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Transformers Prime Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (WiiU, Wii) - Optimus Prime Mission 1

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Transformers Prime Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (WiiU, Wii) - Optimus Prime Mission 1

Transformers Prime Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary for Wii U, Wii Transformers Prime the video game walkthrough

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Transformers Prime Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary (WiiU, Wii) - Optimus Prime Mission 1


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You you.


The anchors holding Lord Megatron output rings remain stable perfect the dark.

Energon contained within that media will soon be mine you sure those readings are.

Correct Raffe absolutely I can't tell what's causing it but something's kickin the dark Energon readings right off the chart and it's coming from the same place all those Decepticon signals then there's no time to lose Autobots are you ready just let me at them hey be careful out there okay.

Let's make scrap out of them yeah let's make scrap out of them sorry Miko you're.

Gonna have to sit this one out Oh bee make sure you get back here in one piece.

Brown bridges on life.


Ratchet do you read we're all analysis.

They're that two-acre that's our target.

To reach the objective.

Here come the Decepticon grunts Rumble with that.

Ultimate and too hard across range shooter from a distance.



You can change which it'll be here.

Take out the tender control and we ruin Megatron's whole plan.



Scrap the cons have a back-up plan Optimus the angles all wrong from here.

We can't get a good shot at those anchor lines understood bulkhead we're going to.

Have to leave across to the meteor itself all right once the lines are cut I'll open the ground bridge to the medium we'll take that rock right out of orbit Autobots prepare to jump to the meteor you gotta use your vehicle jump.


Wow they look really mad bulkhead hold the decepticons I'll destroy the anchors.


See if you can damage the anchors in vehicle mode let's try to vehicle bonus.



They're really more on the firepower.


All right our plan work you.

I've had enough of your interference Optimus you know I'm going to stop you.

Megatron I know you're gonna try you're regretted appearing with my plan.

He's gonna kill them to a shield breaker no more using vehicle mode to break that chill.

Did Mako.

Use that open a packet right now.

There's something wrong with the meteorite.


Guys the dark Energon readings are spiking be careful.

Optimist what's happening I'll get the ground bridge.

Hahahaha what a shame that those Autobots can't fly we've just gotten rid.

Of them all in one fell swoop you fool if the Autobots could be defeated by.

Simply picking them up and dropping them we would have done that already get down.

There and finish them off yes Lord Megatron you heard the master go make.

Sure the Autobots are scrapped and sweep the area where the meteor landed it must.

Be recovered.




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