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Hitman - Codename 47 Walkthrough HD ENG/PL part 1 - Training (Hard)

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This video from: Sulig89.
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Hitman - Codename 47 Walkthrough HD ENG/PL part 1 - Training (Hard)

First part of my full, complete Walkthrough/guide for Hitman - Codename 47.

!!!Don't forget to watch it in HD!!!

No commentary - turn on subtitles for explanation text.

Mission - Training

Difficulty- Hard


Pierwsza część mojego pełnego, kompletnego Przejścia/poradnika Hitman - Codename 47.

!!! Nie zapomnij oglądać w HD!!!

Bez komentarza - włącz napisy, by zobaczyć tekst z wyjaśnieniami.

Misja - Trening

Poziom trudności - Trudny

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If y'all didn't changed controls: Num5 or S - walk forward___Num8 or W - run Num1 or Z - strafe left___Num3 or C - strafe right Num2 or X - walk back___Num4 or A - turn left Num6 or D - turn right___Num7 or Q - lean left Num9 or E - lean right.

Blue sign near cursor means, that this object is interactive. Press NumEnter or Space to perform an action (look at top left corner). Do what he says..

Don't use action button in these exercises. Go towards the obstacles to overcome them..

If there's more than one action to perform on the object press Right Mouse button to expand the action list. Use Mouse Wheel to change action and press Left Mouse button to approve it..

You can also use Page Up/Page Down or G/T keys instead of Mouse Wheel..

You can kill with this weapon only when attacking from the back. Press Num+ or 4 to turn on/off stealth mode. You're noiseless, but very slow then. This mode allows also to take out your weapon noiselessly..

Hold Left Mouse button to stretch the string. Come closer to the target and release the button. Notice, that after the action you're still in stealth mode..

You can also kill somebody more chaotic (without stealth mode and stretching the string)..

Press Insert or R to holster your weapon. Remember, that victim can't see you with a weapon. The victim will also hear, when you're taking out the weapon, when you're not in stealth mode..

You can attack with knife from every side. Slit throat by attacking from the back..

Press Home or 1 to reload the weapon. You don't have to do it before using the weapon..

Collected ammo remains until mission ends. You can't lose it, even when you'll throw your weapon away..

Some sort of ammo are suitable for more than one weapon. You can use 2 pistols at the same time. I forgot to show it..

Change your weapon with Mouse Wheel or Page Up/Page Down or G/T keys. Choose it by clicking Left Mouse button..

Press End or Tab key to change firing mode. There's two firing modes - single shot and automatic. The choice is yours..

In automatic firing mode make short series shooting..

38 pts on single clip, by shooting short series..

9 pts without it. See the difference?.

Press fire to zoom. Zoom in and zoom out with Mouse Wheel or Num 5/Num 2 or S/X keys..

You can't walk while in zoom mode. You can't fire without zoom mode..

Leave zoom mode with Right Mouse button..

"What's goin' on? Did I do something wrong?" "Maybe I'll try again" - you can think..

But things gonna be the same every single time. You can play and play until you'll die..

When finally you'll wake up... You can shorten some actions, by moving yourself. Some actions (e.g. climbing the ladder) can be done faster, when run key is pressed..

When you'll realise what you have to do, do it away from the door..

Leave weapon, change clothes and drag the body away from the door..

Release the body with Right Mouse button. You'll automatically leave the body, by starting to run..

Thanks to the uniform, the other guy will open the door. We can kill him after that, but as a professional I won't do it. You can also check out the locker..

And that's how begins one from the most awesome games I've ever played..

Subtitles can be changed, so if y'all see some errors, mistakes - write to me.

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