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Spider Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 4 (Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Pro Gameplay)

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Spider Man PS4 Walkthrough Part 4 (Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Pro Gameplay)

New Marvel's Spider Man PS4 gameplay walkthrough part 4 with Typical Gamer!


PART 1 -


Description of Spider Man from the Playstation website: "Sony Interactive Entertainment, Insomniac Games, and Marvel have teamed up to create a brand-new and authentic Spider-Man adventure. This isn’t the Spider-Man you’ve met or ever seen before. This is an experienced Peter Parker who’s more masterful at fighting big crime in New York City. At the same time, he’s struggling to balance his chaotic personal life and career while the fate of millions of New Yorkers rest upon his shoulders."




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What's up everybody typical gamer and today for you I'm here with part number four of the spider-man walkthrough one absolute pleasure it is to play this game one of the most epic games I've ever played and the epicness will just continue today let me just take care of these these guys over here thank you oh pardon me don't appreciate that start us off with a little bit of action here kicking these kicking butts here whoo oh. My gosh item with a combo of combos right now let me in with this move we're starting odds up with some action whoa.

Dodge that - let's whip everybody up there you go buddy is everybody done ah there's another truck coming oh no you just punted me that's nice let's go ahead and go over to this guy yo Inc pardon me and let's go ahead and get the impact blaster where's the impact blaster at right over there impact web woo down dodge that shoot that guy against the wall oh I just got straight-up RPG that's not very nice is that it though ah there's you guys over here you guys are so cute there you go why don't wait to start this livestream off if you watch and enjoy this video you want to see more spider-man on the channel make sure you hit that like button that's the only way I know if you love spider-man if you want to see more hit that like button what excuse me what do you want oh I've.

Never done that before that's awesome that is so cool you can just freakin do secret handshakes with people all right yeah but if you want to see more the best way to let me know is by hitting that like button I'm not gonna set a light goal I'm gonna just let you guys go crazy with it so hit that like but if you're joining it subscribe if you do would want to see more walkthroughs and live streams and if you want to cop some fire my head over to the typical dad store recently we dropped the the gaming mouse pad and also the really really cool hyper red tee so make sure to go check that out link in the description below alright let's continue going here I want to bring something up to last episode I mentioned that I wanted to get like a hundred percent completion in this game want to get all the suits oh look at all these frickin suits that you can get I want to get every single one and use them on stream I kind of want start doing like the thumbnail each one will have like a different suit in it so all of those are options but I do want to get them all there is a lot of students here and they all look really really sweet I know there's a whole man I don't even want to talk about the Balkans I know there's a lot of really cool ones that we are gonna get so don't worry it's gonna happen and we're gonna go all Spidey down Oh Oh another one there we.

Go come on buddy Oh part of me big guy oh excuse me.

Oh part of me.

Eat it and eat it and eat it and oh my.

Gosh I'm dodging everything right now I gotta take out the big guys with my focus even though I used to max focus I think it's worth it oh what a Dodge oh.

Let me use that on them there we go oh I.

Almost messed that up me use this on them go up to them hit him with an uppercut swing them around onto the ground that's a combo right there that's a wombo combo if you ask me take that you ain't got no shield anymore and you eat a barrel hahahaha there we go I think you gotta save somebody much good alright so we just gotta stop crimes New York is apparently crime ridden right now we're gonna go ahead and swing like crazy I know how to swing perfectly now you can swing so fast if you do this properly that actually gives you pretty. Forward momentum I haven't been using that that often but let's go ahead and go over to the story mode mission I do want to do these crimes in between though I feel like those are super super helpful for getting XP and for completing the game let's go over to this what was it it's the award for the cop oh there's a mmm there's a stolen car there spider-man you know spider-man guys spider-man can't let a crime just go through he has to help everybody and.

Part of me not today bucko. There you go you go hanging over a little while there and thank you out of the car you go let's put on the brakes real quick oh you're still ripped spider-man there you go buddy is that it oh no there's a truck coming Oh heads up.

Nope and you're gonna go ahead and eat pavement and you oh shoot oh shoot.

There you go I'm gonna keep keep getting.

Him hit with gutters here oh what a combo there you can eat that.

Though I'm have to hit you with one of these zingers here.

Oh what a cowboy item with oh there you.

Go see financial district complete let's go ahead and heal up so we can be perfect healthier as we make our way over to the main mission you got to start off with some local car I'm fighting that's that spider-man for you you know get him tiger exactly you guys know what's good I hope you're all having a great day by the way I'm excited to get into these missions that have excited to continue our progress throughout this amazing storyline I was in high school.

If only miss Steinberg could see you now hey Dad I mean come on you see spider-man I'm pretty sure that makes you an official superhero superhero oh. Maybe I'm just a guy who doesn't give up. Uh-huh nothing better happen to any of. These people you understand me nothing I will do my best to stop that welcome.

Everyone before I hand it off to Mara I was born I'd just like to say a few words soon I think this gang war may finally be over like big over over I mean. There's some loose ends still to be tied up but loose ends well a truck pulled away from the scene from a company called consolidated shipping something's not right about it I just don't know what hmm well maybe after this we can grab some coffee figure it out together boy yeah get that coffee son get that. Confidence better myself I'll try we all know that officer Davis.

Is a hero but instead of coffee maybe we could have dinner instead I could come over oka or we could you know meet at a totally neutral location for a completely normal meal by professionals for acts of.

Extraordinary bravery above and beyond the call of duty it is my privilege to present officer Jefferson Davis with a department Medal of Honor phone call sir kind of in the middle of something here Jim sounds urgent.

Thank You mr. mayor I share this honor.

With my family my wife Ryo and my son mugs without their support I I couldn't.

Do what I do yes I've worked many years for this moment oh is this over the coming days your company your city and everything you care about will be destroyed people will beg you for help but you won't be able to save them goodness listen jackass I get threats like this twice a week why don't you grow a pair and tell me what you want to watch you suffer goodness.

That's creepy.

Oh No.

Know what the heck.

Dude no are you kidding me are you.

Kidding me are you frickin kidding me.

I'm going to find your father here wake up please oh my gosh this is super sad.

Man yo do I play smiles dude his father.

Is a fricking hero mom I'm coming for you mom over there.


Dude that is so sad his dad better be.

Okay I don't I don't think he made it though I'm gonna be honest with you what the heck.

That guy's a hero to men come on mom get.

Out of there goodness I don't know miles.

I don't know if there's a good idea miles I hope he is man it was right.


Oh no oh my goodness.

Oh this is brutal man this is brutal.

Goodness gracious.

TV real windy.

Concoct an Audi yo meal worid check the.

Podium for survivors oh I crossed.

This is tough.

He's looking.

This is so brutal for spider bad game.

Or gotta wait till this guy's not looking at us come on look away dude.

Look away there's no other way to get. Out of here dad was right there kid how.

Are we gonna get past these guys we're gonna have to just run for it.

Oh No.

You know we have to leave now Martin Lee.

You helped you you literally had a.

Shelter for people oh that is so sad.

This might be the closest I've ever come to crying in a video game goodness.

Gracious no way man.

No freakin way.

Can we get a rip in chaffeur oh man next spider-man game is definitely him 110% guaranteed not Jefferson man.

That's rough.

I'm sorry for your loss do I know you.

I'm Peter Parker I was at City Hall and. Look I know you don't know me but I just. Wanted to say I know you're going through that's what you were gonna say. Right or it all gets easier with time.

Don't worry it's a part of God's plan. I'm sorry I was just trying to help I. Know.

I'm sorry about that I don't know what. I'm gonna do with him I think he's.

Understandably shook right now um man.

That was that was too much man I was I.

Did not expect this to start off like that man that is so sad that is so so sad poor.

Guy a really bad room sorry have you.

Started looking for Martin Lee yet no I told you I can't start a manhunt based on a hunch from spider-man but I'm telling you he's the guy get me some solid evidence and we'll talk solid evidence right I had the captions me I'm thinking.

I screwed up and that kid lost his father they're not even looking for him.

Even Yuri doesn't believe me go to this.

Address bought a controlling interest in this recycling center last year you think he's hiding out there maybe we know he's not at feast if he's not at the recycling center maybe you'll find some evidence as to where he might be yeah good work MJ I'll let you know what I find detective about questioning the arrest of demons they're all crazy Martin Lee has the power to quote corrupt people corrupt what does that mean they say it's sort of like mind control it brings out the negative part of you it makes you do things you wouldn't normally do true true true why I got to.

Say like that MJ wow that was super sad though.

A lone mother trucker alone by the. Trucker oh here's you what's the throw you this. Guy's I'm falling out the back.

Hmm bomb in the truck got a neutralizes.

Get out of your buff there we go no take.

That whoa just like that movie put the bomb on the bus what's it called it's called speed isn't it called speed oh my goodness all right honestly dad has made me way more a way.

Less sympathetic for demons I don't think I was ever sympathetic for him but.

Honoring fallen heroes there's also a day to bow it stops some.

People say I blame everything I don't blame him that cowardly act responsible.

Oh man we cut we cut his podcast short there a little bit we're just too fast that flying into places a match was right place is crawling with demons gotta take these guys out then have a look around all right let's do this silently says he's safe.

Yo let's see where we could get one over.

There. There we go you only came up you could.

Kind of say I'm a pro spider-man now I think I've gotten away better oh shoot I.

Messed that up yeah.

Eat barrels are to be.

I'm have to take out this guy first.

We can just snap that guy into the wall there we go alrighty oh we got to go down to the.

Centrist here should be easy enough to open my security lock they use these on banks not recycling centers duh maybe if. I can find where it gets its power from all right so let's switch over to the electric web and let's figure out where it gets power from we got to pull the box part I'm excited like I could override this circuit I need my electric webs way ahead of you Spidey well that did something it looks like the circuits need a little more juice hmm okay we got to go to the other ones here let's go ahead and hey go looks like the circuits still stable maybe there's another junction box close by there's a couple Spidey gotcha dances.

One more one more box to do it smart so.

Smart that's it all right get that bank.

Door open comforter here is there anybody in here let's open the soap there we go.

Oh wait hey yeah you got it a little.

Fence isn't gonna do anything other spy like event I got again - oh yeah there's like there's definitely people in here or not there could be nobody oh man.

There's a oh no goodness gracious.

It's a classic dynamite look right there let's investigate these boxes comes from Fisk's armory that's not good truck.

Bombs this is crazy consolidated shipping man I knew it no no they need to attack wait these are a sporran campaign offices all. Righty well we should probably take a picture of that so high-tech equipment hater I can recycle this stuff into some weapons on my own you probably I mean it looks like Spider Man esque right then what's in the fist box services from Fisk's construction site this wasn't a gang war the demons were stealing from fists to go after mayor Osborn no but you were right Lee's.

Using this place as a front for the demons bomb-making gun-running and it looks like they're planning another attack this time on Norman Osborn's campaign office yeah thing this year I.

Think it's their staging area if I hurry I might be able to stop them.

All righty.

Martin Lee and the demons are planning another attack this time of Norman Osborn's campaign office trust me on.

This one it's spider-man shores of a recycling center you'll find all the evidence there come on I feel like you'd.

Want spider-man on your side right make.

The negative suit you get negative powers is that easier to fight demons with where's this bag right here there.

We go let's grab this vulture jammer oh great to have great great to have remember we do get a outfit for finding all the backpacks oh I wouldn't mind finding them all spider-man spider-man I did a lot of the.

Research towers upstream because they were fun but not like the craziest entertaining ones so I thought I would just do those and the landmarks.

Goodness I love shooting off the.

Buildings like that look at that bro. That is how you properly websley let me tell you that there we go.

Look at that how's my web swing from like episode 1 it's like increase 1e fold oh that's a lot of enemies I should.

Try to do this quietly yeah thank with style quietly but with style I like it I like it ok let's go ahead and see what we got around here open up the gadget page what you can now crap the tripmine press X continues that stuff I found at the recycling center so hold X to craft the tripmine there you go try mine a lot laser activated web trap that instantly incapacitates enemies alright fancy fancy nice I love using bad guys own weapons against him right so hold l1 we get out the tripmine aim. The tripmine here and launch the tripmine out so now you walk through it is what karmic justice looks like oh that is so good chill man just hang out.

For a second ok this you don't gotta. Freak out just hang out for a little bit where is everybody there's one more guy over there.

Again you just gotta hang out for a second dude everything will be cool and.

You hang out over here to perfect everybody's just chillin rahl friends here alright who do we got over here.

Anybody look over Eddie this guy I don't think anybody does so let's uh let's take out him oh oh I love what unique. The animations are like some of them are really really different all right so we got to see which sniper looks at which one I think taking out that one's more important.

Let's be sneekybeeky like you guys ready sneaky peeky like and quiet.

Goodnight or there's a lot of guys over. There so all the snipers are out we're good for that let's figure out how we're gonna take down the rest of these people.

So there's two guys here oh I didn't mean to do that oh that's great.

Okay this guy's gonna come check it out I very clearly put this other thing on the wrong porch on the wrong part here.

There you go oh no he has eyes on spider-man come on.

Good night like fish in a frickin barrel.

And out here better check inside it's how we open the doors out here all right we're yeah buddy who's a little uh let's read this thing huh invoice from an auto shop pale horse rides yeah what a name spensive tune-up what else can I find around here all right let's discover what we can find around here all right I think it's another target board isn't it or is this o is all around the city another facility thing complete demon warehouses around the city to earn base tokens you may filter out any of the map icons on the legend page which can be accessed by pressing triangle alright good to know this is.

Bigger than I thought this is way bigger than a does have an army the demons have an army an army of what you may ask demons is most likely it alright let us.

Go oh no.

What he's got whips now just my man Scout whips. You've got webs hold on what if I put impact oh goodness gracious that didn't do anything use throw bolts on a whip enemies to stun them avoid air combat when you're fighting whip enemies okay that doesn't. Do anything right now part of me oh dude.

You look like you're struggling a little bit.

Haha Oh what the heck did there you go.

Yeah they called me the best spider-man on the internet it's all good oh this.

Probably asked for we do this how are.

You guys what the heck.

Silverbird nice entrance.

Solid eight out of ten explanation.

Please this is silver Saab Lenova head of stable international a private security force paid for by Mayor Osborne oh the mayor has a pet army now next time you get in my way I will not be so gentle go we'll talk later. Just light Eastern European accent I hear it I hear a man all right okay I'm.

Working on this I'm working on that all right up with a map I found at that.

Shipping business I'll check him out let me know what you find at each one and I'll work on building a case you got it I'm headed to leaves office at least to see if I can learn more about why he's doing this everybody's got playing next I'm just showing off you don't think she's in danger do you know Lee's only got one target on his mind Norman Osborn there you go all right let's use their skill points here oh we got a new suit we could possibly get mmm wrestlers suit Hawks King of the Ring Webb throws enemies without having to Web them up ooh rock out blast enemies with waves of righteous sound all right so if we keep them locking these ads to be level up we got new skills here so let's go ahead and use them um what should we do ooh that I kind of like the.

Web strike one maybe these no stealth takedowns generate much more thing brute enemies can be grabbed and thrown when webbed oh that would be really good we should get that actually let's do that we're gonna have to go to into innovator there we go all right I'm gonna try this uh this blackhat one real quick though another camera gotta be black cat all right so.

It's it's vibrating when I go near black cat here I found it why are you doing. This no I'm gonna catch you come on Felicia why are you doing this Felicia yeah we're gonna do one of the gang hideouts as well here we go right there.

We go all right so who is here can I go up a bit higher oh yeah seems like there's.

Only like three people though.

Hey guys bird-watching mess up some pigeons over there howdy yo yo can't have the ones inside feeling left out so how do I get inside do I go.

Inside oh you gotta go in through here going down whoo aah so these are like inside ones I. Should get the negative suit what do you guys think should I roll with this sooner or the negative suit MJ I'm at.

The first location on your list guess what I found demons give the lady a prize see if you can figure out what they're up to well I introduced myself I did not mean.

To do that very clearly they're.

Suspicious but they don't know where I am yet so I didn't fully mess up come on.

Get your butt up here perform three stealth takedowns.

There we go we did freeform a 35 hit combo all right we don't need to be stealth anymore Oh didn't even need to do that didn't.

Mean to do that honestly Webb strike.

Okay we are doing this way too well Oh does it shoot at me down.

Holy shoot.

Whoo can't touch this daily inane you can Dean Dean oh we're still doing it I.

Did I did.

Demons looks like they bring in their buddies and shipping containers explains up for national criminal records for getting into the country there we go pardon me okay that's it I.

Got the focus i'ma use it.

There we all we're kicking some butt right now oh ouch ouch come on guys my.

Nice now.

All righty that's what you get shield guy sees the shield guy oh I love that.

Move right there yep.

I'm a champion i'ma put the champion oh we are kickin 542 combo 43 look at.

Those skills.

Is that it ah lose my combo how could ya.

How could you make me lose my combo doing so well oh my gosh.

Oh now you're on the ground now you're done for demon warehouse complete Oh easy peasy lemon squeezy baby MJ call the police all the demons are incapacitated don't forget to give you.

Bring you a souvenir I just demons you owe me you want a little mask or something alrighty.

Ok ok ok I think we that was our best base takedown we've ever done what do you guys think 10/10 would base tank chant again alright let's go over to the main mission now.

Let's do that wait we're go so fast.

Across the city Dow it's unbelievable that's my favorite I love doing that now I will do that every chance I get I will.

Do that every chance I get all right we got to.

Help people out go around the corner.

The last thing we need is a city full of trigger-happy mercenaries take that big.

Guy big guy big guy.

Why did an off-the-wall punch.

Love it absolutely love it.

What do you mean they try to take over the frickin city man let's do this little cat thing quick - it's right here.

Another camera it's like black cat all right looks like get alright I calmed down now lady.

Alright calm down she probably put it in a building or something you guys probably seen it before I did honestly I.

Feel like these are gonna be way harder than I thought they would be.

Excuse me black cat where did you hide your little toy thing anybody have any.

Clue I feel like it's in one of these apartments I feel like the controller rumbles a bit when you get near it right. Where the heck the black cat suit is awesome all right I really want to get it but to do it we have to go ahead and find every one of these black cat things.

Where on earth is I know like I'm trying to look for a vibration or a feel of vibration but shop-window bottom I don't.

See any shop-window bottom yeah this thing's like I spy but like spider-man.

Yeah I'm not feeling any vibrations a.

Lot of you guys sing it's on the right. Usually they happened a little sign mrs. black cat right oh I feel the vibration feel the vibration it's like up here somewhere Oh.

It's like here all right if somewhere in this area I there it is I think they sell rare wine here try and get ahead of her those are.

So hard why they're so hard oh oh man.

There's nothing to shoot I gotta take this out real quick.

Oh gosh it really is but it was fun.

Whoa all right let's switch are we levels up - we got that an envelope you know what I'm saying all right we're here doing the mission now again if you're watching and enjoy this you want to see more splitter man or you just love walkthroughs hit that like button and if you're new did that subscribe button as well place well mr. Lee's out of town I was doing your old job me but I could always use more help you know anyone actually I do his name is Miles Morales why does that sound familiar his father was being honored at City Hall uh I talked to him at the funeral he's a smart kid he's just having a tough time yeah dink I knew a boy like that once I remember it helped to stay busy might help him -.

That's sweet of you Peter Parker here's his mom's number Thanks I'll give her a call hey you haven't heard from mr. Lee have you know why just curious he's too busy terrorizing City right now Americ I'm gonna look around see if there's anything else I can do to help you out oh you don't have to I know I know I'm just trying to find.

Where mr. Lee is because I see Sam Mays the crime leader what you doing there I may need help with those veggies I learned a long time ago you're more help staying out of the kitchen than in it yeah cut that carrot again you're doing a horrible job and me I love you but what is that not even cutting the carrot you want me to call mrs. Morales first I'll be fine I suspect she'll be relieved to talk to someone who's been there definitely not. Someone who doesn't know how to cut carrots you know what I'm saying let's go check out his office glad to see you're okay this office is locked how do I get in there quietly hmm.

Nobody nobody pay attention to me please never seen that room before Oh what the heck is this.

Gotta come from this angle what died.

Alright so there's some funky rooms in there Oh high voltage lines what needs.

This much power I will call you back as.

Soon as I can get that information No.

All right that was the best ideas office space it should be right on the other side of the shrine Lee's Journal I wonder where the lock is Wilson Fisk has.

Been arrested I can barely believe it today I planned for dreamed of is finally here but for some of the reason I hesitate can i really go through with this thanks laughing so quickly if I give the word my medal claims Lissa's arms fists arms his explosives his secrets we'll use that to strength to teach Norman true pain he'll know what it is to see things he loves destroyed by his own hands but achieving that end will mean giving up so much everything I built here at feast all the good I've done could be wiped out if my plan succeeds my chance is finally here yet I still hesitate should I turn back part of me wants to but the demon is hungry and I don't think I'm strong enough to hold it back goodness Madhu's troubled.

Huh the shrine in the photo is missing the picture very interesting that means.

We got to take that photo off oh he's got a lot of cool stuff here I'll be honest ooh yo ghost story Lee's father read to him is that yeah demon that could only be mastered through balance yin and yang mothertrucker remember the old man said only balance can master the demon strength without balance the monster will turn on anyone who contempt to control it very interesting oh he's got. A PhD much from New York I can't believe he was hiding such darkness inside him yeah he definitely was man he most definitely was pretty messed up if you asked me we shook his hand we shook his hand oh well there's a little keyhole.

Hmm some kind of puzzle lock that seems.

Right that seems right yeah it doesn't.

Yin and yang mothertrucker yin and yang.

Oh what are you hiding Lee uh a lot look.

At this place goodness wow this is super cool.

He sure is obsessed with masks is it a union thing like whoa we did to pretend to be someone else to let his darkest feelings out pretended to be a demon he's giving his powers to the others how does Liam beauties with his power bioelectric induction compressed phase shift I don't know but he might be an. Awful dude but that is super cool he can do that alright let's play this could.

Never understand the only way to fight a monster Lee Scottie.

Lee is cut until further notice I was a.

Little document here this is the folder MJ found at the auction house this might help us figure out what leaves planning next yunk I shouldn't have left it there Lee not a smart move sir Oh.

It's a burn room why are to destroy evidence ya think now everybody's gonna die in here man.

It's crawling the roof alright don't see.

Any more power boxes I didn't like three times or something there you go I didn't know yet there twice think of.

What could have happened yeah what I've been good actually oh gosh what died here how do I.

Get out of here where does this lead.

Push this card out of the way.

Open this door up hello Peter.

Oh mr. Lee I thought you were out of.

Town did you find what you were looking for Martin you're back and get that. Thank you and heading off again shortly I'm afraid just needed a few things from my office you must have heard about City Hall yes tragic Peter was there he was very lucky and Anne Osborne rally I didn't know you were a fan I'm spider-man what matters is you are both safe amen but the bombers are still out there who knows what they've planned next I don't think you or may have anything to worry about as long as you stay away from places you're not supposed to be what how's Matt Beck what does that mean I should go when will you be back when my work is done may isn't that a little.

Speck to you just a little bit come on I thought Lily was our boy what is he doing what is he doing he's gonna go on a little bit wild on us it's a rhombus a.

I know kungfu you were gonna get me.

Mobbed in the streets Lee I thought you liked my aunt.

We should chase them go eat a suit on.

I finally got your evidence head to the feast center in Chinatown what am I going to find a nice lady named Nate Parker and some really weird stuff hidden in these office but listen he's got another attack we're still working on that but I think he's going to use something called Devil's breath what is it nothing.

Created by Oscorp probably a bio weapon of some kind I have a folder full of info on I'm holding on to it for now I'll string copies as soon as I can.

APB I think you'll want to hear this.

Wait why are you whispering wait.

Remember how you told me about Lee's corrupting touch I think I just saw it in action how some perfectly nice homeless people just jumped me they had glowing eyes no remembered Yuri telling me something similar about the guard who released shocker it's all connected.

There's more but I guess we'll talk about it at dinner yeah did these. Cameras aren't cheap if falesha's really strapped why is she leaving them lying around cuz she ain't strapped yo I might.

Even let you catch me like playing games.

With people especially me what the heck is this okay yeah.

Not today buckle there you go.

Electrify three enemies at once wouldn't have been that hard to I should have done that all righty well doc ock get.

His tentacles that's what I'm wondering man I don't know I kind of don't want. Him to want to be our friend want to be our friend still not our enemy.

Hold that hold that hold that hold that. Hold all that please there you go there you go there you go there you go that's.

So nice wanna do wanna do black yeah.

Black guy shoving here she was doing this in person the first time I caught her or did she catch me this can't just be some elaborate flirtation isn't she heard of dating apps she's up to something alright this is gonna be the toughest one goodness gracious look how much stuff what are the heck is it gonna be.

Anybody know where this one could be I.

Mean you can literally zoom in that far so I'm feeling it's on one of these.

Rooftop so it's like music playing you hear that funnier any vibrations oh. There we go oh there we go found it that's Tai stones place full of priceless art you're playing with fire Felicia I guess that's how you roll oh there you.

Go Oh didn't mean to do that oh pardon me.

From rose my prom boutonniere crushed when I had to fight fisk kind of kind of. Symbolizes my life increased damage on your health is above a hundred slow down time after a perfect dodge whoo I don't.

Know which one let's see that one for a fact on a lot.

Of you guys saying get the negative suit devasting wave of negative energy I'll think about it I'll think about it oh I can unlock this one I feel like I should just do these. As much as I can these base tokens ones though they get a little bit pricey I gotta say we got an extra skill move here what is this we can get a final skill thrown objects damaged all nearby enemies all right all right I got it I. Use web strike a lot so let's use this all right let's get over to Z mission.

Now there's a there's a thing that went down a bomb threat okay we gotta go we're spider-man like we can't leave these things we can't be like let the other spider-man get it's only us you can always change superpower yes that is true are they upstairs pardon me oh my.

Gosh come on wrong way oh my gosh the wrong way again.

Oh there we go oh there we go complete the crime within three minutes.

It's so hard to do that one I don't know why all right Oh completed within three.

Minutes oh you're fired in series oh gosh okay so this is why you got to do it faster yeah I messed that one up twice how well I feel like a hacker.

Right now feel like a frickin hacker we.

Got to do it within three minutes we don't got much time okay so what is our. So we need to do one less vault um we do.

This until we got perfect success Deadman switch the other bombs are armed need to disable them before they explode are you frickin serious I'll write a stapler.

There we go just another day in the life.

You and your men take care officer oh that level up doe 21 Oh anyone all right.

Give me one second here I just gotta fix one thing in my office then we're gonna continue I just want to give you a nice view as we do that is there is there a new suit that I got oh oh my goodness furious self suit assistive nano musculature temporarily disabled deals massive damage look at this that's.

Insane all right give me one second just look at the suit tell me what your favorite suit is okay no what's that.

Gotta get some tape you gotta use some tape yeah it's great we're gonna use something.

And Eve's motive tell us more take other.

Tape tape tape tape tape stevelou.

Hesitating holy shoot.

All right we can't get this one we can't get this one yet but we can get the other ones these other ones are possibilities should we rock a new one like every I don't know I feel like we should rock a new one once in a while what is this one oh okay we got to get.

More points let's save up a little bit all right let's do this mission no not today don't want to hear your little talk with Jay Jay okay the stark suit lighting looked better my diffuser fell off that's why you will notice it got. Brighter in between everything pisces. Chats and we said it gotta use some tape tape tape tape tape what do you mean.

You'll be just a minute look at all this new stuff I want to.

Research this thing I'll be just a.

Minute where did you get all this equipment called in every last favor.

Scorpion electro Fisk rhino vulture. Vulture might be the smartest guy up on this wall that's smart enough to duck three consecutive life sentences of course but still pretty brainy mob enforcer turned walking tank rhinos racked up enough property damage to destroy Manhattan three times over all right all right.

Let's go over to our boy now you've been.

Busy just getting started you know until now we've been looking at prosthetics from the wrong perspective why restore people to what they were when we can make them better oh gosh I think that you do it oh no this is where the. Tentacles come in man ready that's a.

Creepy hand we're really cool.

No no everything okay wait why was he.

Groaning this is all your fault oh okay doc ock you kid I know who.

You're not voting for in the next election ha ha ha oh that's are gonna have a habit of making bad jokes in tense situations it.

Was a good joke Parker just a bit of an overreaction on my part no don't worry why don't you take a break I'll clean this up and get us ready for another test.

So uh hope you don't mind me asking but it seems you and Norman have a bit of a history we were lab partners in college mm-hmm and friends decided to start a. Business we both had visions of changing the world just in different ways wait you were at Oscorp when it started I'm half the reason it's called Oscorp ain't grad school everyone called us Theo's had Corp to that and well it is a.

Catchy name whoo why'd you leave Norman became more. And more obsessed with genetics he started a project I considered unethical and there was this anyway lawyers got involved I chose to leave in exchange for a settlement but that money didn't last very long I've relied on grants ever since if this project doesn't work don't worry it'll work let me let me just fix this up yeah I'll fix it up doc don't worry there's coffee get that coffee get that pot going man we good hope be sure to.

Run a diagnostic on the control unit could be a short you see doc you messed.

It all up and you know i'ma fix it for you cuz I'm a nice guy okay I'm a nice guy and nice things they do nice things.

Oh you need a fiber you just need a.

Fiber huh yeah fibers not gonna work here to coach I'm gonna shit Oh might be able to run do we have minus 1 we have minus 3 and a minus 4 and we need a fiver yeah we can.

Make it work there you go.

There we go and then we just need a -3 doc I I fixed that in a second smart oh why don't you do the honors.

This time how do you hurt his arm I.

Think we did it next step neural interface that's a lot of work for you to do by yourself sure you can handle it apparently not judging by today's debacle I found another job my funds are still I know it's okay don't worry I'll figure it out what's a few bucks when you're trying to change the world right to changing the world.

Haha oh they're so fun together man they're so fun mr. Kaul from MJ doctor I.

Need to go but I'll be back later don't worry the work will still be here when you get back alright cuz you know I got a date and I kind of missed it for you show me a little hand thing oh we're so close completing it all alright what's what wonder if I.

Could 3d print a web shooter what is this no doc looks like armored plating.

Contract difficult to crack ducks working on some kind of advanced hypodermic delivery system maybe to help with the implant rejection I don't know that's a big needle I don't know either Peter this seems awfully suspect if you ask me awfully suspect I don't think you need all this doc it looks a little bit like you're trying to become a man with bunch of tentacles cute the dr. Octavius.

Ooh oh that's a beautiful view goodness.

Hey sorry I missed your call you still on for dinner dance for me to come over.

And cook okay all right MJ's low.

Expectations wait it's all just freelance for a while until she calls cracked lens and the vulture cracked my Islands it almost blinded me that was a wake-up call had to upgrade to a stronger material man I really do we get to face a vulture and stuff unless that would be so fun that'd be so fun what is going on here dude this they're turning this place into a military zone I swear stop this crime spider-man spider-man. Does whatever a spider can.

Oh yeah we didn't do any of this don't.

Take downs or anything we just kind of went for it you know always eats your vegetables man always eat your vegetables alright let's do another one of these I want to get this suit there's. Quite a few of these dogs toying with me but I learned something in each of these seats I really don't me yet I think some.

Big-time lawyer lives here that she's after his client list to find new targets me Wow oh she's one smart cat she's one smart cat oh gosh oh I'm on a. Crane now whoo.

Wreck it all up the guys who didn't blow up City Hall not bombing the city.

Oh goodness just once I'd love for the. Guys cooling up he beat the delivery instead of more demons stand up again stand up one more time one more time there we go.

Yeah soon.

Stop the demons for good yeah yeah thanks Spidey sorry good idea right can't wait.

Swinging over now prepare to be amazed.

No don't do it no don't do it.

Yo we can fight or hear me out we can barbecue eat oh boy what how did I get.

That there we go.

Spyder means but man does whatever a.

Spider can oh I'm so inaccurate that's.

Unbelievable oh man there yeah buddy yeah have a good. Time wait still around brisk out here that.

Are going I got another new suit no I didn't get another see you Oh straight just leveled up level 22 what's the next suit at.

It'll be a level 23 I think we're definitely at the by level 23 suit you guys know me you guys know me um let us. Go which way should we go through here let's go to thee ooh that one would be.

Really good that's a 3 cos though that's this one we got that the air yank we're. Gonna hit him with it we are yank you all right let's see if.

We can complete this one to the music just got so epic for a loading screen can't touch it hmm you have it location number 2 can you believe these demons wear their masks just like walking around let's make for confusing staff meetings I'll try to figure out their operation well throw a wrench into it tanks there's two people there.

20 yeah you drew with how about leave them to win th ancient yet powder dead.

Powder which I know they're saying can I.

Please go over I don't want to go to that one I want to go to the closer one.

Up shoot oh my god that didn't count I.

Don't think.

Oh my gosh.

Y-yeah I have a huge combo right now Oh.

God Oh God.

I forgot I'm trying to do a move but I.

Forgot I'd do it.


Never touches it it's not that I'm not glad to see more of you it's oh no way.

Yep way 506 hi gosh that it.

Goodness they might need to increase the difficulty on this game.

Oh gosh I got hit directly by that Oh.

Fuff oh I'd never see that one before.

That's fun that was real fun I feel like.

We got to do it again though just because we messed up on us I've got the place secured off the street it's a win.

So if we didn't do what sweat throw and uh okay lets me do it real quick I just want to see if we can do it cuz the three silent takedowns shouldn't be too hard hey they all shouldn't be that hard honestly.

There we go that guy's done this guy.

Should be easy enough to says he's safe.

There we go 303 it's a web throw so I'm.

Assuming that we go oh gosh didn't mean to wreck them that bad no.

Gosh is that it through.

I got to figure out this wet throw thing hold up let's go over here um we're.

Looking for a web throw Oh whole triangle throw a web door electrified enemy okay I know how to do that you just got a web them up part of me sees.

You a bunch of those well they really.

Want me to Wed throw people oh my gosh oh my gosh.

I should have recorded this yeah you should have Spidey funny man would have the best YouTube channel if y'all oh my.

Goodness part of me.

Pardon me.

The hipster assassins I'm just whipping.

People like it ain't nobody's business.

Stop jumping like that.

I'm just tops and people need two more tosses anybody else part of me.

There you go now we can do whatever.

Let's do our you are you oh yeah you're.

There to anybody else oh you're a guy.

Right oh I love it it pulls him right to.

The ground oh there you go.

Fantastique that's how you do it that is.

How you do it ladies and gentlemen MJ call the police I've got the place secured when wind baby.

Win win what you know we killed it there you just got it really like I would say for blaming this and you want to get all the suits you really got to focus on what it's asking you to do as it's sort of coming through we had to go to MJ now.

Spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can.

I love the boost thing makes you go so. Incredibly fast.

And just swing close to the streets your swing so fast unless you get to see all like the ground stuff that's going on near the ground you know.

A lot of people have been telling me.

That congratulating unless concerned.

Citizens like you and I base ourselves impossible to ignore stand up your City back that's the only way we can ever be sure that justice will be done to me everyday and.

Spider-man okay let's get over to MJ.

I think I took everyone out in like two.

Seconds we're talking about it like two seconds it's wild hello MJ I'm here how.

Are you hey what are you doing me Mary Jane here you are not gonna believe what.

Happened sooner that address you gave me I went there MJ I know I don't but wait. What is this just listen just listen.

Oh we got a plays MJ don't we mm-hmm gonna be one of those huh it's gonna be one of those things a little flashback a little plays MJ I dig it I didn't.

This is nice you can go here alone men are all carrying firearms what is this place why'd you go alone now I got a sneak for.

Like half now might be something inside that connects this tool II need to get back there huh what was that what dumbass can't put their shit away it was happy.

Easy does it I kind of like the sneaky moves Oh.

No there's anyone seen the 3/16 socket driver that guy's not going anywhere maybe I can distract him.

Goodness walk behind this guy rave dust.

What a name why is that so familiar look.

Through the barrel.

That Fisk it's this brother oh I don't.

Know you're right Rick won't notice cuz.

It won't be there you got some stones.

Rick let's see if they break.

What such a disappointment that's a yikers.

For me dog. And now I need a new welder.

Mmm alrighty then that's an out sheet.

All these tools just falling over you.

Ain't seen nothing son blueprints I'm a.

PC this is what they're building for Lee here we go what are these checkers what is tombstone using these for all right boys time to move get the gift for my office time to go yeah it's time to depart these lands is what we say okay I want to say don't ever do that again but since I know you're going to anyway here take a few of those next time nice thanks you know tombstone is crazy and pretty much invincible right that's their weakness mine is whatever you're cooking right now it smells amazing the chicken curry just needs some time to simmer no dumplings I hope we're never gonna let me live that one down are you nope the great dumpling catastrophe I still can't believe they evacuated the entire building knowing in January to your neighbors hated me yeah they were pretty happy when we broke up yeah so let's talk about what you found.

In Lee's office well Lee clearly has issues with Norman Osborn yeah but clearly why I don't know yet but his. Next move looks like it involves Devil's breath whatever that is yeah I'll dig into it sorry I was thinking what if we teamed. Up you want to be my sidekick like.

Spider Girl spider woman no woman.

Partner Oh Peter you're getting friendzone dude don't do this again.

Hey it's your crime system thingy looks like a residential break-in mmm Charlotte and ish that sounds familiar Oh Oscorp CFO wait you don't think this.

Has anything to do with lead do you oh he changes fast sorry a cooking run did you just leave your clothes on the kitchen floor.

But where do you want me to was a couch is fine see you later yeah.

We spider-man spider-man does whatever.

Spot can I don't think spiders can leap from buildings but you know what it's all good hmm hey number 23 yo so what do we.

Know about Charles Standish it's got to.

Be related to Devil's breath let me know. The second you find something I think we might be planning something even worse than City Hall partners friendzone hi.

Samara how are you you're good. One sec I can't hear you what what oh right II she found treasure chest all right what's this new one that we unlocked stealth big-time suit what create a distortion field that can obscure you from non alerted enemy's vision what bad. These suits are so awesome I love boys but I hug him and hold him oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my gosh I'm. Gonna do this one's perfect all right I'm gonna do that quick recovery.

Oh a lot of shooting this is just a.

Normal break in their reported police.

Look like they could use some help.


Stick to the frickin wall.

There we go all right police you get we.

Need to wagonlit more of them inside you guys stay here definitely more of them inside definitely more of them inside a hundred percent let's see how let's see what's popping in you well somebody was in a hurry you good.

You tell me what happened your buddy you're hurt I'm okay but you got to find mr. Standish fast those guys in the masks kidnapped him and forced him up to his place no pet house top floor okay sit tight come on stop running from me.

Oh Mike that was kind of mean far to me.

All right now I had enough of you yep.


There we go oh there's more of you isn't there it's gonna be one of you whip you guys no it's not that would be get this big we go good fight a for effort clear.

The garage I think we did that work they know I'm here maybe I can sneak up through the elevator shaft Oh most definitely come on well should be able to make it up to the penthouse from here pardon me oh I didn't work the way I.

Thought it would.

Yeah I love feathers oh goodness.

Stay out of the light me thank you.

Not a big from this is really cool this one just taking. People off the ledge here we are crushed.

It. Nice and easy all right.

Up we go I can't believe I just did that.

First try I'm coming through there.

Standish okay now what enter your.

Password alright that's buddy enter your password.

Like alright I'm sorry man he sounds.

Nervous maybe I should take him out put.

This one up.

Oh right you should go investigate that.

Sound like what was that it's creepy right right arachnophobia it's a pretty.

Good one I love that but it likes packs their.

Heads against the bars surprise.

No really a mess up once goodness.

Oh gosh method 8 there we go.

We're good I think we're good.

Those were donk all clear hope Standish is all right Oh.

Haha man oh that was killer what a combo.

It's safe now what were they after just financial records about Devils breath how do you know about that why do they want it I don't even know what it is mr. Osborn's been pouring money into it for years but he keeps the whole project a secret I'm the only one who has any record of it not anymore looks like they copied some records to a secure server payroll information on a dr. Isaac Delaney who is he I I honestly don't know oh goodness.


Hello part four I'm coming dude ball.

Slower I got you buddy.

You okay yeah I think so good you know.

As elevator shafts go this is pretty nice oh my gosh.

Well that's pretty funny that was an epic mission I like that one every mission feels good in this game I got to be honest feels like it belongs and it feels like well played out that's what I will say hey Yuri you okay yeah but I didn't get much out of Standish before these sable guys stepped in and told me to back off what's the deal all they care about is keeping him quiet because he knows about Devil's breath right whatever the hell that is I'm working on that I think I just got a lead a lead you sound like a cop don't you mean spider cop yes Yuri that's fair.

That's all we all mean he's safe.

We were looking for a name you got a pen yeah dr. Isaac Delaney okay I always.

Hoping you could tell me come on just give me a few oh and before I forget you lift that tracker from to my place I'll drop it at dr. octavius's lab let you know what I find on Delaney side mission. Unlocked no oh I got it you gotta love.

This game what would you guys write this game out of ten I'm curious I might reign in us all the time antenna I'll be honest with you I'm my training it's all a tenet and I think we should you want to be like some of the Commission's why.

Can i hook up there.

It's right on top of this building go up a stair come on buddy. Where's the backpack at oh there it is.

It's really giving it both barrels he doesn't burn himself out he sounds like he's turning two to the other guy you didn't like you know to me this what he sounds like please just keep him busy put him catching up Bob Felicia at this time I think she musta hit it like.

Nowhere too crazy like something like that would be it you know to me oh that's right down here in the doorway probably always see his family once place she's hitting place is full of one of a kind of valuables she must be working for someone otherwise why not just steal cash yeah why not steal cash is correct why would she do that to convert Cornelius I could.

Call in the bomb squad it's just some science project yeah I know budget crisis yada yada you please check it out there's the magic word school projects are so much.

Easier than real life projects mister again not gonna find her back in the game straighten narrow just boring my.

Target numbers 50 million nice round number don't you think mm-hmm yeah I think that's a perfect number you're doing great keep slaying girl you're doing great all right where is this one at oh it's right down here somewhere.

Helps us sometimes she puts the Oh pounds right there did you catch me before I hit my goal I'll give it all back and go straight yeah I gotta do it.

Right this one's downstairs.

What he's got a wreck got some good.

Parts from this old cellphone wonder what I could accomplish with a real budget instead of dumpster diving yeah good question probably a lot dude probably honestly probably a lot.

Let's go get this backpack cuz once on.

The edges aren't hard necessarily but they're just like out of the way you know old glasses after I got my powers I.

Didn't need my glasses anymore I told everyone I got laser eye surgery with money from the FISC science got'em alright fricking got him but we can upgrade our a little spider gadget here might as well use them I mean like the only thing else we would use backpacks for is for these suits which some of them do require backpack so there's that how's your map looking our maps looking pretty clean I'm gonna be honest map list looking pretty clear what is this signs for the one that we just got oh okay all right well then whale whale.

Whale should we do one more black hat before we we head off here what do you guys think.

One more black cat I do want to do the all the blackcats just to get the outfit because the up it looks sick apparently put some crimes.

Here jail scruff McGruff about to take a bite out of crime man.

Too many bullets flying over their web.

Throw a bunch of enemies to stop.

Yeah I thought we should just finish it like that right what to the window to.

The bow there we go oops.

Felicia's close to her goal I've got to put an end to this and fast this area is full of Wall Street guys target-rich environment I feel like there's some weird something with my going on with Mario right now it's supposed to be. Absolutely nothing that I hear right now is that really what's supposed to look at the cat over there look at a cat over dere uh I like how it.

Just says pool oh the cat near here oh.

There's the cat she's obviously familiar with these places and that gives me an idea how to catch her Yatim.

I got an interesting tip today remember.

That far berrak beast named the Rhinos.

Cell in the round that's not good no but.

They assure me he's been relocated to a.

Yeah no super fair got a fabric that warps sound in light waves a stealth suit would really come in handy I swear don't have the ability to make a stealth suit stealth suit stealth a big-time.

Suit stealth big-time suit man.

Will probably get the the cat one next episode I think is leading me on a chase.

But that's what's gonna help me find her by feeding all the past locations into an algorithm I can narrow down her likely point of origin BAM I was too late to stop her here but one or two more locations should give me enough data to pinpoint our hideout.

All righty let's do this crime scene there.

Here's your stuff thank you stop this.

Bottom the truck gotta neutralize it Oh.

No not today bucko.

Whoa and fencing out.

There she goes you see the other.

Licenses would have been better for them oh look at the little spider-man comic. That somebody made for me look at that it's so cute it's so cute alright I think that's where we should wrap up this one if you guys watch and enjoy this episode of spider-man make sure you smack that like button don't forget make sure to hit that subscribe button if you are new make sure to share those post notifications so you don't miss out on future videos.

That's how you do it guys that's how you do it I want those demons questions whoops.

Wait there you go wait why does he jump up there just put me up put me up on the wall here there we go bye Eddie squad ass mighty squad my one and only fan club when Jameson's going off on me it helps to remember they're out there god I love the Spidey squad man god I love the spicy squad it's just another crime again last crime will do.

So many crimes in the city been me.

Trying to get so low to the ground see demons none of them like me can't let him kill each other wet throw five objects at enemies.

Oh my gosh.

There we go.


Oh my gosh dude.

Get off of them. Was the last guy there we go.

I'm sure you do tough stuff there you go Harlem or not sure which is worse all right ladies and gentlemen this has been an epic epic collapse from if you'd enjoy it hit the like button subscribe for new and make sure turn on those posted of kitchens if you got Twitter Instagram links would be in the scripts below if you want to follow those and I'm gonna go ahead and read all the super chats and new members as well as to shout to tyler pond finally got the fire merch cubed with great work will do bad shout to Tyler sent me a picture if you got two awesome Burchard set it to my Twitter I'll be sure to show some love back Tyler appreciate five golden beams thank you for the 25 love your vids you're awesome keep up the Spider Man series it is awesome will do golden beams thank you for the very generous 25 and big shout out to you ciao ciao during shadow demon thank you for the 5 glad you're enjoying the stream I do invite Phoebe shadow to you folks I'm getting word of a serious increase in the drug trade in our fair city and it's not the demons or Wilson Fisk's former people criminals across the board are getting bolder just as I predicted the rats are crawling out of their holes.

Come on did I gotta be so harsh on Spidey you probably secretly love spider-man you know that bring me more pictures of spider-man bring me more pictures of spider-man oh my god Oh.

Every time water finish there's always demons just killing it here we're gonna keep bringing these though Mickey Ramirez for night grinder definitely more arc when the new DLC drops Brady big money shout out to you dude enjoy it this game just running have fun they're fighting humans we're on the same stuff hey I'm not with those guys what I'm still gonna kick your butts.

Yep. Combo Oh what with Miami at there we go.

Yeah you gotta be careful what did the stuff there's these criminals they're dangerous Manny do something code they're dangerous a shout-out to Liam gotten I'm doing well man Miku Samara do it great as well thanks for the con where's big shot to you Liam really do appreciate that I also got Jaden Hemingway appreciate that Amir stretchin you were the best time to watch you since I was like born like and subscribe see you better appreciate that and classy pics over if he's a lot then we got Finnegan broad and Nathaniel Fletcher as well shadow to the both of you alright where the heck is sense that. There is a oh my gosh.

Oh that's where it is one second.

Spider-man will help you.

Just the facts with Jay Jonasson me this is his bugle retirement party I thought nobody would listen to his talk show shows how much I know that it does. Spidey show so much you know not much my right all right.

Are to me yep.

Stop trying to blow things up man.

We gotta make sure that this is gone.

Good I haven't dropped from the sky yet.

And you're done yeah it's like that movie with the bomb on the bus oh don't say it Elaine's don't say that line.

Against buddy we know what movie it is okay all right last thing will do please just close to her goal I've still got way too big an area to search got a narrow it down I found it data point helps who she robbed where they live I think lonesome pinky lives here stealing for a country singer she's getting creative I wasn't getting in closer one more ought to do it one more ought to do it so next episode we can unlock it sounds good to you guys that sounds good to me as we've been crushing the backpack game we'd be crushing the cat black cat stakeouts absolutely crushing it we're gonna get the secret suit it's gonna be a good time real good time all right we got to get.

Off before it before we honestly we've just play forever which I don't mind you know I want to I got a stream other stuff here.

Spyder signal Spyder signal cool idea but any light source that made it bright enough was also way too hot someday though it's like the bat signal but not you know alright yes so that's. Gonna be rap guys I could try to finish it for so long and that awesome stuff keeps happening so that's gonna be wrapped in this one I hope you don't subscribe like and I'll see you guys in the next video soon thanks for watching I have to go do this one goodness that.

Was it was gonna be it that was gonna be the finale.

Where is everybody else.

Where's this last guy oh no he's on the other side of the fence oh my gosh see yeah there you go.

Alrighty then anyway I can't end this not on a roof though I feel let's just.

Get up high somewhere just keep going.

You got this I just feel like you know spider-man can't oh you're talking they clam up to their.

Lawyers this underscores a concern I've had about these they're not regular criminals they might not even be ordinary terrorists although they certainly commit terrorist acts but it looks to me more and more like they're a cult are you kidding me those kind of people are out of their minds they'll do anything it's horrifying isn't it does this mean that we have to live in fear too because instantly looking over our shoulders to expect an attack at any moment my opinion folks the answer is yes yes alright Chad everybody a mirror and game bros thanks for the super chance well that's a wrap for this one thanks for watching hope you've got some day ed peace out all units we've got a.

Situation involving civilians trapped in there

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