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(Hitman codename 47) Mission 7 - Say Hello to my Little Friend Walkthrough

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(Hitman codename 47) Mission 7 - Say Hello to my Little Friend Walkthrough

(Hitman codename 47) Mission 7 - Say Hello to my Little Friend Walkthrough.

Your equipment carries over from the previous mission.

As you should have a uniform from the previous mission you can walk freely into the camp and open carry an AK..

start by turning right and running round the fence to the gate, some of the tents have ammo and guns in them, one has a Kevlar vest and a silenced pistol in. the tent to the right of the mansion has a load of AK Ammo which you will need.

It's you choice how you clear his mansion inside, you can take it slow and try to take everyone out silently or hole up in a room make some noise and kill them as they come to you. Just make sure you dont open the double doors upstairs until the mansion is clear of normal guards.

After the mansion is clear open the doors which will start a mini boss fight with the drug lord, stay to one side of the door and try to shoot him in the head then get into cover. He will constantly move to 3 positions (left, middle and right) and spray bullets then move on. He takes a fair few headshots and each one is followed by some insults.

When he is dead grab the bomb from the table and the letter from his corpse if you want to (story stuff)

before heading out grab a new uniform (i got the one from the guy upstairs as he looked higher rank, but this was just a guess) Make sure to holster your weapon.

o out of the front of the mansion and head straight and you should come to an internal fence with gates on either side, in here is the drug lab bunker. head to the stairs on the mansion side, the guard will run forward to talk to you which will let you walk past him (maybe a bug?) and into the lab. When inside stand next to the crates oull out and place the bomb then head back up the same stairs you came in from.

From here start making your way back towards the mansion but go into a tent make sure no one can see you, pull out the bomb trigger and detonate.

Finally run back past the mansion towards the Hangar, the guards will tell you access is denied but run past them and activate the plane as quick as you can because they will start shooting.

Fly off into the sunset! Mission complete.

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