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Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen Walkthrough (Part 12)

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This video from: Jamie Waldorf.
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Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen Walkthrough (Part 12)

In this section, we:

*Get the third and FINAL easter egg!

*Solve the cat weight puzzle

*Solve the cobra puzzle

*Find a phone charm and translate hieroglyphic

*Solve the stepping stone puzzle

*Find the true tomb!

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Alright we're back and ok so if you read.

The hieroglyphs the poem is to find the one cat token thing I guess you can call. It that weighs less than all the others all right Oh easter egg opportunity for the third and finer third and final easter egg he put this in you'll get a.

New easter egg right so that was your.

Third and final easter egg of the game just put the uncanny egg into the little slot here and then at will pop 30 stray all right now for the cat puzzle what I'm going to do is just sort all these half and one of the I'm gonna something.

Called a statue even though it's not I don't think so one of the statues is lighter than all the others so if I way. If I way these two and they're both the same weight then I know that this one is going to be a lighter one if I way one and then one side is lighter than the other one then that has the statue that's lighter so now I'm just going to keep dividing it until I can find the one that's the lightest or lighter than the other ones and you have three chances so here's the first chance ok so.

This sides heavier which means this side has one of the lighter statues so we know that the lightest one is not in this group because this one's heavier because it's weighed down more so now i'm going to do is divide this up again.

Way it ok this sides later so take out.


Alright and then this one's the heavier one so this one must be the lightest one.

Nice we open the drawer alright some more diary entries that you can read and.

All right mess Pinette actually means destiny which will be very important to know later on so I suggest you do is take a picture of this because it's going to be important in a later puzzle. Nice okay so now that we have this.

Little missing pieces thing that we got from the cats too we can go solve another puzzle and the other tune.

All right it's a cobra puzzle nice if you remember.

We solve this puzzle on the wings of rebirth begin with gold to honor. Amethyst for royalty I pause to remember rejuvenating emerald abounds in lapis and Yvonne carnelian so creepy.

Whispering that was strange alright so here's the cocoa puzzle so the order I want to get it in is this is your starting point so it said begin with goal to honor so it's gonna be gold purple which is a myth amethyst amethyst can't pronounce it then a pause to remember so it's going to be an empty space then green emerald then lapis which is blue and then carnelian which is red so let's see if i can get this.

Thanks Nancy alright I'll see what I can.

Do oops wait plan the first time I.

Played this it took forever but then the second time I played it like took 2 seconds so hopefully I can get it to be like that again.

Looking good looking good all right so I just need to switch these two around and then we'll be all set all right looks.

Like I got it nice alright I hope you.

Pay attention to that solution um I didn't have a clear-cut solution to do that so here is the solution oh and a.

Secret doors open joy right all right so.

I guess just follow the steps that I did I know it's confusing sometimes it's easier to do on your own ooh it looks. Like we discovered the true tomb.

Alright another hieroglyph set to.

Translate the path lies whoops.

Lies in destiny that's nice cryptic um.

Phone charm believe there's a phone term.

Right here VI life um okay I swear.

There's a flow chart here aha translate.

That long john okay more things of.


That's dumb check did that do that Jack.

Jack who just checking things off all.

Right really yes all right so this is a puzzle and you get to that picture that I told you would be helpful later on this is the time to use it so never carries cats name actually translates to mean destiny so what you need to do is step the cat's name it's actually written right here in hieroglyphics what it is so first we're gonna need that symbol the kind of psycho an unfinished box so this one ok so i guess i'll.

Memorise to hieroglyphics our cliffs at a time so then we need the cat and then the heron so cat first then heron which.

Is right here ok then we need the Scarab.

And then the bad thing I don't really know her describe that okay all right cat DNA.

Symbol because it reminds me of DNA double helix right so cat double helix.

Then cat and then slug / worm looking. Creature cat and slugged yay we made it.

Across and it's a gold coffin I should.

Talk to her about it nice um this kind of blends in but don't forget to take the bird tile the last third tile and it actually opened a door or two so that's cool um okay.

What time we have 10 18 all right we.

Have some time to do stuff all right how.

Do I get out of here I am not getting any arrows um how do I get out of here.

Check check.

Check all right i'm just going to end this video early because I feel like there's been a glitch and now I can't get out I'm being stupid i can get out some other way but i don't know all right i'll be back see you guys

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