on about something totally unrelated but I just fill an order ring the bell and ding he picks up right where he left off that is unless I fill the order wrong and the waitress choose me out she's got a voice like a chainsaw very distracting sounds like you better keep your ears open and your nose to the grindstone I am just wanted to keep you posted Thanks talk to you soon.

So do you know what you want to order yet Edna did I tell you that my granddad. Was the engineer on a private train owned by one of the richest men that ever passed through copper gorge Jay Curley was his name yes sir my granddaddy was Jake's private engineer for more than 25 years told my daddy that men don't come any crazier than Jake curry or any nicer treated my granddaddy real well and told him stuff real important stuff stuff he made my granddaddy swear to never ever forget stuffed in my granddaddy told my daddy and that my daddy told me why don't you get the egg salad and now eggs are back to being good for you you know seems like just last year all those scientific types were saying your arteries had clogged up you get so much as looked at an egg but nowadays while of a sudden eggs are chock full of vitamins and proteins and eatin um's not only okay it's what they recommend they should either make up their minds or keep their mouths shut make eating more pleasant that's for sure.

Yes sure Jake Hurley told my granddaddy things he never told another living soul not even his wife I tell you about her Edna I don't think so Camille was her name Camille boule that's French you know of course she died so young that poor Jake didn't have time to tell her anything according to my granddaddy one summer day she had a dizzy spell and fell and hit her head she didn't take well to the heat see and sometimes in the summer when they were going through the desert why that trained it'd be just like an oven anyway granddad said she got right up afterwards and seemed okay but a couple hours later Jake found her in her room dead as a doornail now there's another expression that kind of makes you wonder dead as a doornail how can something be dead if it was never alive to begin with and why a doornail why not something else that begins with a deed like this rags for dust mob dead as a Dutch mob that's kinda got a ring to it don't you think.

The way my granddaddy died that was kind of strange too I ever tell you how my granddaddy died my daddy he came home.

From school one day to find a railroad official telling his mom that granddad been found dead in Blue Moon Canyon Nevada he was in the engine of Jake Hurley's train just kind of slumped over with his head still on the throttle the strange thing is nobody else was onboard the Train yet the door to the engine was locked and barred it was like granddad was trying to keep someone out like he was running from something like something finally scared him so bad his heart just stopped of course he was in his 60s at the time and back then that was old it doesn't seem so old now does it Edna Here I am pushing 93 and still spry as a spring chicken spring chicken now where do you suppose that expression came from why not spring goose for summer chicken ah life's just one puzzlement after another isn't it Edna.

I ever tell you about the mind my.

Granddaddy said Jake hurty found a couple years before he died granddad told my daddy that Jake found a vein in the mountains somewhere and was mining it all by himself so no one would steal it out from under him he wouldn't even tell granddad where the mine was what he do is half granddad drive the train real slow so he could jump off without granddad seeing him then granddad would pick him up at a pre-arranged spot a few days later oh they didn't call him crazy Jaykar lee for nothing speaking of crazy you see how much Abner is charging for a haircut at that shop of his now 20 bucks but what's even crazier is people are actually paying him that I told him the only way I'd pay him 20 bucks be if I came in with hair down to my knees he just laughed and said I was a crazy one 20 bucks for a haircut what is this world coming to.

But the craziest thing Jake Hurley ever did was tell granddad the secret to finding his mine who made him swear to tell it to my daddy and nobody else eventually my dad he told me and it was so bizarre that I remember to this day though I sure don't understand how it had helped anybody find his mind but since my daddy didn't tell me not to tell anybody this is what crazy Jake Hurley told granddad word-for-word the eye of the tiger is fixed on a star zircon lies in fingers that scar amethyst floats in a hand from the deep citrine is what the foul mouth shall keep tourmaline by a soft arm is ensnared peridot rests at the foot of the mare the eye of the tiger is fixed on a star zircon lies and fingers at scar amethyst floats in a hand from the deep citrine is what the foul mouth shall keep tourmaline by a soft arm is ensnared peridot rests at the foot of the mayor Frank are you sure that's what he said I'm positive are you sure that's all he said look this guy was old okay I mean we're talking Jurassic and guys that old don't joke around they don't have time to what you just heard is what I heard word for word got anything else I almost forgot you've got to check this out it's just an old letter Frank you bet it's an old letter from Samuel Clemens oh my gosh where did you get this I found in the caboose apparently he and Jake were pen pals wish I had a famous writer for a pen pal. When Joe gave it to me I about flipped I know I should turn it over to Lori and I will but it's just so darn cool I still don't see what the big deal is I mean it's not like it's from Mark Twain or anything what see you in a bit if you need anything just let us know

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