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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Part 1 HD Walkthrough - The Magic Begins

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LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Part 1 HD Walkthrough - The Magic Begins

Welcome to the LEGO Harry Potter Universe!

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Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 is a Lego-themed action-adventure video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by Warner Bros.[1][2] The game is based on the Lego Harry Potter line and its storyline covers the first four films in the Harry Potter series: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The game is available on the Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. The OS X version of the game was released on 22 February 2011 by Feral Interactive.The game was released for the PlayStation 4 on 21 October 2016, as part of the Lego Harry Potter Collection, which bundles the game with its sequel, Lego Harry Potter: Years 5–7, and was also released for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on 30 October 2018. Other versions of the game were released on 29 June 2010 in North America, 25 June 2010 in Europe, and 30 June 2010 in Australia.

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Hey guys how's it gonna pretty money visible swagger and ladies and gents welcome to Lego Harry Potter today is a.

Very very very special day because we are going to go on ahead and get the Lego Harry Potter adventures started with 100% completion so of course we have played through all the different levels once before but now we're gonna be able to go back to them discover all that the levels have to offer while using whatever characters we want which is obviously awesome so with that in mind let's hop on to this pad here in the leaky cauldron we're gonna begin with year 1 of course with level number 1 which is titled the magic begins which makes me think of like the Batman Begins so as you can see the option to select other characters is already available here which i think is awesome I think that that's really really really cool that it does actually permit you to go on ahead and select characters oh you can even select them on the basis of like different groups like Slytherin or Hufflepuff Ravenclaw that is really cool unfortunately we don't have any dark wizards unlocked yet so hopefully we can fix that as we get through these levels here today okay so let's get started I guess we'll play as Harry Potter I hope it should permit me to switch to other characters that show me a roster of characters there anyways so either way here we go leaky cauldron in the bottom right corner and welcome to the leaky cauldron again feels a little awkward that we're back here again now one thing I do want to preface here is that going into this I have gone ahead and powered up a couple of power-ups so by pausing we go into the extras I have the starred magnet on and I have these stud multipliers x 2 and x 4 activated that way we're guaranteed to increase our stud score while also of course going on ahead and getting the true wizard ranked in the level ok so let's start with Vanguard I'm Livio sir of course typically speaking we wouldn't even have most of these spells available to us at this point so it is kind of cool to go back into these levels now with all these new spells acquired I think that's really really awesome that's really kind of one of the main things that's so fun about replaying a Lego game is that you're able to just see all these tiny little details that you never had access to before because what you just didn't have the right spells you didn't have the right abilities in Locke and now we do so let's kick things off here with the painting on the wall which allows us to go on ahead and now whoops sorry potentially nope not what I want to be doing still not what I want to be doing wait am I supposed to use the wizarding character to collect that I don't think so well the plan here still not not the plan that is the plan okay haha.

Brilliant so that is how we're gonna get our first emblem for Gryffindor brilliant that is the Gryffindor emblem now acquired we're already up to 45,000 studs collected which is excellent very very very proud of us for that and I'm sure it's probably gonna take about mm-hmm and maybe 60 or 70,000 until we reach the true wizard rank well we're gonna find out shortly of course because that's what we're going for Boy Wonder how many times you can cast a spell on this to get studs it seems like twice is all that you can spam is there one of those in the corner there it doesn't seem like it there's a few more items that we can smash and bash over in this area to collect ourselves a few more studs that is obviously a welcome sight and here we go all right excellent.

Now of course don't forget guys key things to collect here are the two blue studs in this corner and then the other blue stud that was hidden all the way back here make sure you get those cuz obviously those will be important regardless of whether you have any other stud multipliers active or not okay so.

Hmmm I wonder if that's odd there we go I'm like I'm pretty sure we're supposed to just jump up there brilliant and so we grab this Lego object to bring it all the way back down here and place it on to this wall now if.

We open this if you've played the leaky cauldron area you know that this leads right to the beautifully epic Diagon Alley because this area has so much to offer there's so much stuff going on this is gonna be an absolute blast okay loose thought in that corner and it seems like 70,000 studs is the goal that you want to reach for this level so that is going to be the target that you are trying to achieve in order to make sure that you get your true wizard rank and then everybody can say you're a good Harry you know or in a much more realistic manner than what I just did cuz that was a terrible accent heyyyyy now that is not terrible at all we got our second emblem so we have Gryffindor and Slytherin already acquired and there are still obviously a Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff that are missing okay so let's turn that upside down that is not. What I wanted to do I don't want to turn into a giant barrel why would I do that it seems like a pretty terrible plan doesn't it okay time to do a little bit of assembly work here another blue stud that's a welcome sight okay so I'm not.

Necessarily sure there's something we're. Supposed to clean up or if this is just truly a vehicle for fun that you could use I guess we can just get around a little bit to see because the nice thing about it is that you can't kind of like jump up using that which is pretty epic hey where did that chair just go I could have sworn a green chair just bounced out of here excuse me chair what's wrong with you this is our place in the entire universe I mean seriously there's green chairs that are just well chairs for that matter that are just trying to bounce around you have mops that are trying to wipe the floor I think I don't I read certain okay we've activated those scissors with vanguard 'i'm Livio to go on ahead and collect the studs is that guy not supposed to jump down excuse me sir he's supposed to.

Jump down onto this hmm or maybe I'm supposed to go up there to rescue you hello would you like to jump down there what wait wait wait wait wait.

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait so he just waited for somebody to jump up there - what like let him know like oh it's safe to jump down what was that he literally could have jumped down like that at any moment he didn't even use the platform I thought really like bring up the platform he'd step on that and then it makes sense like okay yeah that's why he was stuck okay that's just confusing that is too funny okay so in order to get up there which again I don't really have to because we just collected those items using the stud magnets we have but what you would have to do is use this jump wait.

Jump up here and then gather your studs which is terrific oh okay spooky monsters Lumos just scare them off wait what are they impervious to Lumos what the heck whoa dude those tentacle monsters are supposed to be you should be able to like send them afraid and away that was.

Really weird seriously that was very very very strange okay it's fine I just place all the recipe components over here for now and either red spider and ice cream and our yellow flower which is the world's weirdest recipe ever made probably oops sorry about that Hagrid you're a little frozen let it go or in Hagrid's case is probably more like let me go okay let's gather whoa a.

Few studs over here that's very cool and so I think it is safe to say that we. Can move this way and then use Hagrid's super strength to pull this door open and we are in the Gringotts banking area.

Wonder if we could hit this thing a multitude of times so that then the clock strikes well maybe.

Okay well that was a full rotation so if it was supposed to activate something it probably would have at this point okay very nice to be able to get a few studs just by simply tidying up this place which seems to be like it should have been the job of these guys but okay you.

Guys saw that thing just sound like a chicken right that wasn't just me I hope not okay so this is an actual challenge here is to go on ahead and turn the light on for each one of these there are blue studs by the way hidden next to them so you want to make sure that you're collecting those as well and there's these little butterflies or checkbooks that you can send flying away which is a pretty good metaphor I guess for some checkbooks for some people who are not particularly financially responsible it's like wow it just feels like the money's flying away yeah sort of kind of. There's some of those hidden blue studs I was mentioning before there is light bulb number three and number four taken care of get a few more studs then we activate this little butterfly thing as.

Well as lights number five six or five and six I should say okay there's number.

Seven and number eight brilliant for. That we get ourselves a purple stud a whole lot of studs back there as well pretty brilliant that's kind of crazy to.

Think just how many studs there really are here you know like I'm impressed or.

Sure okay so this platform is really important because one of your other wizards is able to cast a spell so you can get up here if you're having a tough time with the stud up here all you have to do is once you're up here just jump off this platform instead of trying to jump off of this one so keep that in mind okay we're gonna cast a spell on to this that is a dragon and not a very.

Seemingly happy dragon let's see if we can put out those flames okay brilliant that is another crest I think that is the Ravenclaw correct I'm pretty sure.

Okay some more studs thank you very much a little more tidying up to do and this is also going out to the people who are gonna complain about the fact that like oh well what's you're using multipliers so of course you're gonna have true wizard rank well if we can get to 800,000 or above that as far as X tut counts are concerned that would be over a hundred thousand studs regardless of upgrades or multipliers or not so that would prove to you that obviously you'd be able to earn this score no matter what okay I'm a little confused as to what these guys are doing because it almost feels like there's something else to this challenge it could be wrong yes time won't sell because for now I think what we shall do is just run quickly through here we can activate these little orange fireworks for a little bit of extra stud äj-- but activate all of. Them over here I think I did okay so now we need to talk to grand gods here hello or yeah okay good good good.

Alright seems like everything's good or by the way actually I guess technical we don't even need that lunch but we don't need eight hundred thousand studs we would need what so this guy can open.

These doors by the way we need what 560 right because it's 8 times it was 70 thousand or was it's more than I think it was 70 thousand all right let's swap characters here should be able to open this up now so be.

Only five hundred and sixty thousand studs that we would need so we will have true wizard regardless of whether or not we collected this Tom the innkeeper unlocked very cool okay okay we got.

Around real quick so for what it's worth that was fun Oh a nother character sweet this is mr. Ollivander or olive under maybe whatever it is I'm happy to get another character long that's terrific okay so now we need a super strength character such as Hagrid and for this we.

Need all the studs and all kinds of rewards here I don't think there's any more that we could do there so now we need to switch to Griphook get all that and then it is time for someone that can cast some spells in this case we need a vanguard a Leviosa because this is going to be the thing that takes us to the next part of this level hello can you let us through.

Whoa okay don't be so startled thank you.

I think here we go folks so that. Transition takes us over to Gringotts vault you can see that the vault is a pretty serious place or there is giant menacing flaming heads.

More of them than we have seen before even that's cool and the opportunity to get quite a few studs actually so in that sense that's quite nice is that another character token oh it sure is is that Griphook yes awesome very cool so now we actually have Griphook available to unlock so that is brilliant okay let's open this up first because there's some challenges.

To do here okay Padme should be or Padma.

May be you should be able to cast the.

Spell on this area.

Okay what is it that we got there that looks like a whole lot of gold bricks or something it seems as though it is a whole lot of studs but wait a minute what about the crests are still missing.

Another crest aren't we oh we sure are oh we sure are you accept you down okay.

Now very disconcerning just simply concerned there have been something else in here don't believe so all right let's ask Congress to help here maybe there's still more to this level let's find out folks and give that a tug I also just rest world almost guys literally almost out 1 million studs how. Crazy is that answers very crazy okay so we stroll.

Through there that takes us right back out to Diagon Alley where the hope is that we can find our last item by walking into here unfortunately that did not happen Tom the innkeeper unlocked mr. Ollivander unlocked which is fantastic as well as of course Griphook unlocked we did manage to get three out of the possible for house crests missing just one that of Hufflepuff oh you pesky hufflepuffs so that is still a task that we are going to go on ahead and take on we increase our stud score by nearly 1 million stars I think it was like 951 and 950 2000 studs we didn't rescue the student in Pearl so that was great I'm happy for that we got the true wizard rank as well so that's brilliant our gold bricks increased to 71 right which.

Is awesome and of course it means that there is still one more task for us to deal with so I'll catch you guys in just a second with the last house crest in level one of the magic begins it took the Batman Begins to see if my theory is correct here folks ding-ding-ding I knew those.

Poisonous green clouds needed to be removed and luckily once we have done that as you can see our full house crests are now completed it for the Lego Harry Potter the magic begins so now all we have to do is actually just go on ahead and click return to the leaky cauldron and save and exit which is obviously quite brilliant and now the house crest increases to be fully completed we will learn another gold brick for that which is obviously terrific so there it is our 72nd gold brick and that ladies and gents is 100% completion on level 1 of Lego Harry Potter I will hopefully catch you guys here on the next one as we can turn you on words and forwards to more exciting adventures for Harry Potter and the rest of the crew peace out guys I'll see you laters alligators

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