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Black Mirror Gameplay -- Master Key- Getting into the Master Study

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Black Mirror Gameplay -- Master Key- Getting into the Master Study

Black Mirror -- Master Key- Getting into the Master Study

Black Mirror Gameplay!! First Look at Black Mirror Castle Mystery Horror Adventure Game

Scotland, 1926. Following the death of his father, David Gordon visits his ancestral home for the first time in his life. A life that is soon threatened by the dark secrets that claimed the sanity of many Gordons before him. Black Mirror Castle demands an offering.


A modern re-imagining of the acclaimed gothic-horror adventure series

Interactions with vision-like apparitions which help you learn more about the past of your family

Eerie atmosphere focusing on the horrors of the mind, in the style of EA Poe and HP Lovecraft

High quality voice acting from a compelling ensemble cast

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Hey everybody welcome to another episode of black mirror I'm not um I'm in the.

House I'm not really sure where to go. From now so probably have to do some investigating here in the last episode we unlocked the desk yeah so we're just.

Gonna have to we're gonna let's examine this we're just gonna have to figure it out okay it's just painting.

Grandfather Edward father never spoke of you but mother never had a kind word to say you were the worst of the lot she said oh so mother never liked you.

Alright so let's get out of here I think I want to go downstairs hear this uh the.

Series this series this game has been a little bit different there's really oh I.

Just went back in you kind of just gotta figure it out as you go there's really nothing that's like pointing you in the right direction or anything like that I. Still haven't watched any videos on this.

So I really don't I really don't know. But we'll figure it out I'm gonna do my hardest not to watch any videos to help figure things out I knew going into this game it was going to be one of those games that you really had to figure out but yeah I hope you guys.

Are enjoying this game check out some of my other series some of my other games I'm playing like lucious has been really a fun game for being an older game that's been loads of fun I just started posting Islands which you know so far it's been ok and stuff in Far Cry primal.

That's been that's been fun too that's actually been really fun I posted.

A video yesterday that was my yesterday's video I almost think maybe I.

Need to go. Back into maybe my room upstairs I don't.

Think is there okay let's sing on let's do the matches.

A knife we got a knife cabinet note cabinet key letter from David's mom oh we got a quest log okay.

Change it I don't want the quest look.

Here we go.

Okay bind the lock that fits the key.

Find the lock that fits the key okay so. That's our quest I guess I never knew that was there and so that was nice so could it be it's got to be a door right.

It's got to be some kind of door is that.

Not a door no that's not a door I can't.

Do anything there so you guys are back so I've tried a different combination and then I'm like thinking to myself geez I'm an idiot where's that door there's only like two.

Different ways to set the key and I.

Don't think it's to that door I think it's to the this door that's locked. Great he's all heavy too old for this to work okay let's look at the keyhole use.

Key it doesn't fit and doesn't fit but see the key is like straight up and down so let's actually is go into let's go.

Into our inventory here let's go to the. Master key so let's rotate let's try that let's go.

In here but you see Sesame Open Sesame.

So we were thinking like we were I don't know what I was thinking I got to thinking about that Cajun and I'm like me either they didn't have time to clean up or simply didn't care we.

Were missing what was like right in front of her faces but that's okay a father hid the key for me to find then this means nobody has been able to enter this room since his death oh that is. True except me just got to be some cool stuff in here I like to light let's look at what is this a book myths and legends of the highlands from the library I'd wager okay well that's not cool okay we definitely working our way to his desk this looks like maybe the master study nice dad's office.

Okay let's examine this this looks interesting.

Screw down tight and someone didn't want it moved oh okay.

Dang it I don't remember what that was.

Alright let's leave this let's go back into our inventory we can get this.

Letter from we don't want to examine.

That letter from David's father.

No we don't like that we want to look matches cabinet don't father knew how to.

Open the cabinet this will help father knew how to ro I.

Heard this will help ya but how do I.

Turn it again dang it okay it's.

Definitely not that let's close the diary.

Let's get out of here again.

Let's go to inventory so it's like the.

Bowtie that's what I'm trying to do I.

Can't take it I don't I can't remember how to rotate a case father knew how to open the cabinet this will help but it's.

Back up so that's like the bowtie.

Oh Jesus I figured it out now okay so.

That's what I think we're looking for it's the like double bow tie equals like.

Two revenue want to do we have that on.


Oh shoot.

So let's go to that let's go double.


Don't know if that makes sense though guys cuz I really don't see that but to.

Me that's kind of the only thing close.

Okay I don't to come back to that.

Examine everything but the seal.

Oh for Opie's and some snow geese is.

That really that's all honest desk what a mess letters about the day-to-day running of the estate these might be useful if I decide to live here the handwriting must be Edwards pay half what he asks forward to lawyers charming and this one your money won't protect you forever the hangman will catch up eventually a curse on you and your family seems you is as popular as he was pleasant okay okay.

Let's check the other doors just bits and bobs just bits and bobs.

Okay that was the bits and bobs hmm.

Okay we checked it all out here nothing.

I was just gonna make me sit down yeah that's gonna make me sit down again we're not gonna do that or skit up so at least we made it into the study in today's episode we need to figure out that but I think that has to do with.

Well I know that has to do with with.

Those symbols let's go back to the symbols again so can we go into we can.

So let's go to inventory why we have this.

So maybe it's that my boy I mean I guess.

We could try those the two-seven.

The 2/7 Plus a lion and that equals that.

Okay just we could try that I don't see.

I don't see any of those syphilis I think we'd be wasting our time there's.

Got to be something else in here guys let's take one more quick look around I.

Don't see nothing Oh what is this that's just the door.

And it's like nothing.

Okay we don't care about examine a then dig it that's dusting it right I guess we're.

Gonna look at his desk one more time and it's just nothing.

Let's see if there's a maybe there's another quest update let's leave the desk okay to school.

Okay class oh there is explore the master study I did explore the master.

Study I know it has to do with this.

That's kind of like.

Is there like a she was a backwards. Could we go see her bowtie.

Okay there is here it's backwards its.

Bow tie bow tie.


Yeah I don't I don't get it.

Oh okay we could like.

That's a bee and I.

Okay that one I remember that one.

Oh it's got to be something to do with that right so let's just try it align.

That one and what is this one a little squiggly thing okay.

Okay so there's that.

What do I push for the center own again that's.

Okay I don't see okay I don't see the.

Little eye thing.

Okay so let's go let's go check the other one out.

Okay I don't see any that one or that one OB I do. One two three four five.

All right this is like bugging me here now because those are not here that one's not there that one's definitely not there.

The bees are there and that's not there.

That's not there and I didn't see that.

One either.

So guys I'm not sure this is it this is.

It because it just doesn't I like that we can look at it while we're in the lock but it just doesn't it just doesn't work we gotta be there's got to be more to this desk there's got to be more to.

The desk.

Okay what if we did examine that right.

It used to be the little circle but I can it oh here we go was it given me I.

Beg you to reconsider Sir Edward my family has lived on this land for many generations and to be told we must leave our own home is too much to bear Alice my wife whom you have met is beside herself with grief we have nowhere else to go I beg you to look inside your heart and allow us to remain the signs are there.

Deny them at your peril the ancient evil of inhabit this land has seeped into the very stone of the castle walls and if you do not slit carefully it will infect your family okay contact the constable.

Have this witch locked up so she does not bother us again have them out by the end of the month.

Okay so that was I don't know why those didn't show up the first time can I not like okay that's all I can.

Check there but it still shows something.

Okay so we already read that wait whirring that Oh cuz I'm like didn't go down far enough.

I'm here dad sort of secret component.

Okay let's take this maybe this is the item that I need the chapel father's.

Handwriting the chapel the family chronicles I may find answers there okay.

Did we like read this part no this is different local girl goes missing the concerns have been raised at the disappearance of Cora McKay a 17 year old local girl according to the police she was last seen leaving at a place of work the three kegs in two days ago she's the third person to disappear in the recent months but the circumstances of each have been markedly different Cora is described as being 4 feet 10 with grey eyes and long dark hair anyone with information is urged to contact the Constabulary why all the fuss.

She is nothing but a peasant but tavern girl if you can't keep your blabber mouth shut don't be surprised if others make sure you get what's coming to you this sounds as if grandfather Edward was willing to take drastic measures to enforce his will so there's that all.

Sorts of stuff now so I wonder if one like maybe unlocks the other so yeah make sure you check this desk out really good let's go down I can't see. Let's check these drawers again.

I think I did all those let's double check yup those ones we read.

Those ones to be read we can't like check anything else here nope you know what guys I think I'm gonna end this episode right here I'm gonna leave you hanging we didn't get a whole lot accomplished we cut into the looks like maybe the master study yeah we haven't figured out.

This thing a period let's take a look at this one more time yeah I don't I think.

It's almost positive it has to do with those but and we can't like pushing them.

We can't really do anything with them I don't see nothing we can read there anything so let's head on out of there but I want to thank you guys all for tuning in let me know what you think of this series you know it's kind of been an interesting game I can't believe it took me so long to figure out the key to the door but oh well what it is but I want to thank you all for tuning in and as always guys I will catch you in the.

Next episode bye now later

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