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Black Mirror 2 Walkthrough Part 6

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Black Mirror 2 Walkthrough Part 6

game developed by Cranberry Studios (2009)

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Let's see it won't open it's got a leather strap running from the back to the front cover and there's a lock on it too I need a key.

There's something under the flowerpot.

It's a little brass key.

And that's not the address book open.

Now then what was that doctor called dr. Wakefield that's him and here's his number I just hope he still got my mother's old medical records.

Mom's bathroom the control place nothing special we want more but my mother was always modest and by the looks of it so is this place.

Some medicines boxes.

I think that's it.

I had a shower here this morning and mom laid on a huge breakfast I ate some of it for her sake back at uni I usually don't eat anything in the morning.

An old lighthouse underneath assigned with Willow Creek written or perhaps it's from the place in England where she lived and she first came to the US in her early 30s after the accident.

Hopefully the numbers still okay dr. Wakefield dr. Wakefield practice my name is Darrin Michaels I have to speak to the doctor it's an emergency hello dr. Wakefield.

This is Darrin Michaels yes yes she's.

Been taken to the hospital she's fallen over and taken a knock to the head she's not responsive my god the hospital needs her medical history do you still have it can you fax it over.

To the hospital wouldn't the support.

Corset protect her I don't think I want.

To know I'll just go down to the hospital and find out there.

Yeah me too I'll do that.

See you later doc well that's done dr. Wakefield there's. Always cared well for mom but that back of hers she could barely stand sit lie down without causing a pain and then she has the burns as well and now this.

I'll just get dressed and then go straight to the hospital I hope she's all right.

A coin-op telephone it says out of order.

I hope the doctors can help my mom the dog seems friendly enough but I've got no idea he's good at his job.

Hello I'd like to see my mom Rebecca Michaels one moment your mother.

Is still being examined have you got the medication with you yes here. Oh and I've also got the insurance stuff when can i ah thank you thank you I will tell dr. Newhouse please take a seat for a moment I will let you know when you can go in and see your mother.

Excuse me mr. Michaels.

Yes there is a problem with your mother's insurance card it looks like she didn't make the last payment I don't know anything about that and I really don't give a damn obviously it's it's a little unpleasant but the insurance look I don't give a damn about the insurance what's happening with my mom how long is this thing gonna take I'm sure you'll be able to see her soon but if we can't clear up this thing with the insurance then we've got a problem here you'll have to.

Okay doctor. You can see your mother now the room at the end on the right mr. Michaels I can't help it if your mother hasn't paid or the bank hasn't made a transfer or or if the medical insurance won't cover the three here take the card with you and sort it out in the end your mother will be back on her feet but she won't have a roof over her head anymore.


How is she good afraid to her head of whiteness she was to fall it against the table all the way it is she going one should never give up hope your mother's in a coma down I'm sorry but it's running rather uncommon for someone to wake from a deep coma perhaps if she'd been discovered earlier and they wouldn't have been so much bleeding in a skull you're saying that. If I'd gone to her straight after our talk then then she wouldn't be here now lying in a coma but my boy you couldn't possibly have known yeah yeah how could I have known. Sorry fuller she found the photo store. She she wanted to speak to me and fuller just hung up on her wait no that's completely she was conscious and wanted help but follow Darrin get a grip it was an accident no. One's to blame and you should just just just one simply sit here at the bedside and hope that she gets better I can't barely believe that Darrin.

Must thanks for your help.

We'll look after your mother round-the-clock Darrin you're welcome to stay here I'll pop it again later you

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