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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough part 1

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Dungeon Siege 2 Walkthrough part 1

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Hello guys this is our third hand.

I have liked it don't you see Joe - it's.

A pretty old game 2006.

And yeah I thought I would play to shout you guys so and probably have heard of it.

Might have heard of Dungeon Siege the theory goes of PC and console.

So Kenneth I don't know what grace to. Play.

It's a hot choice.

I would go with a human.

Just quick.


And yeah I have the X passion for it - and it's a siege broken world that's the. Expansion for it so just a game that I'm gonna play is for a little while and. Let's kick off right here. It can only be suspected normal mode just call stations it's not that it's not easy at all.

I'm gonna die a few times and here's some concedes a thousand years ago when.

Arana was young but not innocent the first age of man came to an end by the meeting of a sword and a shield.

The sword of Zahra Moss the unmake ax powered by a subterranean river of magic had ruled the age by unquestioned force until the shield of as soon I the defender became the swords only. They were destined to meet on the field that would forever be known as the plane of Tears.

Zarah mauve command control of the power as yoon i long to disperse it both zealots could not win but unbeknownst to either warrior the sword and shield at destinies of hello. The sword shattered the shield and sparked the great cataclysm the land split open and the souls of the Warriors ripped from their chests rushed into the river of souls that flowed beneath the land splintering it into a thousand ley lines the shock wave was felt in every part of Arana even the lives that were spared were changed forever the Stars shifted and the Second Age. Began all this was forgotten for.

Centuries the magic that was scattered on the plain of Tears was fractured under the world waiting with its unpredictable power until a young prince named Vortice followed powerful visions to the mountain fortress called Zara moths horns.

Wizards mastered the magic and granted Valdis access to the lost sword of Zara moths the very instrument that ended the first age in that instant the second age. Fell under the swords ominous shadow.

Say it.

No love lost marks your light you're nearly at the front immediately check in with Martin lieutenant Jared at the tower now get mine I've had a bad.

Feeling about this ever since we left arm on Lou there's something I don't trust these more so yeah very.

Craig do scientists cinematic this is. Yeah he's army.

Yeah the county's bad guys.

So yeah.

Yes yeah I have played escape quite a long war.

The modern fighter talked ahead fair. Combat listen step over now as I said I.

Have finished.

Yes sir I know how to do it except I.

Don't have this I just I haven't finished the expansion.

But I have played a bit expansion so I.

Know principles of it yeah dr. long.

Enough worm wait I have a bad feeling about this my medallion feels heavy as if it's trying to tell me not to move you are being paid to stand around get moving No.

Those filthy lawyers are summoning another shell yo marks get in there and destroy our thing those must be the bracket we learned about his children let's take it out.

But no mouse game works operate two. Characters so that the inventory was.

Instead of taking both the spellbook.

So yeah I can like last time I played I.

That's irrelevant to health piece of it this macular is weakest Cal raffia nail we can kill them faster.

As a payload on the lake.

All power anyway.

So these creatures remind me of our scuffles with the tomato.

As you can see this is this is special abilities that I get for talent tree distant whistle.


With like javi state yes.

Right on these wooden creatures are weak to fire too bad I'm not a combat mate.

I'm actually sure you guys it's healing

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