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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! (Part 13): Jewel of Karnak

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses! (Part 13): Jewel of Karnak

Part of a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew Dossier: Lights, Camera, Curses!

In this part, Nancy begins and completes Chapter 13: Jewel of Karnak. She goes to the wardrobe room and breaks into Eda's locker despite the high security. A snake was hidden in the locker! Augh! Nancy then looks at everything in the locker for some plot advancement; apparently, Eda is a little obsessed with Lois Manson, and a very large jewel mysteriously disappeared shortly before Lois' death. Eda then comes in, and Nancy talks with her.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Okay our goal is to get inside Eden's locker it looks like we're going to have to read this magazine you'll notice part.

Of the new security is this crazy high-tech whatever you call that thing oh and we do have lasers well we don't.

Want to cross any one of those lasers do we folks let's look around and see if there's anything for us to play around with we have the screwdriver she wants.

To open this let's open it with the screwdriver no okay just open it manually and you get the.

Mirror off with the screwdriver excellent so do I use the mirror to redirect the laser beams all right now let's take a look at this lock okay a.

Note for EDA from EDA the dark ones will. Help her remember I imagine she means.

The dark light bulbs right remove all.

Four of these dark light bulbs and are there notes inside here b1 is blue r3 is.

Red g4 is green y2 is yellow.

So does that mean be one blow okay was.

Our three by two or three g4 excellent.

That wasn't very taut besides the rocker. Whoa snake who let the snake inside her.


Yeah we will have to move some of these things out of the way pretty necklace out of the way lipstick two pictures of.

Lois yeah that is kind of creepy I think.

Else out of the way mr. flower an.

Article about Lois well biography about Lois excellent.

Another article for reading anything.

Else here to look at the duel carnival.

Karna is shooting on the original Pharaoh don't you just love plot.

Development everybody all right what else is there too got the picture that must be worth a lot.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh somebody kept it please I hate Oh calm down I'll catch it.

I promise just calm down catch it and put it back in the reptile room it must've escaped or something I will I promise just calm down what's the reptile room it's where they keep all the icky creatures they're using for the shoot snakes lizards frogs turtles Wiseman look I'm gonna level.

With you I'm not really a production assistant I'm a private detective I'm a private detective really wait a minute you opened my locker yeah and I hate to tell you this but the snake came out of your locker that snake came in your locker so what could a snake in my locker was it business I couldn't really tell but probably not do you have any idea who might've put it there no I mean yes whoever's been watching me that's how it was wherever I go on a set in the hotel I get the creepiest feeling that someone's staring at me no of course people stare at me because I'm young and beautiful and all that but this feels more like someone's spying I saw this book in your locker it was all about the jewel of Karnak it's about the jewel of corner see legend has it that Nefertiti was the original owner of this ginormous ephemeral that became known as the jewel apparently Louis Manson heard that and refused to star in barrel unless the real jewel apart I was used as a rock and people say I'm is the anyway during the shoot the jewel 70 everyone suspected low acidity in it which she of course denied but a couple of days later that thing with the snake happened and she died so the movie wrapped they buried the set and a jewel of Karnak was never ever story interesting I'm supposed to meet Molly and Arthur at the Casa find that snake you promised okay I did promise.

Looks like I'm almost finished with the super sleuth level awesome

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