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Enter the Matrix (Niobe) walkthrough Part 1 Post Office

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Enter the Matrix (Niobe) walkthrough Part 1 Post Office

Enter the Matrix Part 1 Post office |Niobe| walkthrough gameplay (no commentary).

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Look at him when flies - cow pies crawling over every drop we ever used we didn't have a lot of time a lot of time uh-huh we don't have a little time look I don't need to be mr. naysay but you really think you got a chance in hell of getting at that thing before they find it I don't know no one stopped her from trying come on ghost it's crazy sparks how long have been operating on this ship three years and you ought to know by now when she makes up her mind you have one choice you'd go with her or you get the hell out of her way.

Scot at the post office so drops no clean Niobe this won't be.

Easy that is was my friend I knew him he.

Never used to drop before he didn't trust him whatever's in that box cost that he has his life in the lives of his crew and I have a feeling if we don't get to it first it's gonna cost us a whole lot more so are you ready blue on this you know me and IOB it's not a.

Choice it's a way of life because I know.

How valued my opinion is on this ship I won't bother to tell you but I think it's insane for you not to wait for a support team and for the record when I cart your bodies back to Zion you prefer formation or the gardens sparks her faith in us remains a source of personal inspiration well I am what I am and I do what I can thinking you shut up and hit the button your wish captain my captain is my keystroke colon double backslash execute command.


Why do you do that do what check your guns you never know it's a program they get loaded every time the exact same way Hume teaches us that no matter how many times you drop a stone and it falls to the floor you never know what will happen the next time you drop it it might fall to the floor but then again it might float to the ceiling past experience can never approve the future so so you never know here we go.

We're in you got 10 minutes until the post office closes there's a ton of heat in the air and then the package is still untouched box number is seven three one two two two got it and hey can you ask ghost if he doesn't make it can I have his boots.

You're appalled inside or out I'll get the package. Keep in touch.

Oh Saturday.


About the TCF women's locker room could. You please leave what did you get we'd.



Don't go up I think they're expecting you cups are everywhere on that second floor calling your partner for backup I thought security had the elevator.



Khottabych really toxic you got to stay up high away from that stuff the cops are sealing the doors outside ghost is getting slowed down so you're on your own for now.


You you.

So located.

Sparks the peel box area is locked up tight I don't see any way in yeah I understand and you didn't say anything there's a red conveyor belt that runs about the main sorting area it's down the hall and to the left of where you are now okay find a spot where you can get onto the belt ride it until it takes you over the peel bar chart and no one's supposed to see me when I'm up there just act invisible.

He's got the package get her.

What the hell happened to you girls created a distraction for you a distraction is there part of the building he didn't set on fire that is just what I'm sure the front entrance is a no-go have I got an exit hold on I'm looking at your options okay you're not gonna like it hit me find the manager's office it's near where you jump down the conveyor belt on the second floor not steer not gonna like it part just call me when you get there.

Hey listen I've got it just working on the timing you gotta put your back to the city map that's across the room from the big window good hang on I'll be with you in just a sec here we go now when I.

Say go I want you to run for that big window in front of you and jump through it trust me this is gonna be fine I think.

The west wing get over here quick let's get going I think those sounds

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