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Tomb Raider 3 - Quad Bike Shenanigans

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This video from: IronFistLaw75.
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Tomb Raider 3 - Quad Bike Shenanigans

Without any cheats or mod tools, I finally succeeded in managing to get the quad bike out of the race track in Tomb Raider 3 recently. I did however, use the method of renaming the data file HOUSE.TR2 to ANTARC.TR2, to allow for saving & loading. This is also why snow is present; the weather effects must be tied to the script/exe file, not that I'm an expert in that field though.

It was very tedious and time consuming, due to the erratic/random nature of the quad. After many unsuccessful, but close attempts, I almost gave up, but I was so determined to land on that damn stone block! Croft manor intro by TRJTA.

With the ability to now save in the manor (by renaming HOUSE.TR2 to ANTARC.TR2), I realised that the game does not recognise Winston's presence/positioning whatsoever after reloading a save. He is nowhere to be found, unless you re-trigger him using the square outside Lara's bedroom.

To actually see him appear in his usual position, I throw a flare onto the trigger square, & made my way to the downstairs spawning location & performed a crawl corner bug to embed Lara in the wall. Winston instantly appears due to the presence of the flare upstairs. These actions can be exploited in various ways in the main game, and over the years speedrunners and bug enthusiasts have found many interesting ways of using tricks like this to their advantage.

More info on triggering and other bugs:

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