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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Let's Play (All Holocrons) - Part 1 - "The Escape" | DanQ8000

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This video from: DanQ8000.
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Let's Play (All Holocrons) - Part 1 -


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II

Let's Play - Part 1

With Commentary

PC Gameplay

1080p 60 FPS

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About Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II (All Holocrons):

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is an action-adventure platform video game developed and published by LucasArts. It is the second installment of The Force Unleashed multimedia project, and the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (2008). The game was released in the United States on October 26, 2010, and throughout Europe on October 29 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii consoles, as well as the Nintendo DS and iOS portable devices.

Players control a clone of Starkiller, who himself was a secret apprentice to Darth Vader in The Force Unleashed. The clone embarks on a quest to find his identity and find Starkiller's love interest, Juno Eclipse. Production for The Force Unleashed II transpired over an approximate period of nine months; while it possesses some similarities to the previous game, producers modified several aspects such as the sound effects and gameplay. Sam Witwer again provides the voice and likeness for Starkiller, and several cast members return to voice and provide likeness to their respective roles.

The Force Unleashed II produced varying responses from critics, who despite adulating the sound design and aesthetics, were concerned with several gameplay elements and an underwhelming storyline. Aggregate scores range from the 40–70% range at websites GameRankings and Metacritic. During the first few weeks after its release it placed fifth or higher in sales for several regions.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - Let's Play (All Holocrons) - Part 1 - "The Escape" | DanQ8000


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What is going on ladies and gentlemen it's Dan here now I'd like to welcome you guys to Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 on PC now I know it's weird. Like ladies and gentlemen I'm gonna speak about this for a second a lot of people asked me to play this game a lot but what they don't know is I already have a let's play of this game this game came back came out back in 2010 and I was making videos for you know Let's Plays in 2010 so people just don't know I did it but to be fair I did do the Force Unleashed as a let's play the original Force Unleashed in 2014 because the game wasn't out by the time I was doing Let's Plays you know what I mean I played the hell out of the first force on each game back in the day and I'm like oh I need a let's play because I don't have one I want to do one but people didn't know that I had done one of it I did do a let's play at the Force Unleashed ooh with that being said though it was old-school very very old-school like I said 2010 was my first year of doing Let's Plays and I figured you know what the hey people are asking me how some people like dan we know you did an original let's play of the game but I want to see it now I want to see a new one the new Dan you know seven years later or yeah said eight years later Jesus eight years later I'm sorry I forget a 20-18 now either way ladies and gentlemen I love the Force Unleashed games and I'm excited to get started with Force Unleashed yet again you know going on well over seven I think he came out what November someone that of 2010 can't remember exactly either way ladies and gentlemen hope you guys are ready a rock n roll with this game and if you are be sure to hit that like button that helps out a lot alright ladies and gentlemen any further ado let's get into Star Wars The Force Unleashed - alright ladies and. Gentlemen you guys know the deal with Star Wars games god I love Star Wars games we've gotta pull my man Farkas out of the drawer to do the reading so I'm gonna go get him real quick one second. I know it's been a long time hurry up it's here it's you're cute Oh oh damn sorry I got I aged since I've been in there anyway the force at least to the galaxy is on the brink of Civil War inspired by the sacrifice of Darth Vader's secret apprentice a ragtag rebel alliance plots to overthrow the evil Galactic Empire imperial forces in relentless pursuit of the rebels have captured the Jedi Knight robbed Kota its general lost the Alliance fleet has vanished while the Empire searches for the rebels Darth Vader has put a dark planted bullshit that will bring an end to some practices legacy dot-to-dot Dawn's alright buddy we no longer need you go away please go away we're done sorry about that he gets out of line sometimes you gotta show him what's what I'm exciting guys honestly it has been like going on well like I said if the game came out in November of like or whatever it was September somewhere in the fourth quarter of 20 2010 we just passed the seven-year mark on it so I wasn't totally wrong.

You're alive.

How long this time 13 days in isolation.

Impressive the force gives me all I need. The force the dark side my master.

Starkiller's jedi menthol has been captured general colors yes when your.

Training is complete travel to Cato Neimoidia and execute him.

Invader would always be your master he.

Was still haunted by visions yes master.

Hey sometimes the smell of forest on.

Fire I see the general falling and I feel the ground shake as a starship crashes around me I hear a woman's voice they.

Are memories of a dead man a side effect of the cloning process and the memory flashes used to train they fade and if.

They don't you must destroy.

Which just causes problems really whoa.

Still wild Zubaydah after he branded me a traitor and tried to kill you today.

Come on dudu somebody.

Don't make me leave another life what's happening to me all those visions because he's just another clone right now this alliance I leave it here come.

On doggies wait don't.

Yes strike her down I can't you will you were created to do my bidding.

Then it is as I feared why is this.

Happening to me the accelerated cloning process is still imperfect those who came before you went mad within months I believed you would be the first success but it seems you want to suffer the same fate what will you do with me.

We gettin out of this bitch baby let's go if we go guys watch out or we can.

Destroy them we're just pretty dope wait how did that mess me up woohoo watch the Shockers all ran right.

Through it oh man I'm getting rekt here man oh this is not gonna I can't even get shop just keep trucking just keep chuck it there you go like come on man that's super cool.

Some gangsters haha someone say this version is more powerful let's go boys.

Oh it's terrible hey guys a little one sup dudes you.

Already know about these ones they added a bunch of new combos for this game. We got real gangstas.

I'm just having fun throwing bitches.

Yeah I think we should have pretty much everything you don't like all like a good chunk of ours I'll have to deal with it come here son I gotta grab somebody go into my does double oven go to grab a hold on grab him yes that execution that was new for the game I'm gonna grab this chap oh that's that's how you do the combo my bad I should have I must not have it yet. But you got to unlock them some people.

Didn't like these games I don't know how I think they're fantastic oh he got some he got some who rightness a Snuggie Oh cub hockey cock-block like.

That let's go yup cake these damn things are causing problems get rid of them get rid of them thank you there we go.

Oh nice.

Alright I'm just having some fun here just having some fun.

See if Ellis thanks for the love.

Oh no wait a minute new holocron it's okay what's going on stop saber crystal what kind of saber crystal let's wait hold on lightsabers there we go all right we got the chaos which i think is just one is yellow so yeah you could pick one can't get both cuz you got to unlock them both we'll do our main so that's what I think is really cool and as you unlock them you have to find yet another one so now we got two yellows I like to find wait hold on a.

Second ah one thing you could check I'm not mistaken costumes and then you unlock the ones as you go it's the same sort of situation it's the last one.

Option no no not options so there's the regular pause menu and then there's the back menu which allows you to overwrite you could buy upgrades based on the points you have obviously so they've made it a little bit more simple as you can see but usually what they do hold on a second sorry usually there's something four levels right but maybe not they let you know how many crystals are in each one but I'll try and find as many as I can.

Oh can they now look at this execution.

Wow dude and you're gone see you later that was absolutely Savage look at me then ran right by me my sabers.

Yeah I don't have it yet.

You done your son whoa all right.

Oh if the door closed on me yeah did you know we're gonna be meeting something all the type fighters all right hang on oh shit okay hold on I'm gonna throw it into those bad boys all right it just breaks them down.

Come on boys you can throw it like that's a force that's a powerful Jedi look at that oh he's got whoa hey can y'all not do that.

Hold up bye ha ha anybody else I got a.

Second wait a sec I just want to check something can I not get up there I don't think I can maybe later okay hold on.

Oh into the flames.

Oh there's another holocron some of these I don't know I'm gonna try and get them all if I can that's a new saber crystal we don't know what it does yet I'll check it in a second actually wait a minute don't they do different things like hang on the chaos crystal gain.

Extra force points for destroying the environment no additional bonuses replenish your force energy with each strike so what you can do that I'm gonna put this one in my secondary I don't put the meditation as my main it's good all right we're gonna do our absolute best to find to find them all in this in this.

Game I'm gonna try buh-bye I don't got one of them you gotta upgrade and that's why all this. Yellow one there another one oh crap.

Wait a sec whoa that was money that was.

Money ooh can we get green skis each color does something different just so you know so I think green might give us force or health or something whereas red gives you something for your lightsaber greenback yeah maximum health and then there's like I think my name is shir oh.

Did the other one do those sweet let's go doggies anybody else want some of this.

Oh yes sir and I got rid of him too you're gone I don't need you.

Does that anybody else not we good fam.

I was hoping I get somebody else since.

The thing is though since we're a clone of the original we actually have all the.

Abilities that we wouldn't have had in the first game right away like for example like I'll give you my example right now ready we have to have unlocked all of those moves well no the extra dash will boost booth the extra boost at the end I would have had to unlock it's just so simple to just shuck bitches from side to side oh come on dude.

This just looks dangerous.

Hey oh whoa just hold it hold it now we're good I. Could be to do should like pull them in.

I was just doing that to show you what I.

Could do son just letting you know just trying to give you a nice visual experience alright cuz you you could.

Force through the stuff.

How's that missing thank you come on.

Y'all okay booster that guy got the full.

Blast of that oh yeah new holocron this is a yellow one experience point you have enough points to rank up before us okay so the yellows are just strictly experienced so I can do force push on my saber I'm thinking oh I can't do my said I can do force push all right we'll do that we'll do that it's fair and if you get all the holocrons you should be able to upgrade. A lot of stuff.

Mind-trick yeah.

You know while you still can going okay don't want to live anymore this is so brutal oh we got to take these things out.

Well we down all right now we got a fight that is just brutal I love those.

Combos I feel like they made this game a bit easier like it was easier to do combos because. It just was.

Don't touch me oh it was a nice double right there. Alright next level.

Grab them they go.

Just throw them against stuff it's so savage.

Oh yes he's still twitching he's still.

Breathing not anymore you're not oh shit what's out.

Shit that actually might have gone a couple of those chaps well I think oh wait hold on a second I think you could charge this off yeah it sends out a pulse.

Hi ma'am it's like a giant basis.

Oh whoo that's what that one did ha ha.

All right the Goliath for the war droid that says the same right there dad don't overthink it.

Forgot about these guys adding a new challenge.

But what happened there can I keep getting frosted I'm trying to I'm trying to hey guys what I wanted.

Well there we go we finish the barn here we go finisher you guys remember all these right when you beat like rank wars and whatnot as far as I didn't get more experience in that one.

Right at the middle I like I nicked one oh sorry about that bro I'm gonna wait.

I'm gonna wait I'm gonna wait I'm gonna wait on the double assassination all.

Right we got some ties to wash up with the ties look at see that's awesome it.

Sends everybody fly it don't you need to use your sabers that much you have so much force.


That as high as it goes that's all that's all you need it anyway I see.

Another holocron.

Oh are you gonna pick up the one on top but no let's pick the one right on the bottom uh-oh that was good.

Quick go finish up oh you got up I want.

That Holly where the fuck of that Holly oh I see I see how it is she's in me right hey he's gone son.

Just best them both up and then an.

Execution for good old measure.

Alright y'all how many more old all right we got another one of these droids.

Let me have it son let me have it I love how easy it is to Jack stop and.

Then you can just chuck it look at that charge it up and throw it at them I'm trying to pick up other stuff but it's not having it.

Hang on we got another box I'm out.

That's why I was out of force you could freeze him look at that look at this murder aah.

Thanks for that good chunk of experience there especially after that Holly oh look at a blue-eyed maximum force energy I feel like these holocrons are actually really open.

While God we're on time it is we made it.

I think I think we're good we good we good anything over here nope.

Give me more this one grab him what the.

Hell you gotta grab him son remember your training Oh few more knocks few more.

Knocks usually it's three times a charm you guys know the rules oh he thought he could get away are we gonna need one more I'm getting shot up I grabbed him I grabbed him oh those sick let's go.

All right there's our bridge then we got to fight some 80s tease ladies and gentlemen and that's our way out the tie bomber.

All right I forgot about force fury.

He's got a rack up do it he's down 101 I'm step on you.

Is he down aw dude is so down that force fury rectum got a dropship coming in oh you want some of my fury baby oh I've got enough force security to go around.

Like look at that I think we're good.

Alright ladies and gentlemen that is going to be it for the first chapter Kamino the escape I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did do me a favor and hit that like button let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you haven't yet be sure to LIKE follow my pages on social media those will be down below in the description I don't play at the end card of this video if you're Justin do you want to get yourself a shirt or hoodie there's a link to my shop in the description as well thank you guys so much again take it easy have a fantastic day I'll be seeing you soon for more content but until then let's hand things over to Knox Hill

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