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Skyrim - Longplay (Part 1 of 2) Main Quest (Master Difficulty) Walkthrough (No Commentary)

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This video from: Loopy Longplays.
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Skyrim - Longplay (Part 1 of 2) Main Quest (Master Difficulty) Walkthrough (No Commentary)

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition, this is a game I have played a little to much. But I have enjoyed my time with this game every time I play it. Whether swinging Axe or Sword I can always enjoy this game from it's cheezy dialogue, to its stunning soundtrack. The insane glitches I've encountered playing this has helped make it so much funnier. Dragons flying backwards, mammoths and deer falling from the sky. Good times. I remember the day this came out, I played it non stop, me and my friends in xbox party chat describing each other games to each other. Figuring how to become a werewolf. I think I've beaten the main story around 5 times. I can't tell you how many times I've beaten the Dark Brotherhood though..too many..actually not enough hehehe. I played on Master difficulty which is a very good challenge. And I used about 50 odd Mods.. don't worry there aren't any flying pony's or train's. I tried to keep it pretty lore friendly and most are just little improvements, faster horses, lighting, more gold on vendors, fixs, gaining smithing exp from smelting and tannin, etc.. That kinda stuff. Anyways I hope you enjoy part 1 of this Longplay.

I will be doing more Longplays of Skyrim, completing the guilds, DLC's and whatnot. Planning another 5 or so Longplays for this game, not for awhile though and with the same Character.


Guardian Stones - 33:27

Riverwood - 36:09

Bleak Falls Barrow - 1:21:12

Whiterun - 1:58:00

Mirmulnir - 2:45:00

Derkeethus - 3:43:20

7000 Steps - 4:24:40

High Hrothgar - 4:39:42

Horn of Jurgen Windcaller - 6:15:01

The Attic Room - 6:38:47

Kynesgrove- 6:54:02

Back to High Hrothgar - 7:15:32

Vuljotnaak - 7:46:30

My Favorite Part - 7:49:18

Ragnvald - 8:15:37

Otar - 8:37:58

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