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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Walkthrough - Part 1 [Mission 1: Black Tuesday] (MW3 Gameplay)

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This video from: theRadBrad.
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Walkthrough - Part 1 [Mission 1: Black Tuesday] (MW3 Gameplay)

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Walkthrough Part 1 with Gameplay.

This is Mission 1 of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Single Player Campaign.

This is a new Walkthrough for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with Gameplay and Commentary by theRadBrad.

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My name is bread and this is modern warfare 3 I'll be doing a complete walkthrough I've actually already got a lot of this game done I'm gonna be uploading it fast so hang on and like some favorites share this shit around the internet do what you guys to get a do and I hope you guys enjoy the first part hopefully it does well and uh stay tuned I'll see you guys later.

The world did you know it is gone how. Far will you go over your back Shepard created a war but only we knew the truth.

Nicolai gets off out here yeah I know a. Place.

Losing him charging three.

What's the sitrep on New York the Russian jamming rates have neutralized our air support as long as they maintain air dominance it's a losing fight we cannot lose New York are there any special mission units in the area we can request a Sox got a Delta Force team at Bennett field callsign metal Overlord metal zero one is up on green sad to.

Have you in our corner Sandman the Russians are using electronic countermeasures to jam our comms and guidance systems the primary emission Tower is on top of the stock exchange I need your team to destroy it the jammers full spectrum so until it's down you'll have no radio contact ground assets to get you close over copy all we'll get it done.

Frost frost.

Get switched on we got to move now.

So to say welcome to this walkthrough I'm gonna put this game up fast although SpecOps everything so while foot per distance drive to the show that I've created for you all or you strive to be either or I love you all and thank you for watching. And unlike a lot of people I actually know what the hell I'm doing jammers 500 metres north will link it from here let's go and I don't talking all right hang out. I actually got started in this YouTube scene from 1 for 2.

And I'll put every call of duty since call of duty - so I've got a good feel for the way that Activision trolls and everything that's come on let's tell the.

Kind of guy I'm gonna show you all the different weapons - right now just the m4a1 a holographic sight. And it's got a little kick they have added a little kick to it from bottle one for two.

I am playing this oh boy I'm fine I'll fight go back and play it on veteran I don't know yet.

Ah stupor shall we.

Publish it chest spread your effort here.

This guy.

My favorites probably stun grenades but I don't have any right now.

Reloaded I'm think that's this later all right now.

That is what the fuck I'm talking about my god I see one of the best.

Humph with that ak-47 guys this is buck be sick it's my absolute favorite weapon model 13 yellow.

All the noob to stir bag watch out people gonna be crying and complaining if I kill the Scout.

A little bit more kick than of bottle or.

Two and so does that for you what I don't know if they don't.

Right all right I get that fuck out of here should they get in telling this.

Game I just haven't uh no I don't think any of them appeared yet should be good.

Oh shit man they kind of upped the.

Difficulty on this game in a little bit it's not quite as bad as veteran on call duty - that was probably the most ships.

Probably the most rage inducing campaign experience of all time.

Safety go down that way for homeboy to make a decision so okay yes but I spent time figured jump over that.

I don't like that site that they try and give you up here it is one of 46 try to.

Find all I'm gonna miss a few but I will officially go back and show you where they're at oh look at this guy's in last and second.

Chance excuse me suppressor with a ACOG yup fucking what.

Is up with this ACOG bullshit I like the suppressor but hang on is.

Search we need to hit the exchange alley.

Behind the door frost toss the 9 bagger oh shit yes ah.

Why is he in my way when I did that take.

Us back onto wall strip jammers not far double-check the shadows press with acog.

If you want a small review this game so far the multiplayer is absolutely amazing I've been playing this shit out of it we're gonna play some campaign for you all and what surprises me is that.

Everybody was all over battlefield 3 but just about everybody I know HIDA traded that shit in attack tank although it was a great game I just don't think it's gonna twice pick this game down yet.

They flash him first we don't even need to use uh-oh hangout.


So I feel so cheap for using that shit it's just the campaign I think they nerfed it though just a little bit grenades didn't seem to do as much damage either.

Can't tell who's a last stand or what come on now there's two of 46.

A vote team approach I just don't like that sight anybody all right he's got it.

For you all.

I will be damned if this is not the.

Exact same shit they copy and paste at.

P90 is no different all they did was.

Just changed the layout of the levels and shit and put this weapon in there.

I'll see something new I'm gonna try not to try every new weapon I see Thank You 47 we've already done that.

Fuck this I was gonna ask you all what.

Kind of layout that you guys play on I play on tactical inverted sensitivity. About what is it say about 400 I'll set.

A basic ak-47 oh yes.

With a red dot let me show you oh my god.

All right fuck this guy.

Holy shit.

It takes a lot longer to heal in this game I will say that everything got an.

Eight hearts go okay a coxcomb you know I'm Sam.

Like I'm gonna miss that Intel just know it.

All right oh shit we're back in the so.

Let's let's have math for modern warfare to the the DLC maps I know that you.

Should be like stuck back here now really blast my way out.

I swear to god I'm stuck back here there we go.

Oh is that Intel behind me nope just kidding' all right flash this shit ready.

Guys they're left there and my fuck you again over there fuck you very much bitch.

Now I am hoping that the campaign of this game is a little bit longer the battlefield 3 campaign I was slightly disappointed with that shit.

I should've cooked up Brad what are you doing.

All a k47 so far I don't mind it but iron sights are definitely better than excuse me sir.

Oh you thought you could have for me you son-of-a-bitch all right let's get the hell out of here.

I think you never know all somebody give me a 50 cal.

Those are not reloading for earlier I'm a compulsive freeloader.

And if you're not playing on statical you really should just because you can you get so much more mobility over your character.

See this is personal preference I guess.

Oh shit the jamming system Cheers.

My team behind me is just all be now solo demo baby favorite kid penny stocks. Are you seize up you're with me let me. Definitely check.

Oh my god Spanish 12 power supply shop oh fuck it.

There's 446 all fucking sandy ravaged this bitch might be despair thought bro.

Look at that shit ass beast.

You guys don't know who's sandy ravages massive shout-out to that guy why the.

Fuck won't this guy die every time he shoots me my name gets all crazy nice and easy oh here we go here we go.

Blast radius how far back we need to be.

We got you loud and clear Roger 0-1 all systems are operational we're sending a Blackhawk to your location for exfil eta three minutes oh shit oh fuck yes all the coming out.

The door come on this five award a c-130.

We load up.

Oh we're going vertical.

Stay alive chopper gunner Russian warships near our ports to assist copy your last zero one be advised we're seeing multiple enemy rotor wings in your airspace.

After odd.

Oh it's your chest no way bitch why wait.

Keep standing your sectors are dude that port-a-potty ah sorry.

All right there we go.

That's okay.

Percent this is 0-1 we are on route to the harbor or Rogers dear one the skies are clear good luck out.

This is lighting three one guidance systems are back online standing by with a full payload of Jade amps requesting clearance lightning three one you are cleared to engage bring a large deck do T five seconds weapons away.

Verify initial strikes on the predator feed sir appears all sites have been neutralized good work Sandman we've regained air dominance over Manhattan and push the frontline back to the river what's our next target the Russian command vessel is an Oscar to submarine carrying enough cruise missiles to level the eastern seaboard we need to strike fast before they can launch a counter-attack Roger what's the mission infiltrate the vessel take over the bridge then turn their weapons against their own fleet I need you to link up with the seals and get it done good luck get up boys where's our in Phil Point Brooklyn Battery Tunnel I thought he collapsed it did

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