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7 Console Accessories That Went TOO FAR! (And 3 That Didn’t Go Far Enough)

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7 Console Accessories That Went TOO FAR! (And 3 That Didn’t Go Far Enough)


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Some accessories for video games are great, but there are some which are way too over the top. There are even others that could do with going further.

This is TheGamer's list of 7 Console Accessories That Went Too Far and 3 That Didn’t Go Far Enough.

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Most video games work just fine with the system and controllers they were designed for, but sometimes you'll want more. That's where accessories come in. Some of them, though, have been a bit over the top while others haven't gone far enough. Today, we'll tell you about some of them.

We'll talk about how Sega tried, and failed, to emulate the Wii nearly 15 years earlier, and well as a voice-controlled light gun and how one Xbox game needed the weirdest controller. There's also things for the Nintendo Switch, which will show you why you should read the manual, as well as an attempted fix for wireless. You'll see a DS Stand and an NES Speedboard, which could have had turbo. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more awesome content!


Entry 1 - DS STAND











Script by: Peter Henn

Voice Over by: Grant Kellett

Edited by: Chris Bashen

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Consoles should be about the joypad and the game but there are some times when you might want to get an add-on while there are some great accessories there are some which took things too far not only that but there are some that didn't quite go far enough and we're going to tell you about some of them before we begin subscribe to the gamer and ring that bell to join our notification squad so you never miss a video without further ado here are some console accessories that went too far and some that didn't go far enough DS stand back in the days when smartphones which worked smart at all by today's standards when they came with buttons the idea of controlling a screen using your fingers sounded wrong how would you get your information across how would you keep things clean wouldn't it just be flat-out unhygenic people shied away from it like they did with fire and the wheel and other great ideas before them this all changed when some genius came up with the idea of using a stylus to write on screens now you could give it a proximation of your handwriting type an email and generally do stuff on a touchscreen without having to worry about getting things dirty or pressing the wrong bit Nintendo never a company to ignore the latest developments while unless it was cd-roms in the 90s they took notice and so in 2004 the Nintendo DS was launched complete with a stylus there was one small problem though while the stylus was cool and groundbreaking it wasn't exactly easy to use you had to hold the DS in a certain way which meant playing stylus heavy games difficult when Kid Icarus Uprising came out someone had a bright idea they would build a stand unfortunately it was so cheap lightweight and generally horrible people didn't buy it because they'd rather fiddle about holding the console and stylus than have to get this switch holder when the Nintendo switch came out it seemed like the company had squared the circle when it came to a particular gaming conundrum for years people had wondered how you could create a console which was of the highest quality when it came to graphics sound and memory but also had that pick-up-and-play portability factor yes the switch was the console you could plug into your television like a traditional one but also take with you wherever you went this as well as the usual quality people had come to expect from Nintendo helped it to sell by the bucketload people love to play it at home on their way to work or wherever the key word there is wherever it's portable so as long as the battery is charged you can play it anywhere well maybe not if you're a soldier in the middle of battlefield or involved in a court case or attending the funeral but you get the idea this didn't stop a whole range of companies making accessories so your portable console could be more portable these lazy neck devices as tested by YouTube's TV at 7:00 are all well and good but serve no real purpose the whole point of the switch is that you can play it wherever so we need to know why this is even a thing steel battalion controller here's a little tip for any aspiring game developers out there if you're making a game specifically for a console it might be a good idea to keep in mind the system's controllers you could come up with something completely brilliant but if a gamer has to get new stuff specifically to play a game how it's meant to be played you haven't done as well as you could have done Xbox players in 2002 who heard about Steel Battalion were very excited this was an awesome looking shoot-'em-up from Capcom a company with one of the best track records of any developer which put you in control of a bipedal walking tank talk about awesome prospective players had problem though you couldn't really play it with a regular Xbox controller no you had to get a very expensive accessory steel battalions controller is ridiculous it is absolutely massive and features two joysticks a whole range of buttons and some foot pedals rolled in to be fair it made playing the game an experience unlike anything else and it was made to the highest standards it's a real problem was that you only ever used it for two games which left a catching dust and looking like a weird guitar pedal board the rest of the time this was 200 bucks you were never going to see again switch dust cover there's a piece of advice which holds true in gaming and in life if in doubt read the flippin manual seriously these things are included with products for a reason not everyone automatically knows how to make something work so the little book with the instructions and the diagrams is there to help you get the best out of a thing and not break it even though games usually have a couple of annoying tutorial levels to get you used to them these days it wasn't always the case so this was doubly important nevertheless there are cases of people making terrible mistakes because they didn't read the warning signs that's something which is certainly true about this next entry now we all love the Nintendo switch it's awesome it's portable and it's loads of fun but there's one thing we'd like to fix about it it's a bit of a dust trap so when this dust cover was launched we were all for it it's well-made it looks nice and it keeps your home and your switch clean it does warn you though not to have it on your switch while it's turned on because it'll overheat unfortunately some people didn't read the flipping manual and that's what happened moral of the story always read the manual otherwise it's your fault when things go wrong frag master back in the halcyon days of the late 90s PC gaming seemed to be all about one thing quake this was the defining first-person shooter of the era and has gone on to become one of the most important games of Balt before quake FPS was a frustrating affair with the potential to be brilliant after quake it became one of the biggest genres in gaming trust us there will be no rudeness about quake in our house not if you want milk and cookies we've said all that because it saddens us to tell you about one of the weirdest most Awkward accessories ever when the third game in this series quake 3 arena came out we loved nothing more than to rush around dragging everyone sure the mouse and keyboard controls were challenging but it was all part of the fun what no one wanted was a terrible looking thing to make it easier the frag master intended to do this and to be fair it simplified things unfortunately makers thrust masters plan a futuristic driving wheel somehow got lost in development and got turned into a misshapen toilet seat just look at it do you really want to put your hands on that thing wouldn't you rather just play the game as it was meant to be played yeah thoughts of speedling v-grip just because something ends up being bad doesn't automatically mean the idea behind it is awful if the road to hell is paved with good intentions then this next accessory is in for some serious infernal love if you've got larger hands the Nintendo switches joy Kahn's can be a little bit fiddly while you can't play with them perfectly normally you might end up putting your hands in a weird claw like position in order to get the desired effect so when Dutch company speedling came up with a special grip holder it looked like it would be a blessing for the bigger player yes you can keep your hands in a more neutral position this is a good thing it's pretty much the only good thing about this accessory though for a start it makes your switch look really weird until some enterprising developer makes accordion hero you don't want your console to look like an accordion secondly it messes up the controls because it angles your joi cons if you press left you actually move down and to the left and if you press right you go up and to the right not good to top it all off if you've got average or even below average size hands this thing ends up being a bit too uncomfortable good idea but poor execution Konami laser scope the idea of playing shooting games using a controller which looked like a weapon has been a thing ever since the earliest arcade games it's moved over into consoles - with varying degrees of success let's put it this way or every Nintendo zapper there's always a Super Nintendo super scope yeah you get where we're coming from either way you grab your accessory take aim at the screen and pull the trigger it's all simple but like so many things you can trust someone to take it too far in the 1990s though you wouldn't have thought the people who would take it to a level it didn't need to go to would be Konami the people behind Gradius Metal Gear and Pro Evolution Soccer tried to get into the like gun market and it didn't go well the Konami laser scope is a bad idea done terribly if you had an NES and a zapper this was supposed to be an alternative first of all you wore it it looked ridiculous then you aimed the laser pointer which to be fair was quite cool before you shouted fire yes you were dealing with voice-activated software it sounded apt it didn't work it was absolutely dreadful and no you couldn't get cheats by saying up up down down left right left right B a start what a disappointment NES speed board we'll. Also be talking about accessories which didn't quite work for some reason in this list there are going to be a lot of ones which were meant to be used for Nintendo consoles this isn't a diss of Mendo at all in fact it's kind of the opposite if you're the biggest company around you can be sure people are going to want to get themselves a slice of your pie taystee gaming pie anyway there can be. Absolutely no excuse for this next accessory the Nintendo speed board pretty much defines an accessory which didn't go far enough the speed board was meant for NES players the Nintendo Entertainment System revolutionized and saved video game consoles and it was the biggest thing back in the day people love to play it even if the games were Nintendo heart the Nintendo speed board licensed by Nintendo and designed by Pressman aims to get around not by holding your gamepad and that's it seriously this accessory only does one thing you would go to a shop and hand over your money for this one thing you could have bought a turbo controller for the same money but you decided to get this instead if it had a turbo option it would work brilliantly but as it stands it's baffling switch voice chat headset.

Technology marches on like a technological thing which marches did that make sense anyway back in the day the biggest discussion you'd have while playing a multiplayer game was with your friend who was sitting next to you then pc gaming became a thing and there'd be an online chat function so you could judge each other's typos now we have online voice chat so you can put on a headset and swear at strangers we truly live in wonderful times the Nintendo switch is an absolutely magnificent console it's redefined how we play games and it's managed to be a regular system and a portable one at the same time one thing it lacks though is support for Bluetooth audio devices this means voice chat is harder than it is on other consoles every problem though has a solution and a Japanese company Hori thought it had one linking up with the game splatoon to Corey's voice chat headset is a bit interesting it overcomes the lack of wireless support with wires lots of wires it's like an international festival of wires and you're invited you have hook up your headphones to an adapter which you connect to your cell phone and your switch and in the mean time you have to avoid throttling someone it's a good idea but it should have been left as a wired adapter to a Bluetooth ready device Sega activator wet Nintendo. Launched the Wii back in 2006 it was literally a game changer you didn't have to sit around playing video games anymore now you could jump kick and move around thanks to the way the Wii mote worked this was amazing and opened up gaming to people who otherwise wouldn't have played somewhere though some games developers saw the massive success that we had and surely wept for what might have been the we may have been the first time motion control was used successfully in games but it wasn't the first time someone had tried to make games playable without having to press buttons or twiddle a joystick in fact the pioneers were Nintendo's old rivals Sega when the Genesis was the only thing stopping the Super Nintendo from gaming world domination Sega had a plan what if you could play a game by movement alone that would show Nintendo a thing or two thus the Sega activator was born there was only one problem with the activator the octagon you placed on the floor and moved around in yeah it didn't really work rather than having free rein to do things you had to wave your hands roughly where a button would be and hope for the best this left gamers disappointed and Sega with lots of problems if it had worked properly it would have been revolutionary and there you have it what's your favorite accessory which went too far did we leave any good ones out let us know in the comments section below and don't forget subscribe to the gamer for more videos like this one thanks for watching

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