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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 1 - Edward Kenway (PC AC4 Let's Play)

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Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 1 - Edward Kenway (PC AC4 Let's Play)

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough Part 1 - Edward Kenway (PC AC4 Let's Play)

Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play

Playthrough of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag with Live Gameplay and Commentary in 1440p high definition at 60 fps played on PC. This Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag walkthrough will be completed showcasing every level, mission, boss, and story ending.


Samples that were taken from Desmond Miles' body in the moments after his death have allowed Abstergo Industries to continue exploring his genetic memories using the Animus' newfound cloud computing abilities. The unnamed player character is hired by Abstergo Entertainment, from their Montréal headquarters, to sift through the memories of Edward Kenway, an eighteenth-century pirate, the father of Haytham Kenway and the grandfather of Ratonhnhaké:ton. Ostensibly, this is to gather material for an Animus-powered interactive feature film. In reality, Abstergo—the Templars of the present time—are searching for a First Civilization structure known as the Observatory, and are using Edward's memories to find it.


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Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release: October 29, 2013

Genre: Action Adventure, Stealth

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC

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Get high eat alright welcome ladies and.

Gentlemen as promised through my Assassin's Creed 3 remastered let's play walkthrough today I am bringing you guys a replay of the PC version of Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag and its close with the Ezio trilogy but I think that this is hands-down my favorite Assassin's Creed game ever just because I absolutely adored the character of Edward Kenway he was just a real down-to-earth honest dude not trying to go out for revenge or anything no real purpose just for the lawls and get rich shit and personally to hell with that so I was thinking what before I started this series is that what if they released a remastered of this game and well I have to replay it on the channel third time I think we're safe because this game came out konna in that weird period with a Nugent are the current generations of consoles came out and they eventually did release it on PlayStation 4 a bit later and Xbox one it just originally first came out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but it was eventually ported over so I'm pretty confident they will never release a remastered version of this game but we are playing it on PC today on the absolute max settings I turned off motion blur because I generally don't like it when this game first came out it absolutely was a system hog like running on the generations of GPUs and CPUs at the time it struggled but two hun and a full 60 frames per second but with modern-day hardware I think we're gonna be okay the physics particles being visit Nvidia PhysX particles is what really killed it with the hello with the with the cloud from your Gunsmoke and everything but you'll see you'll see a little bit later we got we're running pretty modern a hardware as always if you guys want my specs you can find them in the description the only complaint I have with this game is that it still locked to 60 frames per second you can't go past that and as well they don't have the option of using PlayStation controllers while not without the with the actual proper icons so we are playing it with an Xbox controller so anyways yeah that's pretty much all the logistic stuff like I said I'm excited this is it like I said favorite Assassin's Creed game ever the boat and the ship scenes are awesome and I love the main characters hope you guys are going to enjoy it as always if we can enjoy my thumbs up it's always appreciated if you're new feel free to hit that subscribe button as well and let's jump it into it and have a good time.

I have no choice I can't even wait yes I can yeah also the modern day store Lions.

Game just put that whole but these boys.

Pretty good.

And he's here by the tolerance.

Reach the ship's wheel take the wheel.

Got it I got a bro.

SiC the enemy ships.

The break-up the hopes night.

Yeah they are some reason the position on Weebly here.

At home at the players that's through three look didn't expose that's just so.

Dishes take it off all the CPU and a GPU hardware laughing just got thunderclap.

We'll be okay if we okay.


Finisher finisher.

The magazine is going out save the world.

Douse the flames Danny there you both broke.

Is it dangerous Edward private Harry is it dangerous. Wouldn't pay so nice if it weren't why not sir with the caves Navy earn a proper wage sail under gentlemen sod the navies gentlemen for every shilling I'd earned the captain gets 600 that's no way to earn a fortune we don't need a fortune it's not about.

Need Caroline I want food that don't make me sick I want walls that hold back the wind I want a decent life how long would you be.

Gone with these privateers a year I.

Reckon to it the most.

Alright no more than two promise me.

Look at that polka necklace straight out.

Of the late 2010 reach the shore.

Yeah it seems it looks great fantastic.

I originally played on PlayStation 3 so the bar is set pretty low I didn't play the Etowah Way DLC PlayStation 4 but there's only several. Hours.

Was it good for you as well vana I must get to Havana well I'll just.

Build us another ship well I I can pay you isn't that the sound you pirates like best 100 sq nose.

Keep talking thank you oh thank you you.

Don't have that gold on you now do you.

Bondi assassin come on mate we're off to a bad start I thought ours the assassin I just alright let's get this guy give up free.

Run on it's a hundred leads or more to Havana will you walk that distance yeah. Yeah yeah gotta hunt for some booty so.

Much foliage dudes so much of the foliage.

Synchronize the first synchronization of game.

So pretty forces so dance without foliage.

Pause get where's he running to where.

None any rush dude what money.

So I actually had to revert back to the default graphics settings after that synchronization because when I ran further into the forest the game just ran like shit Hannes it read terrible so even after all these years this game still struggling a bit either it was that graphically intensive or was a terrible port I almost likely believe the latter rather than the former but that's okay well will be alright he saw all the.

Stuff first like these messages and.

Bottles and then will come back.

Oh we got.

Ducking and diving kick straight kick it.


One second get another one over here yeah it's running much better with the default settings I guess it tried to be a little bit too ambitious too ambitious.

Yeah over a half decade later still runs.

Attack Oh what can you do as long as we.

Maintain 60 I'll be godrays or nothing.

Okay let's go catch this pool we've got.

An animal skin a wild pig.

We could work together on this nope he.

Said nope no thank you another synchronization.

Point she's handing these out like candy.

This game was like the lost game cuz where they were releasing yearly Assassin's Creed games keep your distance oh and the quality remained the same or.

Pretty decent anyways and then because the next year after this game you he came out and that was just to kind up a debacle you and he after several months asset became a pretty decent game but not right at launch coming coma dude.

Oh I gotcha. Kill the assassin don't see that every. Day.

Adam is a kill counter kill a point.

Signore Duncan whirlpool I accept your most generous offer and a way to arrival with eagerness if you truly possess the information we desire we have the means to reward you handsome I will not know your face by sight I believe I can recognize the costume that influenced by your secret order therefore come to Havana in haste and trust that you shall be welcomed as a problem so much will the celluloid and go another laureano touristy Iowa.

Mr. wall Poole let's collect your reward.

Head um blades are broken.

Find her way to Havana Havana.

Hey let me just grab some of the stuff.

Gotta go back up this way we ran by ton of things here Oh.

Lest we forget a sea shanty that would be absolutely blasphemous to not grab.

Sea shanties were a staple of the series.

In game.

Just saves us the trouble to coming back again yeah me later later gotta hop down.

After mmm hey gay oh stop one working.

Kitchen blade the right one still good.

All right last chest pretty sure that is. Everything I can grab on this island all right okay let's get you a lot of.

We would have to come back for that mine artifact anyways might as well knock it off and I'll fast forward for you guys I know watching me collect rings on screen is not the most stimulating of activities that you could be spending your hard-earned time on YouTube doing so I'll do a little bit of that transition the hit that cross that's all you get to go okay find a way to hamana.

Okay watch out for eels eels.

My greatest enemy oh yeah I was lied to.

I was given a false sense of security. Down below dunno do me just fine.

The music so as with all series I'm doing these days on YouTube we keep the music on until you until YouTube pretty much tells me that I can't so it's all really up in there at this point it's just it's the world we live in to these days with YouTube's copyright system I can't help it hi a pirate you'll hang.

For the mess debate out there I had nothing to do with this attack my crew and I had merely anchored to water and resupply you're not coming hold it you.

I'll shoot them.

Oh shit what the hell here shot my ass.

That turtle by God's grace sir you saved.

Me the profusion of thanks that yours.

It is my vessel yes but here lies its poor captain and I have no art for sailing I compile it on myself no mind you don't mean to abscond with my ship to you I'm Duncan what's your name.

Friend steed Steve bonnet well mr. bonnet let this stay twixt us but I'm on a secret errand for His Majesty the King god save him and I must get a Havana with speed oh that is a relief sir Havana is also my destination our ways lie together natural allies then you put me at ease sister to think I took you for a pirate when you first appeared did you yes you have uncommon way of handling yourself quick and easy if I may say gave me quite a fright but all things considered. I think it's turned out to be a rather fortuitous day hasn't it.

Would feathers right here lacking a rowboat I'm afraid we'll have to swim to my ship hardly the worst thing to happen we got a mad treasure map will cash that.

In a little bit later before we leave.

Though let us grab some extras we got chests here we got a animus pregnant no thank.



That is white the climb.

The treasure is here who got achievement.

As well the excavator.

Now we just got to figure out how to get out i animus fragment that is up there.

Make me come all the way around here.

Cape bonavista all set all set all set.

All set we kill the turtle no cannot. Kill the turtle.

I shall commandeer this ship in the name of booty the legend of ships in this.

Game were like many boss battles in themselves give me some speed welcome. Aboard Duncan she's a modest schooner but well suited to my purpose trafficking cargo from my plantation and such she'll do fine there's a strong wind now let's strike to fold shall we.

At paper sea shanties ah there's a tug of the wind at my hair I find a bracing comfort in the feel and smell of the ocean the raw stink of a possibility that's a top way of seeing it mate.

ROS sea chantey me or get out those.

Sailors were quite animated by the idea of pirates roaming these waters is it a real danger do you suppose a possibility but most pirates stall to the windward passage between Cuba and Hispaniola oh I see yes that is a bustling straight but.

I shouldn't worry about being waylaid by pirates truth be told my ship is small and I have nothing of immense value sugarcane and its yields molasses route and that sort of thing there's not a pirate living who turn his back on a keg of rum well yes yes I suppose that's true.

Every loss grab a duck on the wind given those orders like addy perfect sailing then run into a wall once I figure.

There's gonna be a lot of sailing in the new Assassins Creed biking game that coming out next year you're a natural sailor Duncan I did a decent trick at the helm some time ago two years before the mast as a privateer - my buttons if your life seems a grand one if I may say so full of adventure I'm marvellous I've seen my share of strangeness I.

It's so calm fantastic work very promising more do.

You play points all right easy now there you go welcome back. Badass well your numbers look good now. Let's make sure we can break your brain all right I need you to move your head. And look at these lights just here look up that's it down so far so good.

Let's get you up so welcome to the.

Sample 17 project before you get started you're gonna need this there you go testing testing one two three hello module oh it works alright let's.

Take a walk your file says you've done some memory research before but not to this extent which is surprising you're very good the data streams are very stable.

Impressive right this building is barely six months old but Abstergo entertainment has been a studio for a few years since 2010 feudal Japan you say the game that we actually want maybe you saw liberation.

That was her first title powered by animus Tech that was just the tip of the iceberg soon we'll be unveiling commercial animus servers for the whole world to enjoy they'll offer passive experiences of course edited versions of real history but only the exciting parts and we think we found the perfect subject for our first full-length virtual feature Caribbean pirates so that's your gig it'll just take a minute okay stolen really should look into that security company for Johnny z-bone that.

They play magnifique messy this is for.

You the primary tool of our trade your communicator power it up and give it a look it's pretty slick.

Lots of lower here using this little tab when you've noticed that security seems a little light around here that's because your communicator is your key to getting around my eyes are up here.

See that flashing wireless signal it means you're hooked up to the elevator I'll let you do the honors we're headed up to the sample 17 studio 2nd floor.

Mondays right you ready let's go I'm.

Ready ah there's the boss if you get no our.

CCO I'll introduce you Bonjour so do you mean any survivor yeah well thanks have you met our new hire just started today I haven't told what project sample 17 the can we line hey them Conor Edward the pirate.

Exciting welcome aboard I mean any can we talk in your office for a minute just let me get this one settled and I'll see you in five minutes Sabo nice to meet you so this is the.

Sample 17 floor we're diving into the memories of one very generous donor Desmond Miles we're pulling all the best stuff from his DNA and hopefully one day we can forge some fantastic experiences from what we find in there Dan husband had such a rich heritage this pair of legs is John one of the Wizards a nightie you just fix them something for you not fixing calibrating calibrating right so here we are you're a very own Animus workstation this is all yours so sit back relax and find us some good footage if you need any hints or tips the Animus is loaded with tutorial programs so you'll have no problems and I'll check in on you later happy parting.

Look at this thing. All right let's jump back in welcome to animus Omega Abstergo entertainments proprietary ancestral memory research tool if you have any questions comments or concerns about how to operate your animus console please contact your project supervisor Melanie LeMay you have been registered as part of the sample 17 project your primary research target is Edward James Kenway born March 10 1693 Swansea Wales.

Calibrations complete all signs normal all systems optimal extra neurotransmitters activated never trust the Welsh man write my English brothers.

The rivalry.

Those low-polygon cutscenes have not aged well.

Title screen honey boo.

Didn't know.

Lively Havana I've been here once before it was a truly awful pleasure.

See someone you know no no no just putting on a friendly face I shouldn't want to be mistaken for a pirate again right flash rogue like yourself must be cautious.

Cause the fingers like fishhook seen mad.

To think Spain and England were at war two years ago isn't it Here I am bartering with Spaniards like they were my cousin's nothing wrong Duncan no it's nothing sand in my hampers so where's the best squad in town I'm dying for a quick Kip or a siesta should I say I'm just headed.

To a public house now to meet some merchants I could show you the way well lead on I hope you'll tarry a bit.

While I conduct my meeting be a great relief to have a man of your stature nearby visible misunderstanding I can hang about I might have a drink it's finished drink they don't take kindly to. Pirates here do they wonder how many stolen reals bought these men this purge.

Growls oh we can hire hussies again the.

Exotic color ladies you don't know these women do you know they charge money for that kind of privileged few dozen reals for every hour of knowing Dean to meet them no witness no I'm a married man married none of that four day mate.

Aha here's a purveyor of personal defenses I should acquire a blade for myself Duncan just as you happen this rusty raises nothing to admire even so I appear a mere kitten walking so close upon you perhaps a small dagger would suit me let's see what he's selling maybe I'll buy a sword too we're both jump ranked Oh we'll be quite the pair you and I twin Devils lend us a few reals then I did save your skin ah of course Cheers Saros bienvenidos and your saloon.

Sword sets. By the most baller sort I can afford.

Why is everything so expensive oh I can't even buy them they're all.

Locked up that's a better fit for me how.

Do you feel there you go.

Now I can come back in here.

Can't buy pistol yet I think he's going on my ship right oh.

No matter I'll get us a better view what are we looking for everything is a.

Fishhook that's how you tell a true sailor may not be the smartest guy in.

The world but I have a knack of memorizing useless knowledge and quotes.

From television shows mainly The Simpsons I've been known to drop a Simpsons quote gosh we're not far that's a man I'll break.

Your knees when I catch you catch or.

Elite and I get to do all come on I'm. Closer he'll shit bird shit bird here I.

Come gonna go for that tackle get that back along don't make me chase you into the harbor no one fight do yet you robbed.

The wrong man mate a fellow with dangerous friends.

Don't bump into the guys Duncan but Jeff.

You're alive of course I am that filters no fuss ah. We've arrived with the room from for all.

Take your time I'll be just here fancy.

Me no best month deep in Tegel country I'm English mr. Fayden my time till the next war caused me to service lucky King George having a piss pot like you flying his flag skulk I seen your face before news mates were.

Then pirates down in Nassau such a fucking Gobber I'll fill it with shot you hear me.

But I warned boy it's less hustle you.

Want to dust up I'll give you what I've.

Seen bigger arms on a little aggressive for you want me to try thrown out yet.

Juke and meatball.

You know leaving me I'll touch you up oh.

Shit. Smoke bomb smoke bombs ready mom.

Oh I got the fast guys back again come on dude.

Let me go. A fireplace behind. Shit that wasn't it oh it's a good place love a smoke bomb.

Crazy-ass Spaniards.

I didn't see the options you can have on.

A now boys he's screamin a little girl.

Assassin contract oh the OCD is strong.

Zhenia new well not a new mechanic about a returning mechanic that they omitted during three.

Like how there are very beautiful buildings right now.

There the pirate can see how did you.

Come from thanks Ken why isn't it I'm.

With you.

A lot of chests and Havanna.

Just grab the synchronization point just because it looks like a fairly impressive one good just ignore it man.

Just ignore it nothing to see.

Wow has to be here so pretty so pretty.

All right I'm good that's travel.

Available now with this roll deal.

I'm just gonna ignore me on that gone.

Yeah boy.

I don't get a black day let's go kick it.

All right let's get escaped and get to the main objective here and then once we.

Reach a certain point where I am satisfied I will see first episode and I.

Will collect everything else off screen.

Smooth transition.

Why is this chest old.

Ooh items ivory wheel him belt my.

Steering wheel okay sorry about the.

Swift accident but have a misunderstanding one heaped upon another oh Jesus I'm sorry mate this is my doing I'm only trying to keep these Spanish eyes off me oh it's no bother progressively the. Soldiers confiscated my sugar when you were dispatches tap and won't be gone I haven't the foggiest idea I'm afraid I suspect those chaps might but my Spanish is we mailed dad so I I'd rather not ask shit alright come on let's follow them and recover my maps and my sugar Oh in my drawers we'll see what happens.

If you keep quiet and stay out of sight.

I don't think I can walk top Senor is.

Your light yes sir very sorry.

Pedo rune Miren lot of entries look to secure vehicles raka be sure to be captain Mendoza.

Alright logo good hanging yes very nice if you hear the bell we may go you like.

Relax game just relax oh yeah go break other ways oh my god no.

Way Oh what but some just strip shot me.

In the back Wow yes busting in the skies.

I can see this hanging.

At the higher the ladies to distract the guards this summer bitch shot me in the back I'd love to especially its captain Mendoza's pulling the trap man owes me money for the slaves are sold of course sir captain Mendoza is happy to pay you we have goods to sell through girls and such excellent my sugar.

The medicine you're the hanging will be started soon let's not dilly-dally yes sir we go any more side objectives this.

Keeps up for some of the same issues as Isis Creed 3 did where the side objectives just pop up. Out of nowhere it really should have made them more pronounced on screen I didn't get shot and I would have would. Have definitely not seen the whole dancers deal.

These guys are lagging it where's the fire.

This way she moves like assassins.


Okay oh yeah these mineralize.

MOG dude really fire how long will this.

Hanging tape coming to hang about all day for the captain because anything sir.

Dr. Mendoza needs only to hang the man and you will deliver your payment I don't want the Ali's mind what goods things I can sell tobacco rum sugar.

See eg we have much fine sugar great she took off a fat Englishman last night.

Englishman. See orange sugar frame around a fire we hold until even under Finland's now - Africa here on left is sugar behind bear in time let's estas - I accompany up to the Castillo no sir captain Mendoza will have its end to it I believe you will see. Good lord that big brood your captain Mendoza no sir he is a deep groan tiburon governor Torres's man.

Ladies scenic with me show you a good time come out.

We kept the lock up before.

Best way is through here.

The tree hi boy yeah I eat you didn't. See anything dude chill out.

I think go the way I wanted it to.

Alright gotta stay out of conflict here.

Another one of those optionals that didn't pop up.

The stealth swim.

That's not what I want to move your body put it there just so.

We don't have mean looky loos with you.

And there.


To the haystack the stairs get to a chest.

Patience patience young padawan.

Oh my god please please please.

You can do that Oh down down.

Yeah how am I supposed to carry how the.


That was like got the heart racing a. Little bit it's a little bit.

That combat get the 100% sink.

Bucci sorry about the sugar I've only.

One pair of hands oh it's no great loss.

I've got sir plenty of cargo here to make a profit of my trip will you stay here long for a few weeks yes then back to Barbados to the tedium of domesticity don't settle for tedium so for NASA live life as you see fit haven't I heard that NASA is prowling with pirates seems the right toward replace not towards real iterated Oh God there will be an adventure good nervous no I'm a husband and a father I have responsibilities life car be all pleasure and distraction Duncan hey our bonnet the names Edward in truth Duncan's only a handle ah secret name of.

Your secret meeting with the governor the governor right I think I've kept him. Waiting long enough.

Goldner all the way over there once we.

Meet the governor we're gonna get the rest of our bill these requests a quick.

Demo from memory.

And so many ladies well we're the working girls in Assassin's Creed 3 though don't lie to me and tell me they. Didn't exist.

Watch s20 chests.

This training know to be cheap strangely.


Get those up historical challenges on I do like the fact that you can use these fast travel or these synchronization points actually fast travel I'm liking the previous game for some reason I don't know why that was removed.

We've got a kill Skylar Boise No not close enough to make a detour so let's go to the mission. Cadogan I hear combat deadly Compton can we.

Toasting time I see you bucket boots.

Good eyes good eyes I'm out I'm out.


And then follow I mean sky the synchronization point that will head towards the main mission since it's right here at least the.

Churches are different in Assassin's Creed 3 every single I'm not even joking every single synchronization Church was the exact same building model kinda threw me off.

Okay not not when it's dears mr. Duncan.

Walpole of England to see the governor I believe he is expecting me she's in your warble entry portable fake accent I am a.

Seaman che do come wipe all the variability not hace muchos días no me gusta que los rancheros step a saying for most of you that know me feel the edges invitado assassino supe new.

Perspective us.

Good morning sir would I be correct in thinking you are I am indeed I thought as much with Rogers a pleasure the same I must say my wife has a terrible eye for description I'm sorry my wife you met her some years ago at the Percy's masquerade ball ah quite she. Called you devilishly handsome obviously.

A lie to stoke my jealousy Giuliani our guest of honor has arrived mr. Duncan Walpole.

Julianne's you care I hope your conversion to our order is an honest one I have no love for assassins but even less for liars I have not come to disappoint up for a bit of sport funkin. The old man isn't ready just yet.

You've got my two best pairs of meshed pistols Duncan so handle them with care if I had eight I treat each as my own son pull off a few shots if you like get a feel for it I once fought beside the man who carried nine on his person they were a boom in battle but his ability to stop sadly quite kick yes I long for the.

Day where one firearm carries four bullets and not the opposite in England.

You may like James Puckle he's working on something extraordinary manaphy.

All right here's a simple to strike every time before this hour empties. Remember it every target within the allotted time get the activation challenge threw me off first and have to reload a checkpoint I think give it to me I didn't understand why this little stupid no problem though Duncan well is.

Played I've never seen an assassin so ill-equipped ah damaged sadly beyond all repair uh-huh.

Have your choice where did you find all these I did not find I took him.

These are souvenir two blades as is the.

Custom we custom I Duncan blue indulges. With a demonstration of your techniques well we must we put together a training course in anticipation of your arrival will be ashamed to leave here without seeing you in action yes of course well I mean if there is time I would gladly show you what I know yeah you see situations where skills.

Have a go a blade in a crowd is always the simplest the grandiose just quick and please show us another technique.

Quite ingenious to use bales of hay for cover don't you think well how do you did gosh that's the spirit secrecy the advantage.

Of surprise cannot be overstated isn't that so especially around a blind corner. God blind me that's a clever trick your.

Level kills of a poetic beauty despite their conspicuous quality would you show us oh absolutely I'll show you there's a.

Station manaphy is it also possible to deliver a.

Killing blow at high speed don't use.

Such a powerful sprite fascinating Kemal.

Sessions have trained you well Duncan you chose a perfect time to leave them behind at great risk I imagined betraying the assassins is never good for one's health well neither is drinking liquor but I am drawn to its dangers all the same and what is your business here sir are you an associate of the governor's or a pending acquaintance like myself run blades canons granado's anything that may kill a man I am happy to provide a smuggler of sorts and how is your wife these days captain Rogers is she here in Havana I trust she's well but I wouldn't know I'd been in Madagascar some 14 months hunting pirates it took some work to dislodge the criminals there but we managed it in future I hope to use these same tactics throughout the West Indies and how did you deal with that kind very simply most pirates are as ignorant as Apes I merely offered them a choice take a pardon and returned to England penniless but free men or be hanged by the neck until dead oh I imagine Nassau. Would be your next target very astute Duncan indeed best of luck with that grandmaster.

Torres mr. duncan Walpole has arrived Oh Grandmaster Templar we were expected.

One week ago apologies governor my ship was set upon by pirates we were scuttled I arrived only yesterday unfortunate forgive my caution. But were you able to salvage from these pirates the items you promised me yes sir I was.

In Cleveland the assassins have more resources than I imagined but not nearly enough to deter us it is a pleasure to meet you at last again you are most welcome come gentlemen we have much to discuss looking back he looks like he straight out of Skyrim what he's so out of place.

Convened at last and in such continental company England France Spain citizens of sad and corrupted empires but you are Templars now the secret and true legislators of the world please hold out your hands mark and remember our purpose to guide our wayward souls. Until they've reached the quiet road to guide our wayward desire till impassion hearts are cool to guide all wayward Minds to safe and sober thought.

By the father of understandings lights better work now begin decades ago the.

Council entrusted me with the task of locating in these West Indies a forgotten place our precursors once called the observatory see here look up on these images and commit them to memory they tell a very old and important story for two decades now I have endeavoured to locate this Observatory a place rumored to contain a pool of incredible utility and power it houses a kind of armillary sphere if you like a device that would grant us the power to locate and monitor every man and woman on earth whatever their location only imagine what it would mean to have such a power with this device there will be no secrets among men no lies no trickery only justice pure justice this is the observatory's promise and we must take it for our own do we know its whereabouts. We will soon foreigner custody is the one man who does a man named Roberts once called a sage it has been 45 years since anyone has seen a true sage can you be sure this one is of antique we are confident ease the assassins will come for him I forgot about the sage indeed they will but thanks to Duncan. And the information he has delivered the assassins won't be a problem for much longer all will be made clear tomorrow gentlemen when you meet this age for yourselves until then let us drink let.

Us find the observatory together for with its power Kings will fall clergy will cower and the hearts and minds of the world will be ours.

May the father of understanding guide us.

Rest well Duncan tomorrow the treasure fleet arrives and with it your reward after which we will discuss further schemes I look forward to it it's a lengthy lead me down at the docks first thing tomorrow morning oho don't boot me out the vendor. Tourists have requested your presence at the docks near the Castillo first thing tomorrow morning ok so much stuff together and I'm gonna.

Do it all I'm gonna do it all catching.

This guy alright ladies and gentlemen and that'll be it for part 1 of Assassin's Creed 4 replay on PC just.

Ticularly in the memories david how everything's all coming back to me very slowly so I'm gonna take this time now to gather everything and I mean absolutely everything so I'll probably come back a very rich man but until then they get swatching hope you guys are gonna enjoy the series I know I am I'm gonna enjoy replaying this fantastic game one of my favorites and as always if you enjoy a thumbs up is always appreciated and I will see us next time as always have a fantastic day

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