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Alpha Protocol - Walkthrough: Saudi Arabia - Part 10

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Alpha Protocol - Walkthrough: Saudi Arabia - Part 10

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Hard Difficulty/ Rookie Class. No Commentary yet. The 15th part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Alpha Protocol for the PC, XBOX 360 and PS3. Hope you enjoy. Please rate and subscribe.

Developed by: Obsidian Entertainment

Published by: SEGA

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This is invite again with either the missiles I should he'd get past us Shahid's here to oversee the transport of the missiles we can kill two birds with one stone.

Look tower check the transport blocks once we have those we can pinpoint the missiles exact location so nothing unsaid I'm going to need you to transmit the exact coordinates there's a lot of area to cover and also my knows how to hide their stockpile.

Got a present for you batch of files from the Assam on servers excellent work Mike.

Checking the logs now.

Missiles aren't anywhere near the runway looks like they're being held in the munitions depot the mountains checking the satellite imagery now looks like there's a small trail that leads to the rear of the depot marking it on your PDA on it.

Guess this is where planes go to die

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