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Windows 10 - Run Old NOCD SafeDisc & SECUROM Protected Games

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Windows 10 - Run Old NOCD SafeDisc & SECUROM Protected Games

Windows 10 - Run Old NOCD SafeDisc & SECUROM Protected Games

Many people still have legally purchased games with CDs and DVDs that used to to run on Windows 7 but do not work on Windows 10.

Various SafeDisc and Sucurom copy protection systems were used on them - including games by Microsoft too!

This video show you how to run those games by using the genuine Windows driver (from Windows 7) in Windows 10 and using the Driver Signature protection system that should allow you to start and play the games.

Please be advised that you should pay serious attention to the security warnings in the video.

For those who have lost or damaged you Windows 7 DVD you can download an official compy from Microsoft here:

For more visit:

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Hello this video is for those people who.

Basically want to run older versions of.

Games for example Microsoft combat flight simulator 3 okay it's made by Microsoft and I'll just shut this down as it's for the video just showing it up runs on Windows 10 what it is is basically these games can run on Windows 10 the only problem is it's because of their cd-rom device protection copyright. Protection system that was using the old secure ROM sec dr v dot sis driver now.

Microsoft identified that this driver has security flaws and people can take. Over your computer however there are many many gamers out there that still love their games that have paid lots of money for and they're not running in Windows 10 now there is a very simple solution all you really need to do is go back into your Windows 7 and that's the. File you actually need ok this is a little bit file it comes with Windows 7 itself all you need to do is just copy it from your windows 7 folder bring it into your Windows 10 computer paste it into the same location Windows isn't into drivers paste it in there it's a genuine file that's not a problem I'm not asking you to go out anywhere else just use it directly from your own Windows 7 so now that you have that file.

All you really need to do is and this is good so you click on Start settings then.

Recovery and what you're gonna do is go to advanced setup and restart now troubleshoot Advanced Options see more. Startup settings and then we're gonna be using this disabled driver signature enforcement so restart once you get the screen you press the number 7 button on your keyboard once it restarts make sure your DVD or CD is in the drive and then all you need to do is just literally click on it and run it and the game.

Starts what I did forget to mention was that I did turn on compatibility for the program just right-click on it compatibility run as Windows 7 run this program as administrator now every time you want to run the game you would need to go through the settings disable the driver enforcement please be advised that the reason why this thing is actually there is to protect you from this driver being hijacked by somebody.

Else out there also in case you have any other programs installed that have some drivers that are not reputable etc and they're not correctly digitally signed they will not run by you starting. Windows with driver enforcement being. Disabled potentially all those drivers could also run so you're balancing up.

What you want to do if you want to play the games or do you want to have security there are obviously other alternatives dual boot run Windows 7 in a dual boot scenario or in a virtual machine etc etc however this is how you.

Can run your old games that depend on the no CD kinda like protection to run.

Them hopefully this video has helped

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